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Michael Gallup’s Market Value Becomes More Clear Thanks to Corey Davis

What's 's future with the ?

It's a fair question and one that's on a lot of minds of fans around . No one can say with any certainty what's in store for Michael Gallup in the near future, not even the Dallas Cowboys. One things for sure though, there is no shortage of options as things stand right now.

Dallas Cowboys Options With Michael Gallup:

Option #1 – Do nothing. The Dallas Cowboys can simply let Michael Gallup play out his rookie contract and become a after the . In this scenario the Cowboys move on and likely receive a 2022 compensatory pick when Gallup signs a long-term contract elsewhere.

Option #2 –  him. If the Dallas Cowboys are looking for more immediate help or extra draft capital Michael Gallup is there most tradable asset. In this scenario any trade would likely have to be of greater value than the compensatory pick they'd receive by letting him become a free agent.

Option #3 – Lock him up long-term. Whether it's now or after the 2021 season the Dallas Cowboys could decide keeping Michael Gallup via a long term extension is in the best interest of the organization. All of the variables with this scenario makes it the most intriguing.

Since options 1 and 2 are “wait and see” situations we can't do anything but speculate about I thought we'd dig a little deeper into what it would take for option 3 to play out. Thankfully, the and may have already laid the groundwork

Believe it or not, but Corey Davis' second contract will likely be the baseline the Dallas Cowboys or any other teams will use in contract negotiations with Michael Gallup's representatives whenever the time comes. I believe this is as fair of a comparison as there is both in age and production.

Corey Davis is one year older and has one more year of experience in the NFL than Michael Gallup (25). Surprisingly though up to this point in their careers their production nearly mirrors one another. Because of this, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Gallup's second contract ends up being pretty close to Davis'.

Corey Davis Michael Gallup
Year Rec Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs
2017 34 375 0
2018 65 891 4 33 507 3
2019 43 601 2 66 1107 6
2020 65 984 5 59 843 5
Career 207 2851 11 158 2457 13

From a production standpoint you can clearly see for yourself how favorably both Corey Davis and Michael Gallup matchup, especially over the last three years. Gallup of course will likely end up having slightly better numbers based on his 2021 production, but the fact remains it's a fair comparison.

So, based on this information we can as accurately as we can predict Michael Gallup's next contract will earn him at the very least $12.5 million per season. Since the 2022 is expected to increase significantly and the fact Gallup's numbers will be slightly better than Corey Davis', it's also reasonable to presume it could end up being closer in the $15 million range.

I guess the question is do the Dallas Cowboys feel comfortable paying paying Michael Gallup somewhere between 12.5-$15 million per season? That's likely a topic best save for another time because there are way too many variables to be considered. For now though, we at least have a pretty good idea of Gallup's market value and that's half the battle.

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Don Howard

You better resign him because as sorry as Dak is you need all the help you can get

Jeffrey D Williams

Cowboys no longer have the cap room to sign him but this is what Dak asked for with his salary demands, no supporting cast.

E W Lawrence

Talk of trading Gallup should not be a conversation. He is a tremendous asset of the Cowboy’s offensive weaponry.


Cowboys should trade him while his value is the highest. Probably could get a second round pick for him.
There is not enough cap space and wide receiver is position which is relatively strong.
Unfortunately, you can’t keep everyone and should concentrate on building the defense.


Seriously I think that Michael Gallup is The Cowboys best wide receiver and if they trade him it will be a Big Mistake especially when Cooper and Lamb become injured.


Don Howard, could you please explain to me how Dak is sorry? I’m so tired of this narrative being pushed over and over again. He has put up numbers similar to any great you could compare him to over his first 4 1/2 years in the league. What is it? I really don’t understand.

Big Cowboy

Nothing against Gallup, but for whatever reason Dak seems to have better chemistry with both Cooper and Lamb. So I agree with both Robert and Jeff in that we should trade Gallup now while his value is high because we probably can’t afford him after this year. Plus, there are a lot of good receivers available in the draft. Going forward it might be that we can only afford one high dollar WR and the other two need to be on rookie deals.

Mario C.

I think the Lamb and Gallup tandem together is one of the best WR core in the league. Now Cooper on the other hand, is a good receiver but not great and is paid like a great receiver. I would trade him to get assets or draft picks, Gallup would not command what Cooper is making a year, and I would rather stay young at less than 20 million a year


If Gallup leaves after next year , we’ll get a 2nd or a 3rd compensatory pick in draft , who will give us more than that in a trade ? Anyone who gives us more than that is INSANE , I love me some Gallup , but no , I’m not giving more than that

So a trade makes no sense to me , now as far as can we get him back ? Probably not , especially with the STUPIDITY of the Jets OVERPAYING Corey Davis , he’s yet to have a 1000 yard receiving season in 4 seasons , and yet they pay him like he’s a number 1 , the Jets screw stuff up as usual

And so now like how we saw with Dak and the comparisons of him and D Watson , the Corey Davis deal will be the floor for a Gallup deal , and that’s too much for me

So at this point , I think it’s best we just stick with Gallup , get our pick and if you want to , you’ll probably find another Gallup in draft with that pick with the amount of WRs that come out in every draft

Jack Coleman

If the color of Dak’s skin and the size of his contract bothers I heard Washington and the Giants need more fans

Bug Cowboy

I don’t pretend for a second to know what the compensatory pick formula is, but I thought with Gallup being a 3rd round pick we would get something like a 4th round comp pick. If I could trade him now for a 2nd round pick that I could use in the 2021 draft I’d do it.

Big Cowboy

Whoops! A typo. That’s Big Cowboy. Didn’t have on my cheater glasses!!

Joseph Connelly

Throwipthex88 i agree with the compensatory pick being most likely 3rd roind pick i would hope for a second rounder but how could you say they would be insane yo give more. We going to get that if he plays in dallas this year and goes free agent in 2022. I could how you might say dallaa would be insane to trade him bc they going to get 2nd or 3rd regardless but why wouldnt some one give up more they would prob give up a 2nd and a 3rd plus a player to get a top receiver for 5 years the bonus being he makes almost nothing in 2021 i brt he makes under 2 million so definitely teams would be very interested to give up a 2nd and a 3rd the following year plus more

Gary b

I think the cap on a comp pick is 3rd rd and that’s for a big contract. If he signs elsewhere likely it’s 4th round with 3rd outside chance. Would explore trade if a 2nd rd can be had.

Remember guys with the salary cap about to explode Daks contract could be a bargain in a few years. It won’t be the reason why we can’t build this team back up and get some quality players. That will be determined by Jerry and the moves he makes. YIPES

Jimmy Davis

Don Howard, explain to COWBOYS fans in your dumbass opinion what makes Dak a sorry QB, it’s obvious you have a no clue what makes a good QB, unless it’s his skin color other than that educate me.i mean his numbers are there,come on, listening

Big Cowboy

Also, if Gallup leaves in FA after 2021, he goes into the league’s meat grinder formula for comp picks that weighs out ALL the personnel we lose in FA after 2021 versus all the personnel we pick up in FA for 2022, bearing in mind salaries involved and playing time, and determines our comp picks for the 2023 draft. For example, the extra picks we’re getting in the 2021 draft are to offset the losses after 2019 of Randall Cobb, Robert Quinn, Byron Jones, Jason Witten, Jeff Heath, Maliek Collins, etc. Once again, nothing against Gallup, as a matter of fact I like him a lot, but if we can swing a trade for a 2nd rd pick that we can use in the 2021 draft I wouldn’t hesitate. Especially when you consider that we probably can’t afford him for 2022.

Buck Parrish

And there you have it…some “jack” arse had to bring race into the issue and for what reason?? I spanned back over the comments and COULD NOT find a mention of Dak’s “skin color” mentioned…enough of the racist bs…
As far as Gallup is concerned…one of the most impressive and improved WRs I’ve ever seen…choice will tough to make that is for sure…in my opinion…we keep Gallup and Lamb…Cooper is older and Gallup has proven to be the better deep threat…

Big Cowboy

I’m cool with that too, Buck. I think the reality is we are only going to be able to afford one WR on a big contract, the other two will most likely need to still be on their rookie deal.

Eduardo ortiz

estoy con buck pienso igual acaso no ven este próximo año como los giant y Washington se estan armando bien fuerte gallup nos tiene fuertes tmb y listos para competir pienso que lo debemos retener es mi opinión..

Cowboys fan

There are a lot of stupid people in these comments!! First off, there’s no such thing as a 2nd round comp pick, it’s a 3rd round or lower!! And 2nd, we can afford Gallup if we wanted him bad enough, plus our cap space will sky rocket in a year or 2!! And 3rd, Gallup is NOT better than Cooper, he’s really good, but NOT better than Cooper!! And he’s only a year younger than Cooper too!! So age can’t be apart of choosing one or the other!! And for you idiots that think we can get a 2nd or 3rd round comp pick for Gallup…. Like I said, there’s no such thing as a 2nd round comp pick, and there’s no way anybody will sign him to a big enough contract to get us a 3rd round comp pick, so chances are we’ll either get a 4th or 5th round comp pick and that’s it!! And another thing…. Daks contract has nothing to do with who we can and can’t sign!! Like I said, we can sign anybody we want if we want them bad enough!! Plus AGAIN….. Our cap space will sky rocket in the next couple years, and Daks contract will look like a bargain!! You people need to learn how football works before you come on here making these stupid comments!! You really make yourselves sound really stupid!!

Frank Hayden

I agree with SpencerSain Gallup is the best receiver on the team and paired with the chemistry he and Dak have, he’s a must keep receiver. Do not hate on Dak Don Howard, he already showed how tough he is and how he is literally the glue that keeps the Boyz together. Dak to Gallup is a perfect match. Pay him to stay, he’s 100% worth it… Go Cowboys!!


For starters, Gallup has another year to accumulate stats and if he were break out this year (1k yds, 8 TD’s, etc) he would be in the top-tier of available WR’s next year … that alone puts his salary demands higher than this comp to Cory Davis.

Secondly, unless the ‘Boys just want to wash their hands of him and not make even a reasonable offer to keep him, he will likely be looking for at WR1 or WR2 role. Under the assumption that Cooper isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (my opinion), then Gallup is already no more than a really nice WR3 here. He’s going to go after opportunity as much as money.

Additionally, getting at-best a 3rd round compensatory pick really equates to a high 4th round, so its not really all that enticing. Therefore, a trade of Gallup that nets a Rd-2 pick is an absolute steal. Even a 3rd is better than the compensatory pick itself.

Lastly, its my hope the team will find a way to keep these 3 together. But if the team were to end up selecting Pitts in the draft, I could see Gallup becoming a post-draft trade target and his name will be linked to many a rumor.

Gallup appears to be a great kid and has all the traits you want … but he’s still the most “replaceable” receiver of the top-3 right now.

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