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Michael Irvin Criticizes Cowboys 2022 Offseason Moves

Few former Cowboys have been bigger cheerleaders for the organization than . But even “The Playmaker” can't find much to praise in Dallas' moves so far, and the legendary made his feelings clear in a recent .

Appearing on FOX 4's “Free 4 All” last night, Irvin pulled no punches in criticizing Dallas' focus on creating space over upgrading roster talent. He also directly addressed the team's decision to WR .

While he didn't specifically mention OT getting released, Michael probably didn't love that decision either. Not was he likely keen on the Cowboys allowing to slip through their fingers and land with the Broncos.

Of course, Irvin's is just one perspective. Some have argued that Dallas is better off spending the money that Gregory would've cost alone into multiple players like , , and that cover several needs and create depth.

But as a former superstar himself, Michael Irvin knows how special players tend to dictate success. He watched guys like and be difference-makers on the various teams they played for, including his own. He knows what he, , and meant for the 90s Cowboys.

The Cowboys' “moneyball” approach to the 2022 will ultimately be judged from September to February. But for now it's clearly left one of their biggest fans, and many others, wondering if this team is really headed in the right direction.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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I love the idea that we signed LVE, Fowler, and DA for the price of classless Gregory.

Lawrence C. Baker

Vander Esch is a stinker! Missing a lot of tackles, seems slow to react , and is always Kate to the ball. Don’t mind seeing that ungrateful bastard Randy Gregory gone, but putting more money into LVE is exactly why most people think Stephen Jones is the most stupid idiot in football.

James Altice

This off-season has been a disaster! Letting Collins go for nothing is crazy, trading Coop for worthless picks is worse, we are paying price already for giving Prescott insane money. Prescott is a average QB who played Jones and we as much as it hurts me won’t see a super bowl again until Jerry and his idiot son step aside and bring in real GM

Alex M

Dak is getting paid nothing compare to these new QB deals , have you not seen the Watson deal . What is messing is up is we paid Zeke. His deal is tragic . That’s on the FO.

Don Beane

I am 70 years old, born in Texas and have always been a Cowboy’s fan! Why is it that All these other teams continue to upgrade their rosters with proven free agents! How many teams have won SBs with their draft choices and 2nd and 3rd tier free agents! Dallas used to pull the trigger on high end free agents! Money Ball doesn’t work!


“Some people” think Dak is an average QB but why do people think Baker or Ryan or even Goff…… are good QBs….? They are average but not good enough to give $40 mil to…..honestly no one person is worth as much as the NFL or any sports for that matter pays people though Dak has had more yards and touchdowns than most QBs and he just like other QBs has had good or great receivers that bail him out or make him look better (OBJ-Baker), (Ryan-Jones), (Prescott-Coop) but Dak put up more numbers than them…… hmmmmm


None of the three QBs you mentioned make $40 million/yr. Ryan, 4 playoff wins and played in SB , makes $30. Goff, 3-3 in playoffs, makes $27. Mayfield, 1-1 PO record, makes $8.

DP, 1-3 PO record, and definitely not worth the $40 he gets. FO backed themselves into a corner and panicked, IMO.

BTW, before that last game of the year Philly farce, where he feasted on second and third stringers last year, DP was 17th in QBR ranking.
17th in a 32 team league?


Let’s get one thing straight. Where would we be If Prescott is not here? You think NFL QB’s fall out of tree’s? This is the most important position in the game. I am completely fine with him literally falling in our lap. Would you rather have Paxton Lynch? Clearly he is the best option who we could have paid even less if not for Steven Jones slapping the franchise tag on him. He was amazing last season until he had the calf injury and they stopped running the ball. Tell me what is available right now and for a better price?


My last Poitiers who s are we to tell a man how much money he is worth? I work hard for every penny I make. And I do not train year round to run for my life when 300lbs of man’s only job is to crush me. Y’all are right that Steven Jones backed himself into a corner to over pay. Is it Prescott’s fault that Jones is a cheap person?


Hey Anthony, the question isn’t what is available right now, because we are LOCKED into DP for the foreseeable future, because of that ill-conceived contract. I commented here like two years ago, when I saw “the writing on the wall” that, IMO, DP is NOT THE ANSWER and wrote they should try to move up in the draft and pick up a promising QB, namely Justin Herbert. Two more years since then without a playoff win only reinforces my opinion.

ONE playoff win in SIX years, with him the player “in the most important position in the game”, and in the “easiest to get into the playoffs division” in the league.

Kind of says it all. 26 years and counting.

David Wooldridge

Agree 100 percent

David Wooldridge

It’s a big mixture of many things with this team. Play calling…Penalties…lack of effort at times…poor clock management..just poor decisions by side line in general.

Cowboy Fan Ed

I’m not only concerned about our OL and DL but for our receiving group! I know that we got MG back but how healthy will he be and now reports are that he will miss games after the season starts!! We’ve just set on our hands and have done nothing to improve this team!! With huge contracts being paid to a few that are producing very little looks like we are heading back to another 8 and 8 or even worse season! Looks like the same bunch that is running our country in the ground is making decisions for our Cowboys football team!

Stephen Gregory Abel

Totally agree. The thing I really never understand is the push to retain and overpay their own talent above upgrading in free agency. All you are doing is retaining the very same players that couldn’t win a Wild Card playoff game at the end of the last season. It’s not like they are retaining players from the NFCCG.


Been a Cowboys fan since they came into the league. Jerry took a franchise which had an amazing history and trashed it. They used to have class and for a time they were the NFL. When Tom Landry left that was the beginning of the end. They had one run when they hired Jimmy Johnson and somehow convinced the Vikings to give up the world for Herschel which turned into a major haul. After that stroke of luck it’s been zip. This coming year is going to be a disaster. Prescott won’t have the blocking or the receivers he needs. Ditto for Ezekiel, who should have never been drafted in the first place. Jalen Ramsey should be glad they didn’t draft him. He got his ring. The defense is a mess. They lost three quality end rushers in three years. The linebacking is a disaster outside of Parsons, and the corners are a joke. Brace yourselves if your a Cowboys fan because this is going to be another decade of mediocrity.

David Wooldridge

I think we will be just fine once we get a stud at the guard position. Williams was a penalty machine. And also need a blocking tight end to help with the run game. If cox’s
comes in healthy and contributes we will actually be better this season on D…I have faith in Joseph at corner also. Second year he will be ready to make a impact. Love the Washington pick up! U will see a hungry playmaker with him. Big talent there. Copper was nice but seemed like he gave effort when it was on his demands. So if they make the right draft choice with a guard first rd. Then another edge rusher second. And follow up with a tight end. All good again. And get pollard more playing time. Look out!


Hey Geo, I’m with you that the somewhat underrated, innovative Landry was a class act and a GREAT HC and during his tenure we won a ton. 20 playoff victories and 5 Super Bowl appearances, etc. IMO, we were spoiled. Great run with Jimmy in the early nineties. It’s been a pretty tough 26 years since then.

Bottom line, these bad long-term contracts to KEY players are the biggest hindrance to improving right away. But hopefully with some good drafting this year, they can put a competitive product on the field in the not-TOO-distant future. And I mean not just competitive in the NFC east. Unfortunately, we have one huge foolish contract that precludes us from even trying to improve at that very important position during the draft. But hopefully FO knows where the other main problem spots are and has a plan to fix them expeditiously.

Peter Cagner

Yep and next year will be same shit, unless they are holding off on acquiring anyone until they have Peyton as coach. Only logical reason I can think of but logic and jones family don’t have anything in common.
The jones won’t pay players to come to Dallas because they look at contract offers like rewards or a raise at your job, so in essence they won’t reward a player during free agency, because they look at a bigger contract like a reward and the player hasn’t done anything for them. Now if a player comes over on a cheap 1 year deal and earns his keep they will then give them a bigger deal like a raise, but they won’t up a players salary just because they earned it playing on another team. Stupid philosophy because they will always pick up players after there prime when they are declining and unable to get money somewhere else. They like to save big contracts for players that have already proven there worth as a cowboy.

F’n dumb, it’s the opposite of looking to improve your team, all your going to do is waste millions and burn through all your young good players while never filling all the holes.

Look at Miami for a perfect example. They needed to get to the next level and They stacked there roster this year with top name talent, not look for bargain basement deals hoping for a Diamond in the rough. if Dallas did ½ of what Miami is doing to get top talent on the field, they would be favored for a Súper bowl. That’s why year after year after year the Cowboys never seem to improve beyond a certain level. Same bs year after year. They have 1-2 years to capitalize on there top talent, but what will happen is this year and next year they will fix the offensive line but by then both there backs will be past there prime and Dak will be beat up like Romo was, and by then there defense will need fixing. It’s the same stupid cycle for last 15-20 years.

There whole philosophy is ass backwards. I’m convinced they don’t care about winning. They are the only team that does the same crap over and over and over and then thinks some miraculous change will happen. Only time a major change happened is when Jones sr bought the team and let someone else named Jimmy run the show. Ever since he started believing his own BS they haven’t gone anywhere. Never good enough to go all the way but just good enough to let all the top talent get picked up before them in the draft.

Let’s see how they fuck this year up.


I feel the problem is we missed our window. Last three years we have had a very competitive roster. However, we couldn’t get to the prom sed land. Last years team was a darn good team but our vaunted offense could not beat SF. 2013 and 2014 were years we could have won it all and didn’t. When you can’t get to Superbowl you have to reload as we must this year. Overall I have felt the roster and drafts have been quite good.

Jimmy Spence

Bunch of dirty fucking bastards running our shit into the ground

Jerald love

Cowboys are not going to win a SB as long as JJ is in charge. Not going to happen,
32 teams and the Cowboys are the only one constructed like they are, JJ is GM, President
And quasi coach. No quality free agents or talented head coach wants any part of that mess. They will beat mediocre teams but not the quality well coached ones. They are
A joke. America’s Joke and I have been a fan
Since they began in 1960.


The one thing that is overlooked from last year is nothing was done to improve the team at the trade deadline. This also coincides with the downward spiral of the team. Lastly l don’t care who you put at quarterback or running back for our team, if we don’t have any force in the trenches. Every time we reach a playoff game we get manhandled. Back in our heyday we ran the ball, stopped the run, got timely pass rushing and timely throws. Emmitt Smith was just as important if not more than Troy Aikmam as he set the table for the passing game. We’re way to one dimensional.

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