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Making a Case for Teddy Bridgewater as the Dallas Cowboys Future QB1

Why the Dallas Cowboys should sign Teddy Bridgewater over Dak Prescott.

As strange as it may sound, the Dallas shouldn’t be in a big hurry to sign Quarterback Dak Prescott to a long-term extension just yet. They need to explore all options before committing the amount of money Prescott and his representatives are asking for. That includes free agent QBs, like Teddy Bridgewater

Now, before I go any further I want to make it perfectly clear I have nothing against Dak Prescott or the Dallas Cowboys trying to lock him up for the foreseeable future. I will be completely happy to see Prescott in a Cowboys uniform for the rest of his career. Having said that though, I do want to see Dallas do what’s best for the team and that might mean letting Dak walk.

Right now, the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott’s representatives remain at an impasse as far as contract negotiations go. That is why Adam Schefter reported earlier this week his sources believe the Cowboys will use the franchise tag on Prescott. But according to @Spotrac, the is about the same as his current market value.

$33.3 million is a lot of money for one-year of service. However, that’s pretty much what is predicting Dak Prescott will earn per season on a long-term contract anyway. They believe he will sign a five-year, $165,061,201 that will pay him $33,012,242 annually. I personally think he’s asking for $35 million+ a year, but regardless it’s a lot of money.

This is where Free Agent QB Teddy Bridgewater comes in.

I truly believe Teddy Bridgewater can come in and have the same kind of success with the Dallas Cowboys, and do it for much cheaper. predicts Bridgewater’s market value at three-year, $60,120,146 and an annual salary of $20,040,049. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a great bargain to me.

If I’m right and Teddy Bridgewater can be just as successful as Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys would be fools to pay more money for the latter. Having approximately $13 million or so to use to upgrade your team in other areas sure would come in handy. They could then use the franchise tag on and re-sign if they wanted. With Prescott both might not be possible.

This of course is all speculation, but completely plausible. It’s something to keep an eye on as contract negotiations continue between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott’s reps and something to store away for future reference if things don’t exactly work out between these two in the future. Just remember you heard it here first.

Personally, I believe Teddy Bridgewater gives the Dallas Cowboys a better chance to reach the in the next few years. That extra money saved can be a huge difference maker. And, this is coming from someone who has 100% supported Dak Prescott from Day 1 and will continue to do so if he is locked up long term.

Would you be on board with Teddy Bridgewater as the Cowboys starting QB?

What do you think?

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. I think we should let Dak hit free agency, since nobody around here seems to respect his ability or contribution., and please don’t you dare tell me we end up with somebody better. Yea, go ahead and see what we end up with…nada!

  2. Nope nope nope. A better option is Jake Fromm from Georgia. Probably still around when the Boys pick in second round and a leader and competitor who throws better than Dak. I would not even give Dak the Franchise tag. Don’t think the Boys are Super Bowl bound in Feb 2021, but they are getting closer. But I do agree with the Boys needing to save cap space.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Jake Fromm gets drafted in the latter part of the first-round. Teams like to do that with QB’s so that they can get that fifth-year option. I doubt he slides all the way to the Cowboys and the second-round though.

  3. If contract talks fall through with Dak Prescott… Yes! No matter what your personal feelings are about Byron Jones he is one of the best CBs in the NFL. And as far as Teddy Bridgewater is concerned, he may not be better than Prescott, but I do think he can be just as successful with the Cowboys.

  4. This is an outside the box solution you propose, and I like it. Here is another: let Dak hit free agency, and the Cowboys exceed his highest open market offer to keep him. Would any of the teams needing a quarterback pay Dak tier 1 money in free agency? Me thinks not. Right now the Cowboys are negotiating against themselves.

  5. I agree with that!! I actually argued with somebody on YouTube the other day about this!! I said I’d tag Dak, then tank next season and then draft Justin fields in the next draft but in this scenario they could sign Teddy and then draft Justin fields and let him sit behind Teddy for a year or 2 and let Teddy walk when fields is ready!! But on another note, tagging Dak isn’t a bad idea either, especially if we use the one that pays him around $27 million and let’s him talk to other teams!! And if he signs to another team we would get 2 extra 1st round picks!! But that’s just my opinion!!

    • The only problem with that logic is the Cowboys are a team who are built to win now. They only have the OL signed for the next couple years. Prescott gives them the best chance to win, but Bridgewater is a good Plan B if contract talks fall through. He still makes them a competitive team and then you can start looking for your future QB as soon as 2021.

      As far as tagging Prescott, it’s going to cost about $33.3 million. And I highly doubt another team is going to forfeit 2 first-round draft picks & him to a lucrative contract extension.

  6. Why would Bridgewater sign as the Boy’s starting QB for over ten million below what current starters are getting?
    The idea that Bridgewater would sign with the Cowboys as a starter for 20 million is ludicrous. He is in the same financial position as Dak in that he has made no money the last few years. He is not looking to give discounts , especially to a team he owes nothing.

    • Because he has yet to really establish himself as a starting QB in the NFL. He was ascending before the gruesome, potential career ending leg injury, but has had to settle for being a backup since then. Prescott has at least played like one of the bright, young up-and-coming QBs since entering the league. He has continued to improve each and every year. That’s why their market value is quite a bit different.

  7. I guess if we can’t get a deal done with Dak, Teddy is a decent option in a pinch. I don’t think he’s a great replacement though. He played well in Sean Payton’s system with all the talent the Saints had on offense as a bus driver type QB. I wouldn’t expect quite that type of output with the Cowboys. Plus he’s already had a very serious knee injury, which is a big concern.
    Mostly, we need to sign Dak to a long term deal. Putting the tag on him is a last resort that will only push up the price of a deal and greatly increases the chances he ultimately walks. We all know that worked out with the Redskins and Kirk Cousins, where they paid top dollar and he ultimately walked. We don’t want that to happen with Dak. So paying him an extra couple of million or so now won’t be a huge deal in the long run. In two or three seasons the price on QBs will be much higher than it is now.

    • Why wouldn’t you expect Bridgewater to have the same kind of success with the Cowboys that he did with the Saints? Dallas arguably has better playmakers on offense (Gallup, Cooper, Zeke, Pollard). And I’m not concerned about his knee. It hasn’t been a problem and he doesn’t even wear knee brace. But you’re right… Dallas needs to go ahead and just lock up Dak long-term.

      • Because in New Orleans he was put in a perfect position with an offense and coaching staff that had been in place for several years. He was a very good fit to back up Brees. In Dallas, as the starter, he’ll have a new coaching staff and potentially new WRs. I’m not saying he can’t succeed, McCarthy is an excellent offensive coach, but there’s just more room for them to struggle, especially if we lose Cooper and/or Cobb.
        As for the knee, it’s healthy now, but just the fact that he’s already had a very serious knee injury means it’s not nearly as likely he can recover from another one.

      • That’s of course all true, but I still think Bridgewater would be a good Plan B if contract talks between the Cowboys and Prescott turn ugly. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that though and a long-term agreement can be reached shortly.

  8. Paying Dak $30 or even $35MM wouldn’t be an issue if Jerry hadn’t overpaid “running in Cabo Sand Zeke”. That was the mistake Jerry made and now he wants a discount from Dak to offset his mistake. He should have traded Zeke before the season started when he could have cleaned up in the trade market. If I was Dak I wouldn’t give Jerry a hometown discount. Play a year under the franchise tag and if needed play another year or two under it. Dak has a track record of winning and improving every year. There is no reason to think he won’t be even better next year with McCarthy as coach. Dak has played for peanuts for 4 years, won division titles and been to 2 pro bowls. Now, Jerry wants a discount? Just for giggles I hope Dak does leave and we see Teddy Bridgewater as qb. My gosh, the lunancy is staggering.

    • I really wasn’t on board with giving into Zeke’s contract demands last year either. But, it is what it is now. It’s one of the reasons why I throughout the scenario of going with Bridgewater instead of Prescott. Personally, I’d just go ahead and give Prescott what he wants and then try to fill out the roster as best as I could.

  9. Two years ago I floated the idea of bringing Teddy in as QB2. Would he be cheaper? Sure. 3 year deal, 48 games in that time frame. . .over/under he suits up for 32 of them? Dak likely doesn’t miss 5.

    If Dallas pays big bucks, they need to lock Dak up for 6 years . .CCA will push back but that gives you Dak’s best years.

    They should have signed him BEFORE 2018 when they could have got him at $22-25 million a year for 6.

    • Isn’t hindsight the worst ha ha. I think Bridgewater is as durable as any QB around the league. I don’t know why he’s gotten this “injury prone” label. Other than the devastating/career threatening leg injury he’s been healthy in the NFL and even in college.

  10. Dak is way better than Bridgewater i dont know what y’all are talking about sign the man he is worth the money he is the face of the cowboys and has been great for the cowboys for four seasons he has proved his self as more than capable to lead the team and get that long term deal

    • I honestly don’t know if Prescott is better than Bridgewater. The latter was just starting to ascend as a player when he sustained his devastating/career threatening leg injury. I really think he could be just as good with the Cowboys, but that’s guesstimating on my part. But you’re right, Prescott has proven himself and deserves to be paid. I’m not against that at all. I was merely thinking outside the box and showing Prescott isn’t the Cowboys only option, especially if contract talks turn ugly.

    • I can honestly make an argument for either side. I just want them to do what’s best for the team and I don’t know if that means paying Prescott. The Cowboys already have a ton of money invested on the offensive side of the ball (OL, RB, and maybe even WR if they bring back Amari Cooper). They really haven’t invested much on the defensive side of that then DeMarcus Lawrence and Jaylon Smith. It may be time for them to do that.

  11. Currently, I would now take Bridgewater over Dak, something I thought I would not share with the world. Teddy is ready to elevate his game to the next level, but Dak has Romo’s eyes, deer-like eyes caught in headlights. If not Teddy takes Love from Utah, with more years on a rookie pay scale. When a player starts talking missing camp then the money is number one, the team is down the list

  12. I also think that Prescott is asking for too much money. He hasn’t done anything yet. No NFC Championships, No Super Bowls. As for leading the team, there has been no consistency to speak of. He doesn’t seem to have that special quality to rise above the situation and lead the team to victory. Aikman and Staubach were great examples of the quality I am talking about. I think Tony Romo was a better QB than Prescott. As for Bridgewater, he has only had two seasons on his resume where he played enough to be compared to other QBs. Although Minnesota was 11-5 his second year, he was far from great. Only 14 TD passes. So I highly doubt he would be the man for the job. My hope is McCarthy comes in and turns Prescott into the leader he needs to be, and he signs for an amount that is reasonable. I can only hope, right?

      • Leadership is one of those intangibles that rallies people behind you, but in the end, you have to have the talent to be successful. Dak is simply not a player who can carry a team. This season was a prime example of that. We lost almost every competitive game, and lost against almost every team with a winning record. QBs who have significant accuracy issues, and can’t put teams on their backs in crunch time should not be paid like they can. Dak isn’t it, and it doesn’t change just because his team will run through a brick wall for him.

      • I think it’s a little unfair to put all of those close losses in 2019 on Prescott. He and the offense were the reason they were close to begin with. I think the majority of the blame falls on the defensive side of the ball. They vastly underperformed last year.

      • I don’t disagree that the defense underperformed. No one loss is on Dak, but when you’re seeking to pay someone the type of money he’s requesting he has to be the great equalizer. When you consider the great quarterbacks in this league, past and present, their greatness is often evident in times where it’s clear their team is lacking in some respect. We hype the stats far too much, but when it really comes down to a 2 minute drill/game winning drive scenario, Dak isn’t even in the top 5 of QBs who I’d want leading the charge. I think that says something about his value.

    • I think most are forgetting who the previous HC was! McCarthy if he thinks he can improve Dak, will be on board with signing him. If not, then Bridgewater is a nice, less expensive plan B. I too have supported Dak, Yse he can be inconsistent at times. However, remember clapper over saw the plays called…Moore was over ruled by Garrett multiply times.

  13. I think Dak is asking way to much money. They will never be able to field a superbowl winning team by paying dal 35 + million. I also agree teddy would be a great quarterback to have in dallas

    • Prescott and his reps can ask whatever they want because they hold all the leverage right now. Unfortunately, I think the Cowboys will cave and give in to his demands.

  14. Not sure why you keep deleting my messages, is it you stole what I wrote about several days ago??? Now write an article about the availability of Josh Rosen for a 5th round pick… You know Miami is going to resign the great bearded one Fitzmagic, and then draft their qb of the future so he should be available on the cheap.

    • Nobody is deleting your messages and I have no idea what you’re talking about me stealing what you wrote about several days ago. I have no idea who you are. As for Josh Rosen, I’d personally pass. I would rather have Cooper Rush.

      • IDK, I posted about this idea several days ago on another site, but it’s all good…

        IMHO neither Dak, Bridgewater, or Rosen is taking you to a Super Bowl without a really good defense and players around them… With what Dak is asking I’m personally out if I’m Jerry.. By putting the “non exclusive” tag on Dak you not only save money if he signs it, but if another team signs him Dallas would get (2) first round draft picks (which could be used to draft the qb of the future), and Bridgewater or Rosen couild be the stop gap. Trevor Lawerence or Justin Fields in the 2021 draft and all is golden Pony Boy.

        I would like to add that I’ve read several comments recently stating that Dak is going to improve with the new coaching & new qb coach… He isn’t going to be any more accurate then than he has been the last four years. He constantly throws high and behind his receivers, and no coach is going to fix that… True qb talent was displayed by KC in the Super Bowl – and it can make the difference in winning and not (Dak will never be that kind of talent).

      • Agreed…. I was just arguing with somebody on YouTube about the same thing!! I’d rather get the 2 1st round pick and draft Justin fields in the next draft!! Dak is good, but he’s not accurate enough to win a super bowl

      • Again, I don’t see any team giving up 2 first-round draft picks and then signing him to a big money contract to acquire Prescott. I believe it’s only happened once in the history of the league.

      • I don’t see any team giving up 2 first-round draft picks and then signing Prescott to a lucrative contract. The idea is intriguing, but I think it’s highly unlikely. I think the Cowboys are going to hitch their wagons to Prescott and use whatever money is left over to hopefully (crosses fingers) upgrade the defense.

  15. Sign Dak and trade him and Zeke to Miami for 2 #1s, a 2nd and 3rd. Draft Kinlaw, Delpit of McKinney and Diggs. Sign Teddy or Marcus. Sign Amari and Byron. Draft Dobbins

  16. A lot of options, I would be fine with teddy, brees, winston, mariota, rivers, brady etc! Idk what these guys all would ask, but they would all be cheaper then Dak and allow the majority of the team to stay together while also adding my #1 free agent target Hunter Henry!

  17. I would be okay with Teddy Bridgwater coming to the Cowboys lets face it if they sign Dak to a big contract and players like Cooper and Jones walk and other ones also how good will Dak be he couldn’t win with them what’s he going to be without them the Cowboys don’t need another over paid boat anchor on the team I think they already got enough of those guys on the team already. I know a lot of people out there think Dak should get paid big money I am not one of them he is an okay quarterback not great or bad just good and to me that’s not worth 35 plus million a year if you could get Bridgwater in here for 20 million a year give it a shot Dak didn’t get the Cowboys anywhere not saying it was all on him but he didn’t play good in the games they played good teams.

    • I think the money they could save by signing Bridgewater would allow the Cowboys to put together a more complete roster. And that’s coming from someone who supports Prescott 100% and wouldn’t mind him being locked up long-term.

  18. I think you are nuts. Asking for a QB that is being passed around like $1 whore? These guys may look fine on limited reps but much like the Jags are learning, they fold under the pressure of the starting spotlight. Dak is one of the best QBs in the league and he isn’t the reason the Boys sucked last year. You want to be the Redskins? They did this game with their QB and look where they are and look where Cousins has been 2 years in a row… a team if I recall that had one… Teddy Bridgwater and let him leave.He plays for his contract, doesn’t hold out like an ass (Elliot), and his reward is… let’s make a deal.

    • I guess I hold Teddy Bridgewater in higher regard than you do. I think he’s a starting QB in the NFL. I’m not against locking up Prescott long-term at all. I’m 100% behind him and have been since Day 1. But, I’m not opposed to letting him walk if his contract demands include him making $35 million+ a season. That may be more than the Cowboys are willing to spend, which makes Bridgewater a good plan B option.

      • 35+ is not a crazy number. They are about to sign Mahomes to 40 according to what i read. The idea that he is just that much better than Dak is not supported by the numbers. Dak has a longer resume, Mahomes had 1 great season and fell off significantly this season. Yes the won the SB but that was a team effort with a dash of luck. I would rather Figure out a way to get the first overall pick than go with Bridgewater. If you let Dak go you better figure out how to get the kid from LSU.

      • $35 million+ isn’t a crazy number at all if you consider Prescott a top 10 QB. That’s what he would be paid like if they use the franchise tag ($33.3 million) on him. And the only way the Cowboys are going to get a first-round draft pick is if Prescott signs that franchise tag or if another team signed him away while he’s under the tag. I think both are unlikely.

  19. How early can they franchise tag him. That is still a lot of money however, they can put together more pieces so that when the time comes everyone would be locked into place. Teddy Bridgewater’s would be a good add even though I’m a huge Dak fan. Good scenario!!

    • I think the earliest the Cowboys can use the franchise tag on Prescott is at the end of the month. I’m a Prescott fan as well, but I think Bridgewater would be a good Plan B if contract negotiations turn ugly.

  20. Slap the non exclusive tag on Prescott, let someone else give him that 38mill a year and cowboys can get 2 1st rd picks for him. Sign teddy or brees, tag byron, sign cooper to a 4yr deal, sign quin to a 3 yr deal, and use the 2 1st and 2rd on the best defensive players available!

  21. I think the tag is a smart move by the Cowboys this year. You are absolutely correct in the fact that if I’m the front office, I want to see how Dak handles the new system installed my McCarthy, and whether he can be successful in it. With Dak threatening to stay away from the facility if he’s tagged, it becomes a dangerous game of chicken. So I think he should get $30MM/year? Sure. Do I think he should get $35MM+? Absolutely not. Dak is probably on that tier 2 of NFL QB’s, with tier 1 being Mahommes, Jackson, Wilson, Brees and Rodgers. At some point the Cowboys should just draw a line in the sand with the most per year and most guaranteed money offer they’re comfortable giving, and if Dak’s crowd thinks it’s way off, then seek out a trade partner. You can’t have one of the highest laid QB’s, highest paid RB, one of the highest paid offensive lines, top money defensive end, etc and still expect to field a competitive team that has depth. I’m curios to see who we bring in as Dak’s backup this year as they could potentially wind up having a decent role, depending on what happens with Dak’s contract.

    • The only problem with seeking out a trade partner is Prescott would have to sign the franchise tag first. He and his reps have all of the leverage in contract negotiations. That’s why I throughout this hypothetical scenario involving Teddy Bridgewater in case things turn ugly in contract talks.

  22. I think the Cowboys are smart in not giving Dak a long term deal this year. I am guessing that a substantial chunk of his deal will be guaranteed and if I am the Cowboys owner I want to make sure that Dak gels well with the new coach and offensive system. As gaudy ad Dak’s stats were last year he still needs to clean up his accuracy and continue to grow in his decision making and anticipation. What concerns me about a one year rental is the lack of security for Dak. With the thought of a career ending or altering injury in the back if his mind how reluctant will he be to run the ball. I feel like he needs this part of his game to increase for the Cowboys offense to be at its best.

    • I’d be willing to bet the Cowboys lockup Prescott long-term this offseason. They may still use the franchise tag on him, but that’s only to buy more time with negotiations.

  23. no , hell no are you crazy? what’s teddy Bridgewater’s health look like? how many games dak miss? how many playoff games teddy win? your crazy stop with these crazy scenarios? would you trade Russell Wilson? aaron Rodgers? dak is on the cusp of being as great, give the man his respeck (with a k) and Pay the man!!good thing jerry is loyal to his quarterbacks.

    • Other than the freak accident, gruesome leg injury Bridgewater sustained that nearly ended his career, he’s been just as healthy as any QB around the league. I wouldn’t put Dak Prescott in Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers company right now. I really like that he continues to improve every year and he may reach that status, but that’s a pretty big reach to suggest that right now. And, I completely agree about paying him. I’ve been 100% behind him from the get-go. This was just a hypothetical scenario for if things happen to go bad in contract negotiations.

      • Bridgewater and the Saints beat the Cowboys last year as well as five other NFL teams I believe and he hasn’t been injured since that serious knee/leg issue he had at the beginning of his career. Sign him up and lets get a couple of 1st rounders for Dak – used him for four years and get two ones in return – great return on a draft pick.

    • Dak hasn’t won anything.
      I consider them both in the same skill set and have the same ceiling.
      Why not for 10 million less to use on a Safety and Jones.
      Coop is good, but over rated for the $$ he wants

      • That’s pretty much the way I see things as well. I’m actually more concerned about locking up Cooper long-term than I am with Prescott. At least Dak doesn’t completely disappear several games of the season.

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