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Kickoff Countdown: Pat Donovan is the Greatest #67 in Cowboys History

We're officially 67 days until we get some in-game NFL action from your beloved , and in today's post, we're covering who's the Greatest #67 in .

A few days ago, I chose Rayfield “Big Cat” Wright as the Greatest #70, so if you missed it–you can check it out here.

For those keeping up with my countdown posts, you know the drill.

But if you're new here, welcome to the Countdown to Week 1 series, and to catch you up with how it works, it's simple.

I peep all the players who wore the number corresponding with the number of days until Week 1,  and whoever was the most dominant and accomplished to me gets selected.

With that in mind, before I reveal who I chose in today's piece, check out all of the players who have donned the #67:

After looking at the list, my initial thoughts were, “Damn, I only know two players (Wright and Newton).”

And while that can spell trouble for some fans, I want to remind you all that I was born in 1996, and since then, the Cowboys have only had some great players come through their franchise–but no titles.

Anyways, before I get more envious of the fans who got to witness the Glory Days of the Cowboys, after researching each player, I narrowed my list down to three candidates.

Pat Donovan, Pat Toomay, and Russell Maryland. Two Pats, huh? Nice.

With Donovan, you got a player who was a part of the famous “Dirty Dozen,” which was 12 rookies who made the team from the 1975 , as they helped the team reach X.

It's crazy to me that Donovan played from his childhood to college, and once he got to the league, the team needed help on the OL–so he made the switch.

And, boy, did it pay off as he snagged several honors (4) and a Super Bowl Trophy in his nine seasons.

Jumping to Toomay, he had a five-year stint with the Cowboys and was a part of the famous “.” A solid player during his time, he's mostly remembered for being a part of the “Zero Club,” which was a crew that prided themselves on their hard work.

He would leave the franchise in 1975 to the , but he got a Lombardi on his resume during his tenure in Dallas.

Lastly, with Maryland, you had a player who not only was a 3-time Super Bowl Champion but was also the staple of their during the 90s. Although he didn't post the prettiest stats, Maryland's impact was still huge as he helped the franchise win several titles.

But as we all know, there can only be one choice, and in today's post, I went with Donovan slightly edging out Maryland.

Although you could argue Maryland's hardware puts him over the top, Donovan's longevity won me over. Add in that he is one of five OTs in franchise to make the Pro Bowl–he was uberly talented.

Donovan was also a part of the “Four Irishmen and Scott” that consisted of Herbert Scott, John Fitzgerald, , , and himself–which paved the way for RB .

Cheers to Donovan earning the Greatest #67 award, and check back tomorrow to find out who's the Greatest #66.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Cowboys fan

Idk about that choice…. I’m not too familiar with him, but I am familiar with Russell Maryland and Nate Newton, and I think Russell Maryland would’ve been a good choice, but to me, I think Nate Newton is the best player on your list!! He is one of the linemen that played as one of the great wall of Dallas!! He is one of the reasons Emmitt Smith is the all time leading rusher and he was one of the reasons that we went to back to back Super Bowls!! And 3 in 4 years!! Not to mention that he went to the Pro Bowl 6 times and was a 2 time first team all pro!! And he wasn’t even drafted either!! He was cut by Washington after going undrafted and then went and played in the USFL before he got his chance with the Cowboys!! So he was pretty much a nobody, and turned himself into a 6 time Pro bowler and a 2 time all pro, and then helped the team win 3 Super Bowls, and is considered one of the best linemen to ever play the game, and will always be remembered as one of linemen to play on the great wall of Dallas!! To me, he should’ve been the choice for this article!!


Yes, how can Donovan be elevated over Nate or Rayfield. I am still astonished that Nate, Howley and Woodson are not in the HOF. Nate was so good that when due to injury to the ROT he manned the position for the season and allowed only one sack. Rayfield Wright is in the HOF. I’m assuming the author got the jersey numbers correct as he omitted several OTs as pointed out by a previous commentator. Wright and Newton were better than Donovan, but all were great players.


Wright & Newton we’re better players than Donovan but their success came while wearing 70 & 61 respectively, not the one season they wore 67 before even becoming starters for the team.

Donovan is absolutely the best 67 in team history & he doesn’t get enough recognition for just how good he was.

Jeff Tuggle

Newton could have been the choice but Donovan was that good. He and Scott formed the best left side in the league for years.
As for 5 tackles being pro bowlers…sorry, way off. Neeley, Wright, Donovan, E.Williams, Allen (yes, he played tackle as well), Flozell Adams, Tuinei, Tyron Smith are some.


No Newton could not have been the choice. He only wore 67 in ‘86 his first year with Dallas where he started zero games. After that he switched to 61 which is the number he’s known for.


I have to say you got this one right. Donovan might not be in the same category as the top 3 OTs in Cowboys history but he was a great player in his own right. He was a key piece of the OL in the late 70’s/ early 80’s & he doesn’t get enough recognition for his play.

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