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Kris Richard has Ties to Dan Quinn, Could a Reunion be in the Making?

Ties to Dallas and Dan Quinn make a Kris Richard reunion plausible.

The Dallas Cowboys search for a new defensive coordinator ended up being a short one. Less than a week after firing Mike Nolan they have now named Dan Quinn as their new DC according to multiple reports.

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Source: The #Cowboys have an agreement for Dan Quinn to be their new DC

Dan Quinn is an interesting hire in my opinion by the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys defense will revert back to the 4-3 scheme, much like they ran under the tutelage of Rod Marinelli. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but far from the hybrid scheme they were trying to adapt to under Mike Nolan.

With Dan Quinn now taking over as a defensive coordinator it’s logical to believe we will see several more firings and hirings in the upcoming weeks. Some of Dallas’ defensive coaches may be retained, but Quinn will likely try to bring people aboard he’s more familiar with and has possibly worked with in the past.

Hello Kris Richard!

Dan Quinn and Kris Richard were both coaches with the Seattle Seahawks during their Legion of Boom days. Quinn was the defensive coordinator and Richard was the defensive backs coach. It’s not completely impossible to think they could both reprise their roles with the Dallas Cowboys.

Surprisingly enough, Kris Richard still has a rather large fan base around Cowboys Nation. Many wanted him named as the DC after Jason Garrett and his coaching staff was fired after the completion of the 2019 season. Sadly that didn’t happen, leaving him to sit out the entire 2020 season without a job.

Despite sitting out the entire 2020 season Richard’s name has resurfaced for other DC openings around the league. He’s rumored to have interviewed with the Las Vegas Raiders, but nothing has been finalized as of yet. While he awaits a decision, a call from Dan Quinn could entice him to return to Dallas.

There are no guarantees Kris Richard can land a DC job this offseason. That’s especially true considering he didn’t coach at all last season. That kind of lack of interest could help sway him into rejoining the Dallas Cowboys organization to help them rebuild and upgrade their secondary.

This of course is all speculation though. The ties between Kris Richard and Dan Quinn are there, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean a reunion is in the works. It is something to keep an eye on though until Quinn finally does finalize his defensive coaching staff.

Would you like to see Dan Quinn and Kris Richard reunite in Dallas?

What do you think?

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Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

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  1. Yes I would like to see KR on the Cowboys sideline with DQ! I believe that KR is an up and coming coaching talent that will one day be a head coach in this league!

  2. K. Rich would be a nice return. And if somehow they can talk their safety ET to get his act together. He can come end his career in Dallas! Quin like JG are great assistants. His defenses whr not always disruptive. But they whr well schemed & hard playing!

  3. I’d love to have Kris Richard back in Dallas along side Dan Quinn. It would definitely be a spectacle to see how they improve the defense over the failed 2020 defense. Not going to hold my breath, just going to sit back and watch what the Dallas front office decides to do.

  4. Richard, would be Great for the Cowboys, Jones family better act fast. Unless we’re going to go another 25 fucking year’s without a Superbowl . Get Dak and this team will be winning alot FINALLY

  5. If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got. The Cowboys have needed some changes for a while now. This would be an advantagous move for them. I hope Jerry makes the right decision to move the team forward.

  6. Hell yeah bring Kris Richard back. I love his intensity. It would especially help because him and Quinn worked together in Seattle with legion of boom and ya saw how well that went. Granted our talent isn’t quite what they had there, but we definitely have more than enough talent to do alot better than we did this past season. SIGN HIM JERRY!!!!!!!

  7. The thing about Richard that i love about him is that he brings an INTENSITY that our defense needs so desperately , he’s a guy that you want to play for and is aggressive ( a bit too much at times ) I hope they do bring him back

  8. Legion of Boom guy.You have to be agreat coach to get anything out of them & all their future HOFs.I forget why he left Dallas?? I think they had a good bye he working now?Just cus you see a guy yelling,running around doesn’t mean good Rex Ryan.actually those 2 are opposite.1 used to play complicated D.think he cunfused own team. & Kris was known for no movement, same exact,uncomplicated way every time.ask the Jets.Dallas made rookie look like Dan Fouts.why cant we get cutting edge coach.instead itsLike Atlanta or Detroit assistant. Average Joes.

  9. Yes I would love KR back I don’t know why jerry got rid of him he did a great job working with those defense back him and Quinn will make our defense better and if we draft a corner to go along with Diggs we will be good

  10. Gregory…. Just like John said, Dan Quinn was more successful than Kris Richard, so it obvious that Dan Quinn is the better choice!! I wouldn’t mind Kris Richard as our secondary coach, but I think there’s better options…. I just don’t like that Kris Richard don’t play players because of their hight, or whatever else he don’t let certain players on the field for!! Take Donovan Wilson for example…. We all seen how good he was this season, but Kris Richard wouldn’t put him on the field last season for whatever reason!! And Jourdan Lewis didn’t play much either because he was too short!! So Kris Richard makes some dumb decisions, for dumb reasons!! But our defense was still decent under him and Rod Marinelli, so I guess I wouldn’t mind giving him a shot at being the secondary coach!!

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