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La’el Collins, Dak Prescott Left Off of 2020 Pro Bowl Roster

The NFL released the initial Pro Bowl rosters as voted on by the fans and the players and while the Dallas Cowboys had four players make the 2020 Pro Bowl, it was the players who didn’t make it that came as a surprise. Dak Prescott and La’el Collins, two of the most important players in the Dallas Cowboys’ success in 2019 were shockingly left out of this year’s all-star game.

It’s further evidence of the flaw in the selection process as it has become a popularity contest that isn’t necessarily based on what people are watching.

Dak Prescott is second in the NFL in passing heading into week 16 behind Jameis Winston. His 73.9 QBR is fourth in the NFL behind Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, and Drew Brees. Prescott’s having the best year of his career as a passer at the same time the Dallas Cowboys lead the NFL in dropped passes per Pro Football Focus.

Aaron Rodgers, who made the Pro Bowl has a QBR of 55.8, which is 17th in the NFL this season. Dak has more passing yards, a better yards per attempt, better QBR, and more passing touchdowns. Sure, the Green Bay Packers have a better record and Rodgers has a better reputation as a quarterback, but if you look simply at what is happening on the field this season, Dak Prescott is having a better year than Rodgers.

As for La’el Collins, this is a case of the NFL being behind on how good he’s been this year. He’s arguably been the Dallas Cowboys best offensive lineman in 2019. Collins has been worth every penny of the contract extension he signed in August to remain a “Cowboy for life.”

Collins’ progression in combination with the extension is as exciting of a development that occurred for the Dallas Cowboys in 2019. With Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, Zack Martin, and Collins, the Cowboys will boast four of the best offensive linemen in football through the 2023 season. The talent they have on this line is absolutely incredible.

Collins has held up well in individual matchups with players like Khalil Mack and has the third-highest grade for an offensive tackle in 2019 among players who’ve played at least 2013 snaps this season according to Pro Football Focus.

All-Pro selections matter much more than a Pro Bowl choice and both have a chance to find themselves named to the NFL’s All-Pro teams. However, Pro Bowl selections matter. To the players, to the agents, and to the front offices during contract negotiations. Not as much as championships do, but they matter and Dak Prescott and La’el Collins absolutely deserved to be on this year’s Pro Bowl roster.

Hopefully, none of it matters though because the Dallas Cowboys found their way through the NFC Playoffs to play for something much more important.

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John Williams

Written by John Williams

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