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Jimmy Johnson on Dak Prescott: “They Need To Get Him Signed”

Pro Football Hall of Famer is royalty when it comes to the . His tenure as only lasted five seasons, but he brought the franchise back to glory in the 1990s with back-to-back titles in 1992 and 1993

That kind of success has earned Johnson the respect of his former players and fans of the Cowboys worldwide, when he talks people listen. Johnson appeared on The Rich Eisen Show on Friday, and predictably, he was asked about 's contract situation. The Cowboys former head man was pretty blunt in his assessment of the situation.

“They need to get him signed,” Johnson said. “They should have given in to the four-year deal last year. Would have saved them some money. They wanted five years. But they’ve got to get him signed. And not only is he an outstanding , he’s not , but he is an outstanding quarterback and on top of that he is a great leader. Leader for that football team. So they need to get him signed. And the other thing is until you find somebody better, you don’t ever give up a quarterback.”

Johnson also mentioned that the potential long-term marriage between Prescott and the Cowboys should've happened quite some time ago.

“They should have signed him three years ago. They should have signed him two years ago. They should have signed him, you know, last . And every time they did not sign him, the price just kept going up. But they need to get it done.”

That's an understatement, to say the least. Prescott earned just over $4 million in his first four seasons. Granted, he was paid $31.4 million in 2020 while playing on the , but he still doesn't have any long-term security going forward. Another franchise tag would cost the Cowboys almost $38 million, and with a reduced of around $175 million in 2021 because of the pandemic, getting him signed for the foreseeable future is the better option.

Before Prescott's season-ending ankle in October he made 69 consecutive starts. He's led the Cowboys to two titles and has an award on his resume. He may only have one playoff win to show for it but in a team sport that can't be placed one player.

The Cowboys have been adamant that Prescott is their guy. However, this is the of negotiations on a deal that should've been done a long time ago. At some point, even a great character guy like Prescott is going to get frustrated, which he probably is now, and the longer this gets drawn out the more the Cowboys risk not having him on the roster.

Big time quarterbacks don't grow on trees. The Cowboys have one, he's one of the best in the NFL right now, and it's time to get him signed.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Daniel Oblinger

Sign him !!! Just sign him already. They could get him for a lower price this year than the franchise tag will cost them. Jimmy’s right, they should have extended him last year, or the year before, or the year before that.

Cowboy Fan Ed

I just wish they would get him signed or let him walk! It would be good if they could up with a performance base contract that would pay him let’s say 25 million a year unless he took them to the playoffs then it would go to 30 million and if he got them to the SB he would get 40 plus million! Just come up with something that both parties come benefit from! If not let him go and let’s start working with the QB that will be there for up coming season !


I listen to our lord and savior, Jimmy J. If he condones signing Dak, then I’m on board with that decision.

James Vargas

Cowboy Fan Ed, if it were that easy, JJ would have already signed him a long time ago. Your proposal is simply not realistic. The market is not there. It is a very difficult contract because Dak wants to squeeze every single dollar he can get. They have offered him great value contracts and Dak simply has refused to sign. Dak needs to be humble or he could lose on any type of deal with the Cowboys.

Cowboy Fan Ed

Hey JV I realize that these contracts usually don’t work the way I suggested but Daks camp keeps saying look at all his stats (which is good!) the only thing is these great stats hasn’t produced a lot of wins especially playoff appearances! I was just throwing out there that as the team advances into the playoffs or even the super bowl he would be rewarded handsomely! The way it is now is like buying a pig in a poke: you pay me like an elite QB and I might get you to the post season! On the other hand if I get you to the post season you pay me my money! It would just be nice to get a deal done that would benefit both parties!

Gary b

I think all indications are that Jerry will resign him. But financially it makes no sense to tag him again. If they sign him long term his 1st years salary will be manageable and will give us more financial flexibility to build around him.
The bigger base salary will be down the road when the salary cap should be much higher.

Obviously it’s a risk to sign Dak long term. Ur betting on the fact that he will continue to improve and elevate his game as he enters into what is now the prime of his career.

The alternative is to let him walk and rely on our hapless GM to rebuild the team AND find a franchise QB somewhere in the draft.


Dak is not that good. See ya!

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