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Kirk Cousins On QB Dak Prescott: “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Tag”

Looking ahead on the , November 22nd stands out as a potential swing game for playoff positioning. That date is with the , led by a who has been in 's shoes before.

was franchise tagged by the …twice. He gambled on himself both times, and won big with a lucrative (and fully guaranteed) contract from the Vikings prior to the , leaving the Redskins with nothing in the end.

Like Prescott, Cousins was a late round pick who had to prove himself multiple times on the NFL level (though Prescott has been better than Cousins through his first four seasons). And, like Prescott, Cousins was not exactly rewarded by the team which drafted him.

Cousins spoke to during the league's schedule last Thursday night, providing some interesting advice for Dak Prescott.

“And so my message to Dak, when I saw him midseason last year, was hey, whatever happens, don’t be afraid of the tag, it can be your friend and you can use it to your advantage.”

Ultimately, the did end up rewarding Kirk Cousins. But that doesn't mean Prescott should give in to the Cowboys demands.

Reportedly, the holdup between Prescott and the Cowboys are the number of years he'll sign for, with Dallas insisting he takes a five year deal where Prescott would rather give himself another chance to cash in down the road.

Neither side is necessarily wrong here, though the Cowboys should just cut the check for their franchise quarterback in the end. The organization is worried about deviating from their five-plus year standards (see: , , etc.) but the quarterback market is a whole different animal.

Regardless, given the comparisons between the two situations, I wonder how much weight Prescott puts into Kirk Cousins' words here. We won't know just how far the team and the player are from each other until July, when we meet the franchise tag deadline prior to the season.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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What a shame, the emphasis in the NFL today is becoming more and more about how much MONEY these players can make than about the actually play on the field. Years ago, it was about TEAM and winning games. Plus the game was much tougher and rougher.

Now, not getting what you want, hold out. F the team and the potential damage that can happen. Me and my endorsements come first, team maybe second.

Oscar R Reyes

Kirk Cousins is not the only Quarterback that is trying to convince Dak Prescott (CHOKE THE CHICKEN) to accept the offer that comes with the Franchise Tag. Prescott has till July 15th to make up his mind on his plans. Jerry Jones isn’t going to fall once again as a FOOL on a Pathetic Demanding Jask Ass like he did with Ezekiel Elliott. What did Ezekiel Elliott accomplish this past season not a Dam Thing. If you want to compare Prescott, ok let’s compare Tom Brady with Prescott. Tom Brady on his 4th year he took the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl and won the Super plus he was the MVP of the game. So what did Tom Brady have on his 4th year A Super Bowl Ring and MVP. What does Prescott have on his 4th year not a Dam Thing to show but CHICKEN FEATHERS. This year Prescott will be under Heavy Pressure and if he Screws Up I’m sure that Mike McCarthy will Bench him in a Heart Beat and put Andy Dalton. Who really holds the Future of Prescott? Prescott himself. Let’s see what happens by July 15th.




New offer to Greedy: 5 years, $35 million a year, 106+ guaranteed.

Would be HIGHEST payed player in NFL history.

If he does not accept that, start Dalton, tell him to stick it.

Should have traded him during draft for picks.

Cowboys fan

You can’t trade a player that’s not on your team!! Dak doesn’t have a contract with us and he did NOT sign the franchise tag, therfore he is NOT a Dallas Cowboy!! With the franchise tag placed on Dak, he can’t go sign with another team, but since he hasn’t signed it we can’t trade him!! Unless he signs it or agrees to a contract we are stuck with him….. Well unless Jerry decides to take the franchise off of Dak!! But if he does that that’ll mean Dak can sign with anybody he wants!! But Jerry said he’s keeping the tag on him, so for now we’re stuck with him with no way of trading him!!


Finally some understand!


Dak is good but not great. I just watched a repeat game against Philly from last year and he threw a pass to Gallup that was immediately called a drop, but was clearly behind him. I can’t see how some can say just write the check because he’s a QB. Some still saying “Pay Dak” like getting a top 5 contract isn’t paying him. He doesn’t have the leverage that Zeke had. Zeke is the best RB in the league. Dak isn’t the best QB in the league. It’s questionable that he’s top 5 but a top 5 contract is more that reasonable. If what’s being reported is correct he’s over playing his hand IMO.

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