Kris Richard on Cleveland Browns Short List of HC Candidates?

After the recent firings of Head Coach Hue Jackson and Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley, the Cleveland Browns will undoubtedly start making their list of potential head coaching candidates. One name that will likely be on their short list is Kris Richard, the Dallas Cowboys current Defensive Backs Coach and Passing Game Coordinator.

Kris Richard’s name is one that I’m sure the Cleveland Browns will surely consider in their quest to find their next new head coach. He is already highly regarded around the NFL and has interviewed for a few HC openings in the past with both the Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts.

With the success that Sean McVay has had with the Los Angeles Rams, NFL teams are looking for that next young, up-and-coming coach who can have that kind of immediate impact/success. The way Richard has been able to come in with the Cowboys and transform the defense could be all the proof Cleveland needs to have his name at the top of their list.

Of course, where Kris Richard ranks among the Cleveland Browns potential head-coaching candidates could depend on what type of coach they are looking. Are they looking for more of an offensive minded HC to help groom QB Baker Mayfield or a defensive minded HC to help their talented defense play up to their potential? Personally, I could see them going either way.

Kris Richard
Dallas Cowboys Assistant Coach Kris Richard

This of course isn’t what Cowboys Nation wants to see. In a short time in Dallas, Richard has already earned the respect of not only the players, but the fan base as well. If he was to move on after what he’s already accomplished, it would be a huge blow to the future of the organization.

Rod Marinelli has already all but handed over the reins to Kris Richard this season. He has already taken over the play-calling duties, which is one of the reasons why many of us believe he will be the Cowboys next defensive coordinator as soon as next season. But, that might not be enough to keep him around.

If the Dallas Cowboys want to keep Kris Richard, they might have to part ways with Jason Garrett and name Richard as his replacement. I know many of you want this already, but Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones still believes Garrett is a right man for the job. We can agree or disagree all we want, but that’s the way things stand right now.

If the Cleveland Browns were to come calling and offer Kris Richard the head-coaching job, I think it would probably too much for him to pass up. Cleveland may have been the joke of the league under Hue Jackson’s tenure, but there is a lot to like about the talent they have on the roster.

Do you think the Cleveland Browns will be interested in Kris Richard?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

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