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Jerry Jones Sounds Off On 105.3 Radio Hosts

owner and Jerry Jones is clearly not happy with the state of his football team, but he took it out 105.3 The Fan this afternoon.

Jerry was audibly frustrated at the completely fair questions the hosts of the K&C Show asked, and things got real vulgar real fast.

“Get your damn act together yourself. Ok? Settle down just a little bit…I don’t like your attitude to come in. I’ve been traveling all night and don’t have the patience to jack with you today” – Jerry Jones

Jerry owned up the team’s struggles, stating that there is “no one in the NFL more responsible for what’s going on on the field than me.” Whether or not he’s correct in this assessment is up for debate, but there’s no denying he’s played at least a part in this team’s incompetence.

Jones also sounded off on allegations that the team has quit on . Jones said that when you quit on the coach, you quit on yourself. And he added, of course, that he knows the team is capable of better than this.

Maybe they are better than this, but this is how they are playing right now.

Uninspired, unprepared, flat, pathetic – all of it. Hopefully the Cowboys can start to turn things around after this long week, but it’s getting really bleak around .

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. Jerry, i am a 60 year old man here. have been a DC fan forever. why do you not care enough about us the fanbase to continue with Jason Garrett. cut the family BS out …you let go of Tom Landry w/o any feeling what so ever. the way our organization as being run right now is horrible to continue to put out a losing product. you and your management should be ashamed of what you our doing today without even considering your fans. disgusting…………..i live in NewEngland and have never wavered on my DC support. Now i can’t even watch the NFL..have no interest when i have no team ……

  2. Still frustrated that the Cowboys let Dan Bailey go. How many times has Sean Lee been injured & out for extended periods of time but the good thing is that they kept him. Eventhough Dan Bailey had a serious injury, they should have shown him the same courtesy they’ve shown Sean Lee. There was one day this season when Maher missed every kick in the game. That same day, Dan Bailey made all 3 of his field goals. Dan currently is at 90% for field goals. There’s your sign. LOL!

  3. FYI…I have a friend at work who is in his 80’s. He told me a while back that he is still mad at Jerry over what happened with Coach Landry & that he hasn’t watched a Cowboys game since then. Wow!

  4. The reason our team hasn’t excelled consistently is because Jerry didn’t take a good look in the mirror and do what he needed to do to repair his relationship with Jimmy Johnson and to make the changes he needed to make in terms of running the team to create an environment Jimmy would be comfortable in. If Jimmy were still here, we would have more super bowls than anyone else. I am a quality assurance analyst. Everyday I monitor people on their job performance and how they interact with others. Jerry gets a critical fail from me for not doing what he needed to do to keep Jimmy here.

  5. What the hell is the difference between this and 1 and 15. Answer: NOT MUCH MR. JONES!! Your fans are past disgust with these clowns that you continually state are the best. Obviously by their performance thus far, they have proved otherwise. Pay for the best clown act and you get more clowns in the circus. Get a damn coach that actually KNOWS how to win instead of ass kiss and excuses. You need to get rid of Garrett like someone with leprosy. Cowboy fans I are past tired of mismanagement and the weekly sob stories of why they lose. Presumptively, I would have thought otherwise, but I didn’t know that your sign million dollar checks just for mediocrity. Well be careful of what you ask for when you openly support a losing program. It just perpetuates it. A leader isn’t afraid to confront failure.

  6. It starts at the top we haven’t been a good team since aikman was qb we need a real general manager and new coaching staff and an owner who is not involved in day to day activities I have been a cowboy fan since 1975 and I am tired of watching jones make one bad decision after another I know he loves his team but come on look at ur record over the last 20 years fire the gm

  7. The players are to blame! No one else. Responsibility has to be placed, unfortunately the players aren’t. They’re too worried about the Dallas nightlife, clubbing and dope habits. As usual in sports,…Big money…HUGE FLOP. Elliot, Lawrence have been gigantic flops as the team…AGAIN! I have been a Cowboys fan since Dec 31, 1967. The Cowboys are losers. I may root for another team because of the standard Cowboy MEDIOCRITY after I burn my gear. The salaries are limitless, as are the facilities and endorsements, as are the hype & story lines. No doubt, Mr. Jones has given them every opportunity, but Garrett & his entire staff must go. Hope? Bring in Meyer. I hope Jerry Jones hears my comments hit his broadcast on 105.

  8. The only constant factor in 20 years of loosing seasons is the owner. He needs to take his arrogant ass out of the equation and let someone else call the shots. The only coach that ever stood up to him was forced out after 2 consecutive Super Bowl wins. Jerry Jones can’t, or won’t see that he is the problem. As a fan I can honestly say that I am SICK of seeing his face on the field, and in the news where it had no business. He is just too arrogant and controlling to win. Because he will only allow it to happen if he can do it on his terms, but he just doesn’t know how.

  9. I concur with David Pevehouse!
    He has filled in all the holes and is to the point. Jerry Jones does not have the background to .icro manage the cowboys. Hes a busines man. That’s quite different! He of all peop ml e should realuze that and follow the suggstions and comments by David Pevehouse above.

  10. The cowboys have a coaching problem. Not just the head coach but all coaches. Special teams play terribly, defensive back lack technique, defensive coordinator lacks innovative schemes, Kellen is not qualified because he calls plays from a qb’s intellect, Offensive line isn’t up to past standard of blocking schemes, Zone defense hasn’t been effective in the past and isn’t effective now. Linebackers cannot rooster fight a 300 lb offensive lineman and make the tackle, safeties should buy a ticket since they play to far off the line of scrimmage. Jerry hire a proven general manager and give him or her full authority and you WILL WIN SUPER BOWLS- But you won’t win a super bowl until you do.

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