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Latest on Cowboys’ Potential Trade Interest in S Jamal Adams

News is a little slow for most teams around the NFL right now, but fortunately not for the . There are still plenty of top storylines to keep all of us around entertained, the latest of which is the impasse the New York Jets and have hit in contract negotiations.

Contract negotiations between the New York Jets and their All-Pro Jamal Adams continues to captivate Dallas Cowboys fans. The thought of adding a true difference maker to the backend of the Cowboys is a move that could put this team over the top.

Today, I want to share with all of you what I've heard and read in regards to both Jamal Adams and the Dallas Cowboys. Hopefully it puts things in a little better perspective in regards to all of the rumors and speculation surfacing around the Internet almost daily.

*Side note: Calvin Watkins reports no interest from the Cowboys right now

Jamal Adams' Value With Jets and Cowboys

When it comes to a players value it differs from team to team. Jamal Adams' value in New York is a little different than it would be in Dallas. For instance, the Jets believe Adams is a cornerstone player they can build around. Unfortunately for them, he's also their best player with very little talent surrounding him. Good, even great, players have minimal impact on bad teams. Even a talented player like Adams can't drag the Jets out of NFL purgatory without help.

Adams' value in Dallas is an entirely different story. The Cowboys are far superior to the Jets as far as talent is concerned. Adding Jamal to the backend of their defense not only makes their better, but vastly improves the overall defense as well. His addition could very likely equate a few more wins a season. That could be the difference in making the playoffs or not, or entering the postseason with a first-round bye or as a 3 seed.

He should be valued even more by the Cowboys because they are currently revamping their secondary. The majority of their experienced (, , , ) are all playing on one-year contracts. Having Adams on the backend to help with the transition to younger players like Trevon Diggs and Reggie Robinson could prove to be invaluable.

Rumored Trade Compensation

Per 's Michael Irvin, the New York Jets are seeking a first and third-round draft pick in exchange for their All-Pro Safety Jamal Adams. Irvin is close with Adams, but how he would know the Jets asking price is beyond me. I highly doubt they came out and told him so he could announce it to the world, but let's pretend it's factual. For a player of Adams' caliber, that's a bargain.

The Dallas Cowboys were rumored to be willing to part with a first-round draft pick and last year prior to the 2019 NFL trade deadline, so parting with an additional third-round pick definitely seems plausible. In fact, taking into consideration the Cowboys projected 2021 , they could have an additional third-rounder according to projects the Dallas Cowboys receiving a total of four 2021 compensatory draft picks: a 3rd for Byron Jones, a 4th for , a 5th for , and a 7th for Jeff Heath. Knowing they had those additional picks in their back pocket helped land them in the , who they traded up for. That extra draft equity could come in handy again to acquire Jamal Adams via trade.

Sending their 2021 first-round draft pick as well as one of their two third-rounders to acquire a talent like Adams' is something the Dallas Cowboys could absolutely consider doing. But, we all know bringing Adams aboard is more than just the draft capital it would take to acquire him. There's also the money it would take to sign him to a long-term contract extension to consider.

Jamal Adams' Contract Demands?

Jamal Adams hasn't been shy about wanting to become the highest-paid safety in the NFL. Eddie Jackson currently holds that honor after the signed him to a five-year, $58.4 million contract extension back in January 2020. That equates to about $14.6 million per season which is probably the baseline for what Adams is seeking. His annual salary could end up being northward of $15 million a year.

That's a steep price tag to pay for a safety considering how devalued the position has become as of late, but one the Dallas Cowboys or New York Jets will have to pay if they want to keep Jamal around. That could be a tough pill to swallow, especially for the Cowboys. They are still trying to work out a long-term extension with their QB, . Dak and moving around money if needed to acquire Adams is absolutely doable, however, the uncertainty of the 2021 salary-cap has to be taken into consideration as well.

Due to the / pandemic, it's unknown how much revenue the NFL will be able to generate for the . If fans are unable to attend games that will without a doubt negatively impact revenue, meaning teams will have less to spend next . That kind of unknown could put a damper on giving into Adams' demands right away. They could however convince him they will take care of him in time, much like the are doing with CB after acquiring him via trade last year.

Hometown Discount for the Cowboys?

As we already talked about, a contract extension for Jamal Adams is expected to be quite pricey. It's no secret he'd love to play for the Dallas Cowboys, but would you be willing to get the Cowboys a hometown discount in order to do so? According to Mike Fisher, Adams could definitely be open to the idea.

“There are those close to the situation, from a variety of angles, who whisper that Adams, a DFW native who continues to spend time here in the offseason and talks openly about his Cowboys love, might allow a financial compromise should the Jets grant him what at least part of him surely wants:

A trade to the Dallas Cowboys”.

This is purely speculation on my part, but I highly doubt Adams would offer a discount to any other team around the league. To stay in New York, the Jets are going to have to make him the highest-paid safety in the league. A chance to return home – he attended Hebron High School in Carrollton, Texas less than 10 miles from The Star – in order to play in front of friends and family could sway him to accept less money.

A “hometown discount” could definitely be something to keep an eye on if/when the Cowboys and Jets open up trade discussions. It could very well be what earns him a ticket back home to play for the team he grew up watching.

What do you think the Dallas Cowboys should do about Jamal Adams?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Cowboy Fan

As much as I hate to say it but what if the Cowboys let Dak walk and take that money to beef up the Defense and OL? Draft a further QB next year and just let ole Andy enjoy playing with some real talent for a change! With the talent the Cowboys have on offense even Jerry could win some games at QB! Remember the bold move that Jimmy and Jerry pulled with Herschel Walker? Remember the what the results were? Is there anybody out there in Cowboy land that disagrees with me? Let me know! P.S. I really like Dak but I really liked Herschel too! I just believe that a player can ask too much which in return hurts the whole team!


I completely agree but most fans don’t because they love offense…being a Cowboys fan I would love to see a bad ass defense for once in a very very long time…And if it meant Dalton at QB for a couple years so be it!!

Cowboy Fan

Thanks for the reply! I too believe that Jerry and son are all in with Dak but what if …just what if ….they were to pull the plug on Dak and free up that money for more talent on defense and a good back up blind side tackle ? Again I like Dak but just don’t think he is worth the gamble to pay him even 30 million … least not at this point ! Maybe if he could win more games that he don’t suppose to win would make me feel better about paying him!


Yeah, you know what you’re talking about. I agree, besides Dat is still a mediocre player to me!

Jeremie Otasua

I like the idea myself, I was kind of hoping that Dallas would draft Jordan Love and let Dak walk! Dont get me wrong I love Lamb too, but would of been wild!


Serious Question: Could you get a first round pick from a team that needs a QB for Dak Prescot?


Yes yes and yes


Currently I don’t see us giving up a first round draft pick for Adam’s, especially with him needing a very expensive extension coming up. What do you think of this scenario? Give them A.Brown, or D. Wilson, J. Jelks and T. Hill plus a 3rd round pick in 2021. They get some young talent and solidify their defence while we get a very solid saftey that will require a premium contract that they obviously don’t want to pay. Your thoughts?

Howard stevens

Jerry Jones has never won anything without Jimmy Johnson and Jimmy’s players. Since they retired what has Dallas won? 3 Wild Card games in the past 23 years! Pathetic. Adams is a great player but he’s not worth a first round pick. The Jets can’t resign him so they’ll have to dump him for at best a 2nd rounder. I’d rather spend the money on extending Awuzie and Jordan, then possibly add a veteran DE FA. But Dumb and Dumber, Jerry and Stephen, will overpay Dak then get fleeced by the Jets and overpay Adams thus dooming us to more years of mediocrity. At least we jettisoned that phony Smiling Dopey Opie.


Howard – 3rd rounder?? (LOL)…man you are self absorbed. The Jets own the rights to Adams for two years, and you can four (to 2023) with two Franchise tags, so the Jets don’t have to do anything. They’ll pay him cause he’s underpaid now, but won’t go over $14M, and they won’t renegotiate till after 2020; too many questions about the season to invest when you don’t have to. If he sits, he sits…..and he gets no money and a worse rep that Darrell MEvis.

Craig Campbell

Texas has no state income tax whereas NY does. Maybe that would be part of any discount, like the cowboys would subtract half of the tax he would have paid in NY income tax. I’m sure he could well make that up in PR money.

Steve Welch

Adams is better than anyone they will draft . Think they should go after him ASAP
My opinion Dak should b willing to team friendly deal with all endorsements he has Idt he should get SB $ till u get one
Understand it’s a business still yet think Dallas brass sit down with Dak and both give a little
I mean how much u need to provide for your family If not roll with red rifle
There’s always b a free agent QB or draft one if Dalton can’t
Dalton not Dak buy seems like wants b here and first time in career with enough talent to show what he’s made of
Dallas fan since 76 Time for some Football


You’re all hoping Dalton can be Steve Buerlein part 2 but remember it was Aikman with his uncanny intermediate accuracy and leadership that pushed the team over the top. My point is, Dak is much better than most of you believe. He’s in the top 3 throwing on the move and his teammates feed off his leadership. You run him out the door and we might be looking at Chad Hutchinson/Henson, Ryan Leaf and Anthony Wright days, remember? Painful and gives me PTSD.

Ruben Trevino

Say Bye to Dak !! Use money to sign Adams!!! Use Dalton at quarterback!!! See want he has left !


First let’s all wake up cowboy fans. First of all the cowboys defense is average at best? Second Jamal is going nowhere. The Jets will sign him when there ready. He has two years left on his rookie deal. If they deem to move on? Well he is a super talented player. But I can’t see over paying for a position that is not high value? I love Jamal as for the comment about talent. The jets are stacking up on talent. Last time I checked we smoked your azz. The Jets will have a better record than the cowboys this year. Put that in the bank.


Yea I think Dak has potential to be a top 5 QB in league just don’t think Dalton has that upside Look at past SB wiinners most had an elite QB or at times a solid QB and an elite defense. Dallas best bet is to hope Dak continues to improve to near elite status and ride a potentially prolific offense as our defense is serviceable at best. Riding with Dalton and using that money to plug holes sounds intriguing but doubtful it happens. Due to the QB position being such a precious commodity in this league you’ll always see mediocrity be over rewarded. Its just rare to win without an elite one

Stephen gregory

I like Adams. He’s an impact player. But, before giving up multiple picks (regardless if you have compensatory picks), I would like the Cowboys to try to have another good draft and upgrade multiple positions instead of busting the bank, along with missing out on multiple good players in the draft, to obtain Adams. He is a proven commodity but look what the Cowboys got in the first 60 players picked in this past draft. The more picks, the better chances of hitting on a couple of those picks to upgrade the overall talent of the team while freeing up more money to pay the stars. I don’t know why the Cowboys don’t value that position because there have been several very good safeties they could have drafted over the last decade and they passed on them. You would think that D. Woods would have made them always value that position looking at the numbers he put up in his career. Question: If the Cowboys had Adams last year, would they have beat the Jets? Good article Brian Martin.

Cowboys fan

How do you know there won’t be any players in next year’s draft that can upgrade the team more than Jamal Adams!? This season hasn’t started yet, and you don’t know how players are gonna play this season!! There could be a safety come out in the next draft that’s better than Jamal Adams…. You never know…. And you definitely can’t say there won’t be!! There’s already about 4 or 5 safeties projected to go in the 1st round of the 2021 draft….. How do you know that 1 or 2 of them don’t up their game even more and turn out better than Jamal Adams!? You don’t!! You won’t know that till the end of this season!!

Joseph Garrett

I would think that it would take more draft capital than a 1st and a 3rd. That saying, I would offer a 1st and a 3rd and a 4th considering the comp picks next year. I mean I know the Jets won’t let the cowboys dictate that but it would be a slight overpay and that’s what it takes for a player of this caliber.


Lots of Jets bashing in this story. What was the final score between Jets and Cowboys last year? Was it Jets 24, Cowboys 22? Yes, I believe it was.


How many playoff wins for C-boys in last 20 years? 3. How many for Jets? 7. Difference between jets fans and Cowboys fans. Jets fans know their team needs major improvement, while C-boy fans are delusional (with help from pro-cowboy media)

Pete Stanakis

If a 1 and 3 gets him, dangit Jerruh go get him, ALL or nuthin is what you started this team on . Go out swinging Joneses,a little tribute to the sci fi flick Signs……. Swing away Merrill,swing away!!!!

John galvin

Hard to see the Jets settling for a mid first rounder.
The money is doable…I think he gets extended.

Holdout…not happening under new CBA rules and I think Adams would rather play pissed off than sit at home.
The sticking point is not the money but the timing. Douglas has to convince Adams he’ll get paid without Adams getting all butt hurt.

John galvin

No, they are not a good team but 7-9 even against a week schedule is not terrible. A healthy Darnold and revamped OL can get them to 8-8 or 9-7 even against a tough schedule so although draft capital is always valuable, this is not a team in the very early stages of rebuilding.
Something that could easily turn into a late first and third rounder is not very inspiring.
And with the new CBA Adams has virtually no leverage..this is not a Bell situation.
Douglas can wait to see what kind of season shakes out..or if there even is a season.
I’m not sure fans’ on social media or Adams’ agents leaking his disgruntlement is going to bother Douglas a bit.

John galvin

Btw, if Adams was just a box safety then the argument regarding position would be more valid. He’s obviously much more or we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Joe Namath

This article is a JOKE
“Adams has very little talent around him”on the #2 rushing defense in the entire NFL?
Hows quarantine treating you?
Top analysts keep saying Darnold is better than Dak too btw, like this week i believe
The Jets would want
Dallas #1 pick next year and cee dee Lamb if you really want Adams yawl

Cowboys fan

If those TOP ANALYSTS are saying Darnold is better than Dak then those analysts aren’t really top analysts then!! Look at the stats and look at how many games has been won by each and it’s obvious that Darnold isn’t even close to Dak!! And ya’ll can keep Adams!! I wouldn’t give up a more than a 3rd round pick for him let alone a 1st and Ceedee!! He’s not worth that much!!

John galvin

Jets players and FA aren’t going to necessarily look at this situation as relevant. Adams is in a very small minority of players entering only his 4th year getting extended. Im sure there examples but I can’t think of one trying to force his way out this early in their career.
All the more reason for Douglas to be firm and not set a precedent….or if he trades him it shouldn’t be to Adams’ hand picked team unless Dallas overpays.

Sean Moran

Hey Mr. Martin, firstly I’d like to say c I find it extremely cool how interactive you are in your article. Too many writers these days get even a whiff of a story line and put out some crap piece they barely even want to attach their name to. By you replying you clearly believe. With that being said, I am a jets fan and I do not see is moving Jamal for anything less than a first and second. We hold all the cards currently, and the franchise would be happy to make Jamal a player for life. The person who thinks the jets would trade Adams for some second rare talent and a third round pick is insane. Personally I could see the jets holding out for more than a first and second, maybe the cowboys arent the team to make the trade but we will easily get at least a first this time next year so why trade him now for peanuts.

Tony Romo

Dak played his worst of the season against the lowly Jets. The Jets haven’t won much, since Joe Namath. I don’t trust Dak at all. He is so up and down, he is far from consistent. Adams is a true stud safety and would even make Dak look better. I say do whatever you have to do to get Adams, and let Daks agent, Mickey M. Mouse, keep asking too much for a average quarterback. Yes average! He has a couple stats but he hasn’t won Squat!! Too bad. I like Dak but hes not worth even 20 million a year. He is average. So unless we can trade him, we are stuck with an average quarterback.

Cowboys fan

Apparently you don’t pay attention to much football!! If you did you would see that Dak has the 2nd most wins of any QB in the NFL…. 2nd to only Tom Brady!! If that isn’t winning, idk what is!! Idk if you’ve noticed or not, but Dak has been in the NFL for 4 years now…. This past season wasn’t his first season!! And he wasn’t the only one losing those games, it was the whole team!! So you mite wanna go back and do some research cause Dak is better than average!! He’s more like top 7 in the NFL!!


Lewis and Erving will be on the 53 roster. Also, my late grandmother can punt the ball better than Chris Jones. He got’s to go!

Cowboys fan

Have you lost your mind?? Jourdan Lewis is one of the best CBs on the team if not the best!! He’s been the best for a couple years now!! He’s just not gotten much playing time cause he wasn’t tall enough!! He was up there with Byron Jones, if not better!! People need to start paying attention to these players!! Anybody that thinks Lewis is that far down the depth chart are crazy!!

Cowboys fan

I want you to name 3 other corners on this roster that’s better than Lewis!? There’s no way you can cause Byron Jones was the only one who was better than him last season and even that’s debatable!!

Elijah Roberson

if Dak walks then let it be,but we’ll have that QB in the secondary that can make things happen and that’ll be an upgrade to the guys we got in FA and the draft.It’s about time we get this defense rolling again right along with the offense.I miss those types of teams we had in the 90s80’s and 70’s!!!

gary b

Agree Brad get rid of punter C Jones how many games did we lose last yr cuz of horrible special teams play. It’s the 3rd phase of the game that often times gets overlooked. I closed my eyes every time the special teams unit was on the field last y. It’s one of the worst Dallas has ever fielded yet rarely gets mentioned as a factor. Hopefully we can settle in on a PK that can make the ones he’s suppose to make and has the leg to make some 50 yarders.


There is 0, yes I said 0, percent chance that Adams is traded. The Jets aren’t letting him go and the only reason this is news is because of no live sports. Big news, all pro player wants money! Wow!

The Jets said they wouldn’t discuss a contract extension until after the draft and then they grabbed his fifth year option. You don’t exercise the fifth year option if you’re not extending the guy because then you’re just giving away money.

And IF, and I stress that the million to 1 chance that I’m wrong, the Jets will not settle for anything less than a 1st and a 2nd or a 1st, a notable young WR/OL and replacement safety. Don’t get it twisted.


I would ask Dak to sign contract offer on hand if he’s too geeky let him seek trade where they will throw money his way and use that pick ( should be 1) to get Adams . If they only get a 2 , trade a 1 anyway for Adams a d get him on board , he will be leader of this back end group for years . Use that 2 ( Dak trade ) maybe to slip back into first round if need be next year .

Try and trade for Aarron Rogers . If can’t get done roll with Dalton . I think he can win with this team .
Sign Desmond King CB , and Clay Mathews and let’s rock n roll and really compete for SB

mark desenti

make prescott a LAST offer if he refuses let him walk . his new contract will cripple us for years to come . sign Newton , start him . Dalton as backup. sign clowney, get adams . go after a QB in the draft next year or year after. could get almost 3 players for DAKS CONTRACT . defense would be solid ..


One diva on the team is enough. Adams is already showing his true colors with the Jets, why would we want another problem child on the team. Yes he is good, but IMHO, we have enough talent right now at Safety. Plus the possibility of a CB switching to safety. I think Worley, with his requisite size (6’1″ 215), would be a great candidate. BTW, the “purgatory” Jets beat us last year. Darnold outshined Prescott bigtime, with much less TALENT around him. Sam Darnold, IMHO, is a better QB than Prescott. Would take him over diva Dak in a heart beat.

Cowboys fan

Darnold isn’t even close to being as good as Dak!! He only won that game cause his defense knew what plays we were gonna run!! And he didn’t have LESS talent than Dak in that game…. The only help Dak was getting was from Zeke…. Cooper left the game almost as soon as it started and Gallup couldn’t do anything that game!! Darnold obviously had more help than that!! I’ve never heard anybody say Darnold was better than Dak…. That was the most insane comment I’ve seen on here, and there’s been some bad ones on here!!


I understand that you love Prescott as a Cowboy fan. I am also a Cowboy fan, probably longer than you’re been alive. But IMHO, if I put my Cowboy bias out of the picture, Darnold is JUST BETTER than Prescott, everyday day of the week. Dan Orlofsky, Mike Greenberg, Colin Cowherd, Rex Ryan, etc, etc. all say Darnold is BETTER than diva Dak. Put Darnold on the STACKED COWBOY OFFENSE, THEY GO WAY BETTER THAN 8-8, EASILY. IN FACT, DALTON CAN GO BETTER THAN 8-8, EASILY!


Reggie Boutte

Get rid of Tyrone Crawford.

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