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Joe Looney Taking First-Team Snaps, Notes from Cowboys Press Conferences

The Dallas Cowboys put together two important press conferences Wednesday morning. First, Jerry and Stephen Jones met the media alongside Head Coach Mike McCarthy. Later Quarterback Dak Prescott faced the media. As the team gets ready for the season, it was interesting to hear some answers.

Here are some notes from today’s pressers.

Joe Looney taking first-team snaps

One of the biggest questions around the Dallas Cowboys this season has been what happens at the center position. All-Pro talent Travis Frederick retired earlier this year, leaving the starting gig open to many candidates. Head Coach Mike McCarthy provided us with an update saying it is Joe Looney who’s taking the snaps with the first-team.

Looney replaced Frederick during the 2018 season and did a fine job at it. However, this season he’ll be facing competition from rookie Tyler Biadasz and probably Connor McGovern, who also played center in college.

Coach McCarthy also talked about Connor Williams not being in the lineup as he continues to get healthy. In the meantime, he mentioned McGovern taking the snaps at left guard.

Cowboys plan on having fans on Stadium

Jerry Jones talked about the team planning on having fans in the Stadium once the season starts. He mentioned the team would adhere to all protocols, but wouldn’t speculate on how many fans might be attending games.

The owner added the Cowboys have a unique situation with AT&T Stadium’s suites and how they could accommodate fans. It’s important to point out that Texas is expected to allow 50% stadium capacity and reports have emerged about the NFL letting each team decide how they’ll handle fan attendance.

“Business is business”

Stephen Jones let it be known that their feelings about Dak Prescott have not changed despite not reaching an extension this offseason. He mentioned he’s as convicted as ever that a deal will get done while Jerry Jones referred to him as their quarterback of the future.

Dak Prescott himself said business is business and that not reaching an extension isn’t a concern for him. “I grew up wanting to be a Dallas Cowboy and I have dreams of being a Dallas Cowboy until I’m done throwing a football.”

Prescott also talked about his trust to agent Todd France, which could be indicative of him sticking with him even though he left CAA.

“Healthiest team wins”

Dak is already at the Omni Hotel where the Cowboys are creating a bubble for training camp and added that most of the team is already there. He mentioned 90%, but later said he wouldn’t speculate on an exact number because he didn’t know for sure.

Even still, he mentioned team leaders are supporting the bubble as he added the quote: “Healthiest team wins.” Prescott said the thought of opting out didn’t even cross his mind.

Biggest Change?

When asked what has been the biggest change under Mike McCarthy, the quarterback didn’t hesitate to answer: communication. “From the offensive line to the receivers out wide, everybody knows why and everybody knows their purpose and everybody knows where they need to be and the whole point of that within the play.”

Interestingly, Dak said he thought the team hadn’t been as smart as they needed to be within the game of football as he talked about the new coaching staff changing that.

Social injustice

Jerry Jones mentioned “grace” a lot when talking about how the Cowboys would handle protests during the anthem. Dak Prescott complemented this when facing the media when he said Jones doesn’t want to give an “urgent” answer and instead listen to his players before.

He said he “100%” would support teammates who decide to kneel.

Other Notes:

  • Dak praised CeeDee Lamb’s skills. “Excited for his future, excited for now.”
  • Prescott isn’t concerned about his future, “I’m not a guy that looks at my future, to be honest.” He added that when you don’t focus on today, problems arise.
  • Dak said Jason Garrett and McCarthy are different, but “different is good sometimes.”

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Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.


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  1. I hope that The Cowboy players find another way to protest other than taking a knee and disrespecting every soldier that ever put on a uniform and fought died and was crippled for this country! We all are sooo spoiled and don’t realize the sacrifices that were given for all of us to enjoy the life we live now! Most of these players are just kids that have always had people patting them on the back and telling them how great they are! I would venture to say if they would spend a tour in Afghanistan their opinion would be different than it is right now!

  2. On the social injustice segment I would like to comment and say that I hope these guys protest in a different manner than taking a knee during the National Anthem! I can’t help but think of the young men and women (black and white) that are serving this great country and what they give up so we can have the luxuries that we enjoy ! I realize it’s the unselfishness of our soldiers that gives us the freedom to speak and protest here in the USA but in my opinion just because you have the right to express yourself in a certain manner doesn’t mean you should! It comes down to RESPECT! How much better would our country be if we all would just RESPECT each other? There are some lines that we just shouldn’t cross even if we have the right too!

  3. Cowboy Fan Ed I totally understand where ur coming from and for what it’s worth I wish they had picked a different platform in which to express themselves as well. Ed If ur a veteran or have family (which I do) that are veterans, thank u for ur service and I can especially see where ur viewpoint would be what it is. For what it’s worth I don’t think these players are trying to disrespect the flag or our country, but simply chose a questionable forum that they thought would be highly visible, to make a very important statement. I wonder if the younger generation who didn’t grow up during war time(s) perceives patriotism and the symbolism that the flag/national anthem represents, differently than older people? I’m not saying there is a right or wrong position.

  4. Thanks Gary b for the respectful response! No I’m not a Veteran but have family and kids that I coached some years ago that have served our country some of which were killed in Iraq. I realize this younger generation expresses themselves probably different but I still believe that there are some lines that we just shouldn’t cross even though we have that freedom !! I think back about all those brave men that landed on the beaches on Normandy with their buddies being killed on every side and to see these NFL players being so blessed to live under the Stars and Stripes making more money in one year that you or I will make in a life time and then for them to declare that it’s not disrespectful to take a knee during our National Anthem This just really discusses and disappoints me to the fact that as much as I love watching The Cowboys , makes me not very interested in football anymore! I thought I would never get to that point ! I guess I’m hoping that maybe The League will not even play the Anthem! Anyway thanks again !

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