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Jerry Jones Praises WR Amari Cooper Ahead of Big Offseason Decision

The 2022 is a big one for . He's coming off a relatively down year in Dallas and could provide major relief if released. But ahead of this decision, just gave the Cowboys receiver some high praise.

In a radio yesterday, Jones credited Cooper as part of the Dallas' early-season success. He described Amari as commanding plenty of attention and deserving more targets even when covered.

These comments from the owner/ are not insignificant. Cooper could give Dallas $16 million in cap space if released this year; huge when you consider that the Cowboys are currently about $13.5 million over the 2022 salary cap. They could use every bit of that relief, and a bit more, to retool for next season.

The writing might be on the wall if Dallas still had and under contract. But with both of them about to become unrestricted , the Cowboys might be left with and not much else at receiver if they cut Amari.

If his comments are any indication, Jerry Jones is still high on Cooper as a premiere NFL receiver. Dallas could also gain cap space by restructuring Amari's deal and covering some of his $20 million base salary into a bonus, which would increase the amount of dead money in this and future seasons.

Also, given the similar cap benefits that come from a , Jones could be trying to talk up Cooper to the rest of the NFL. He'll turns just 28 this July and could be attractive to any WR-needy teams who an absorb that big salary.

Given the Cowboys' own WR needs, though, it's highly possible that they will keep Amari Cooper and find a way to lower his cap hit. Dallas can't afford to get weaker on after what we saw in the second half of the season and their one-and-done playoff appearance.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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So which one is it? He gave Cooper praises according to one writer and was highly critical according to another. Cooper is a good receiver, excellent route runner and good hands. Jones needs to find a qb guru to teach Dak how to place the ball to the receivers advantage. 90% of his passes are either low, high, a little in front or a little behind. Dak has a strong arm but his ball placement is ify at best. You could bring Devante Adams, Jamar Chase and Cooper Kup and still have the same problems.

Big Cowboy

The problem is Dak not Amari. We have already seen all that Dak is capable of and it’s just not enough. He is too inaccurate to throw to Amari when he is not open, or “throw him open” as Tony used to do with Dez. I would like to trade Dak but he probably has a no trade clause. I would fire McCarthy because the rest of the team has to tighten up and eliminate all their sloppy play to cover for Dak’s shortcomings.


Agreed on Dak being the problem, i think Aikman was pretty dead on about how Coordinators are so focused on schemes, when you see man to man, Coop as well as Ceedee are much better than any of their man to man corners, throw them the damn ball, and that falls on Dak as well, just get those guys the ball, forget the system.

When you see the system ain’t working, go improvise ! Is it really that hard ? Burrow and Allen both did just that over the weekend, running around and either throwing it deep or just taking off with it as Allen did routinely and the Raiders and the Pats couldn’t stop them, that’s my ultimate pet peeve with Dak, is that he tries to play within the system too much, he doesn’t just go out there and improvise much, and when you don’t, and the system ain’t working, you get these results as we saw last week

Dak is just not the guy, no matter how you wanna put it, and i don’t think he’ll ever be, it’s funny how we’re just a year into him getting his big payday and I’m already being proved right about not paying him that albatross contract as you guys now see that we have no cap room,

making smarter decisions across the board would’ve helped us in not being in this cap situation ! If you were gonna pay Dak, pay him like 2 years before his rookie contract is up so then you could spread his cap hit around more so that it isn’t as big of hit, as well as the fact that with the cap inflating, you could’ve gotten Dak at a much cheaper market value than what we did pay him, but we paid him full market value, and instead paid a RB early which makes no sense

Overall it’s a catastrophic failure on every level that lead to this loss to the 49ers, the Front Office, Coaching, and the players, all of them deserve blame at different levels


“Jones also believes he should get more targets when covered”.

Not gonna happen with Dak. He’s too risk-adverse until it’s too late. Then he hurriedly throws it in the general vicinity of whichever receiver is in his line of sight or eats a sack. Why? Because he waited too long to pull the trigger because nobody was wide open, or he couldn’t find them if they were.

Billy McDaniel

I agree that Dak was the main reason why we lost to the 9ers however the bigger issue is the running game for the cowboys. If you give Dak a strong running game he’ll preform very consistently. I just think that the offense was doomed to fail as soon as we started to see Elliot struggle. My frustration is on Elliot, I’m sure everyone remembers that he held out to get paid. He’s been bad ever since. With Dak and a better running game the cowboys will be a better team. Dak’s numbers over the years to include this show he deserves to have the contact he has. The run game is just very predictable especially when the ball gets handed to Elliot. Yes I know there was a report of a PCl injury but what about last year? Elliot runs to contact not to open space we need a stud back there who can carry the load and who’s not being overpaid. Time to move on from several players this offseason, Elliot, Vander Esch, Anthony Brown, Conner Williams and yes even Cooper. Let the free agents walk, trade Cooper and release Elliot.

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