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Jerry Jones “Extraordinarily Disappointed” With Cowboys Playoff Loss

, owner and of the , described himself as “extraordinarily disappointed” following yesterday's playoff loss to the . Was Jones' mood just a temporary feeling in the heat of the moment, or is it something more that could have repercussions for coaches and players in the 2022 ?

Dallas' chief decision maker has to feel somewhat cheated over the last two seasons. Two years ago, Jones dumped a longtime friend and the coach he'd handpicked and helped groom, , to supposedly upgrade to .

But after the ugly and now a first-round playoff exit, losing at home to a 49ers squad, Jones has to be wondering what he really has in McCarthy and in his roster. These feel like the same over-penalized, underachieving Dallas Cowboys that we've seen for the last 15 years.

The question now is what does Jones' stated disappointment mean for the organization going forward. Is it a fleeting negative statement, soon to be rendered meaningless by offseason decisions? Or is it the beginning of greater changes?

The Cowboys' coaching staff and roster has the potential for significant turnaround in 2022. We've already seen Offensive and Defensive Coordinators and linked to several head coaching vacancies in the NFL. Dallas may have to replace one or both of them, or perhaps consider firing McCarthy if desperate retain Moore or Quinn.

Dallas also has a slew of significant this offseason. This isn't even the full list, just the biggest names up for new contracts in 2022:

That list represents at least seven starting jobs on both sides of the ball and some key rotation pieces. The roster could look very different by next July.

And before you even think of posting this in the Comments, still has $77.8 million in dead money on his contract. So no, that ain't happening.

All of these potentially moving parts gives added weight to Jerry Jones' “disappointed” talk. How motivated is the to try to run it back with this same general cast? Will they ultimately see 2021 in a positive light; massive improvement from the year before and the potential for true contention with some modest upgrades?

Or will Jones' disappointment lead to greater renovation? Could the last two years, coupled with Jerry's desperation to see a sixth before he dies, be a catalyst for bigger moves this offseason?

The next few months, and even weeks, will really tell us just how disappointed Jerry Jones is.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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This is the single biggest mistake made by the DALLAS COWBOY FRONT OFFICE, maybe in their long great history, and some of us folks here saw this coming AT THE TIME:

Dak Prescott getting paid that ridiculously stupid amount of money for so many years. So wrong for many obvious reasons.

And now he condones violence against the game officials. “Credit to them” when told the fans were throwing bottles and trash at the refs. Disgusting and making excuses for you and your teams loss. Man up, take responsibility. SORE F-ING LOSER!

Embarrassing display! Playing the victim.


VAM – so well said!! I was particularly offended given this poser clown was a team nominee for the walkter payton MAN of the year award. THAT was a man. Dak has won a total of ONE playoff game in 6 years, at least he had the good grace to say all the right things publicly until this season. His mom (RIP) would NOT be happy with him, to be sure.


On one hand, I’m furious at the team (ownership, coaches, players all get blame) for the SH_T show that they delivered yesterday. BUT…I’m also really angry at myself for getting excited at the prospect of a possible playoff run. Fool me 26 times…shame on me!


The front office has steadily been putting together a more talented roster. Jerry’s biggest failure as an owner is to bring in a head coach who is a real leader. None of the coaches who have followed Jimmy, aside from Parcells, have struck fear into the players. Until Jerry allows the coach to be THE MAN and puts a real leader in that roll it won’t matter how much talent is on the roster. You have to have an Alpha at the top and Jerry has consistently put Beta’s in that roll and then castrated them with his meddling. A team that leads the league in penalties is a team without accountability.


Todd, I disagree. That’s just not the reality. The root issue is jerry thinks he is a GM. Every other ill stems from there.


I think that is what I was saying. Jerry does not hire strong leadership because he does not want to compete with anyone for credit, attention and authority. McClay and the rest of the scouting brain trust assembled a capable team. In my opinion they were not led well and held accountable to be disciplined on the field. Penalties cost this team all year. Head coaches who have the fear and respect of their team don’t have players that continually hinder the team’s ability to win by making stupid penalties. In all of the years he has owned the team Jerry has only hired two coaches that had that ability. He ran both of them off.


I blame myself for thinking even for a short while that this year’s team would be dif’t. The fish rots from the head, I’ve been burned 26 times in a row, so shame on me! This franchise is a joke, Jerry’s got a $5b valued franchise that he invested $75m of his own $$$ in. Congrats to him, the stadium is a cash cow for events and concerts. You think he’s “hurting” right now? Then let’s see Jerry fire Jerry and go find a real GM. But hey who would want to work for him or his sniveling little boy? From the owner/gm to coaching staff this franchise will not win. It simply CANNOT win. My only hope at the ripe old age of 53 and having been a Boys fan for 41 years is to outlive this mess. The only sign that things will ever change is Jerry giving McClay GM responsibilities, make DQ HC, Edwards DC, let Moore go ruin another team’s franchise. Otherwise my fellow fans everything else is just reshuffling deck chairs on the titanic. “Words are wind.”

Cowboys fan

After seeing what I seen yesterday, I’d let Kellen Moore go!! He’s the one calling the plays, so he should’ve had a better game plan for beating the 49ers!! The 49ers secondary is one of the worst in the NFL, but yet Kellen couldn’t figure out what plays to call to beat that secondary…. It’s like he knows what plays to call against bad teams, but when we play good teams he calls stupid and conservative plays that won’t help us at all!! And I finally see it…. So I say let him go and try to keep Dan Quinn as DC….. Pay him whatever is necessary to get him to stay!! If he can change our defense that much in 1 year, I can only imagine what he can do with 2, 3 or 4 years!! And as far as head coaching goes, keep Mike Mccarthy for another year, and let him call the plays, and if nothing changes in another year, fire him and bring somebody else in!! Dan Quinn is not head coach material, he has 1 winning season with the Falcons and we seen how that one ended!! So just keep Quinn as the DC!! I’m sure Jerry can pay him and persuade to stay!! Now as far as the free agents go…. More than half of them aren’t worth keeping…. Especially Connor Williams and his league leading penalties!! I don’t get how he went from being our best linemen last season, to being the worst this year…. It’s crazy!! The only free agents we have that I would like for us to keep are Cedric Wilson or Michael Gallup, either one, Randy Gregory Dalton Schultz Jayron Kearse and Bryan Anger!! If we can get Carlos Watkins, LVE, Dorance Armstrong and maybe Malik Hooker on cheap deals I’d be fine with bringing them back as depth options, but it’s not necessary!! But the only players I’d really worry about trying to bring back are the ones I named above…. One of the receivers (Wilson or Gallup), Randy Gregory, Dalton Schultz, Jayron Kearse and Bryan Anger!! Anger is cheap, so I know we can get him back, Dalton Schultz can be brought back by cutting Blake Jarwin…. The TE we wasted money on last year, safeties are usually pretty cheap, so we should be able to work out a deal with Kearse, Wilson is nothing more than a 3rd string receiver, so he should be affordable… Gallup will be a little more expensive, but I think we can get it done, and then Randy Gregory…. He’ll be pretty expensive, but I think he’ll work with us since Jerry stuck with him after all the trouble he’s caused since being drafted!! Plus we can throw the franchise tag on him too, but I think Jerry can talk him into a deal!! Everybody else can go unless they wanna come back on a vet minimum deal!! I can say that LVE played really good in the playoff game, he was probably the best player on the team in that game, so if he wants to come back on a cheap deal with incentives and an injury out for us I’d do that, but other than that everybody else can go!! Ok, I’m done ranting for now!! Here’s to 2022 being a better year for us!! All we can do is wait and hope!!


The constant variable since Jimmy Johnson’s players retired is Jerry and Stephen Jones’s repeated incompetence. They always think they know what they are doing. The truth is the pompous asses are clueless in football matters. Great as business men (at least Jerry not so sure about Stephen aka Jethro Bodine) but thanks mainly to Will McClay they have improved in the draft. Therefore if changes are to be made it has to start by removing the tumor, Jerry and Stephen.

Roy Batty Vic

DAllas doesnt play with much intensity until late in the game. DAL got kicked around by SF most of the game…Prescott is a bust.. slightly about ave QB, cant carry the team.. no real running threats, Defense is capable but over worked.. ( SF played sloppy in 2nd half too..but they rightfully won)

the Punter was the only bright spot on the team..Bryan Anger…

Cowboys want to blame refs, but they are to blame..themselves..and the coach is a nothing and cowboys GM should be fired too..

Steven butler

I’ve been a cowboys fan since 1964. I’ve seen damn near every game since then. It’s been painful to watch since the last Super Bowl. Everything Jerry has done is totally ridiculous. And now w all this talent he’s gonna piss it away AGAIN . McCarthy is an idiot and so is Moore !!!! Cowboy fans deserve better. Again…. Cowboy fans deserve BETTER


Jerry failed when he didn’t fire McCarthy after he practically bragged to the media that he bold faced lied during the interview. He was applying and interviewing for a multi-million dollar job with a billion dollar team with the finest facilities available, and he couldn’t be bothered to actually sit down for a couple of days to do the research he claimed to have done? The research needed to fully understand what he was getting into and needed to be fixed?

Instead, he lied and then brought in his old buddies that he had spent a year with coming up with a shiny new marketing plan to sell to Jerry or any other GM willing to give his lame arse an interview. One of those buddies was so over matched that he didn’t last a year. Maybe if Mike had actually done the research, he might have known the players weren’t geared for the defense his buddy wanted to implement.

It’s telling that the best parts of his current coaching staff weren’t part of his little year long “self-analysis”.

The lie was a big strike 1.
Hiring Nolan and then having to fire him less than a year later was another big strike. There’s #2.
Strike #3 was fielding such an ill prepared and undisciplined team for a home playoff game.

Jerry is right to be disappointed. If he doesn’t fire McCarthy immediately, he has nobody to blame but himself.


There’s a report that Stephen Jones said that it’s very highly unlikely they’ll move off of McCarthy, like father like son smh, there couldn’t be a better time to move off of MMC than now , if we did, i guarantee we’d get the cream of the crop HC that’s out there currently, which is a good list rn, my top 2 being

Brian Flores who i was shocked that he was fired, i believe he’s a great HC , and I’d love to have him

Mike Zimmer is out there, he’d be great for us in calling on D and in discipline

But as i know, Jerry and Stephen are gonna just sit on their hands and wait for the most crap time to fire MMC just like they did with the timing and waiting last minute to pay Dak, which gave him all the leverage

Get a new GM

It’s not the coaches or players fault, it’s Jerry sucks fault and yes that’s his last name (sucks) the only coach that didn’t let Jerry sucks get in the way was jimmy Johnson and he won 3 Super Bowls and yes he got the 3rd one too because that team was on cruse control and won anyway in spite of Jerry sucks. He has undermined every coach after Jimmy and that includes Bill parcels because Bill had to tolerate the cancer Terrell Owens because of Jerry sucks. I used to be the biggest cowboy fan ever but Jerry sucks has destroyed the real fan base. The only positive that has come from this is it’s easy money to bet against the Cowboys in big games as long as Jerry sucks is the GM


I can’t believe everyone is so surprised by the outcome of the 49er game. Look at the season. They had the easiest schedule in the NFL. Other than the Bucs (which they lost) they didn’t play any division winning teams. They live in the worst division in football, the NFC East. They’re not a good team. The owner puts together a WalMart team and tries to pass it off as Tiffanys. He can say what he wants, but he doesn’t care about the fans. I’m a Cowboys fan but I will not buy a ticket to the games. I would suggest everyone else do the same and then maybe some things will change. But I highly doubt it.

Claire Masters

I don’t know much about NFL but it’s interesting to learn that Connor Williams might not be re-signed because of many penalties. I wonder how this season would go with this roster. Reading things like this could be the start of my interest for this sport.

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