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Michael Irvin Says Dak Prescott is Cowboys Top Offseason Priority

The Dallas Cowboys have plenty of questions to answer before the begins. For many, the focus is the defensive side of the ball, and rightfully so after the Cowboys had arguably the worst in team in 2020 that gave up a franchise-record 473 points.

Even with all the holes to fill defensively, the biggest elephant in the room when it comes to America's Team is the long-term contract of Dak Prescott. Cowboys legend and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin has always been one to be outspoken about his former team. Irvin joined Shan and RJ on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM] last week to discuss the Cowboy's priorities, and Prescott was all he focused on. 

“The No. 1 priority should be Dak, that’s no doubt,” Irvin said. “Then No. 2, should be Prescott. Then No. 3 should be Dakota. No. 4 should be Rayne. That’s all I want to hear. Understand what I’m saying? That’s it. That’s all I want to hear. I don’t care about all this other stuff. Then, after we get through Dak, Dakota, Rayne, and Prescott then we will get to defense. Dak is the first four all by himself.”

This isn't the first time Irvin has campaigned for Prescott to be taken care of. According to the Dallas Morning News, he spoke last summer about how the Cowboys not only needed to extend Prescott but they owed him “back pay” after he only made around $4 million in his first four years.

“Dak has done everything, and he has won,” Irvin said. “He has won a lot of football games in his first four years. So to say he doesn't deserve the money isn't totally correct. He does deserve the money … Dak has been not great, but perfect. Not necessarily in wins and losses, of course. But I'm talking about just the person that he's been. The kind of investment you want to make, the kind of guy you say, ‘Yeah, we hit it with this guy. We got him in the fourth round.' You stole four years, so whatever he gets he deserves because you still owe him back pay.”

When the Cowboys lost Prescott in Week 5 to a season-ending ankle it dramatically impacted the . Their points per game plummeted to 21.1 from 32.6 in the five games Prescott played in. Also, the Cowboys were a dismal 4-7 in his absence.

The Cowboys and Prescott remain adamant that they want to get a deal done. March 9 is the first date to circle which is the deadline to apply the . The Cowboys will push to get something done before then but will place the tag on Prescott for the second consecutive season if nothing materializes which will cost them $37.7 million, buying them more time to get a deal done by the July 15 deadline.

That number makes working out a long-term deal for Prescott that much more important with a reduced in 2021 due to the effect of the pandemic. The league informed teams on Thursday that the salary cap floor for this season increased from $175 million to $180 million. Once the final 2020 revenue numbers are known the league will inform teams of the set salary cap number for the upcoming year.

Any increase to the salary cap will help the Cowboy's efforts to lock down Prescott for the foreseeable future. The two sides are entering their of negotiations since 2019 to get something done.

What do you think?


Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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  1. Hey Gary b, Brady “played for peanuts”. Per Spotrac, he averaged $12.525 million per year for 21 years, roughly $263 million.

    DP, one playoff win in his first five years. Brady, two Super Bowl wins in his first five years. Then a third in his sixth.

    I can’t read minds, I don’t know if Evans was sincere or not. And frankly no one else does.

    Agree with you about DP being a greedy SOB, because I see it being played out in real time. Disagree with the blanket statement, because I don’t know the specifics on EVERY other NFL players first big contract.

    As far as DPs contract, it takes two to tango. Maybe Cowboys could have signed him for the 4 years. Then again maybe DP could have sign for a 5 year deal as well. Assuming this was the real problem.

  2. Brady made a billion dollars before he so graciously took 25 MILLION a year from the Bucs. Lets stop with the narrative Brady played for peanuts. So the winner of the SB had a great defense and very good OL. Which Brady knew when he signed with them. He ain’t stupid!

    As far as Mike Evans volunteering to take less money. Give me a break. He knew the team wouldn’t do that so why even mention it? Who’s he or the team trying to impress by throwing that out there.

    Cowboys could have signed Dak last year had they given him the standard 4 year contract. Why blame Dak for that? You can have the opinion Dak isn’t worth the money he is asking for, but he isn’t doing anything every other player in the NFL does. Let’s just make the blanket statement that every player in NFL history chasing their first big contract is a greedy SOB.

    Sometimes I kinda wish the cowboys would sign Dalton and insert him as their starter. Let’s return to the days of Quincy Carter then the cowboys fans will have something new to bitch about. Lets face it some fans will never be happy with our QB situation. They will bitch and moan but never have a adequate solution.

  3. Hilarious, first you say WINS are a TEAM STAT. Then you credit DP for having second most wins only to Brady. Can’t have it both ways, AND you even got that wrong

    That would be:

    Russell Wilson

    then Drew Brees,

    then Aaron Rodgers,

    then Big Ben.

    Best to check your “how’s that for stats” BEFORE calling other people “idiots”.

    DP, the shoulda, woulda, coulda been MVP.

  4. Cowboys Fan , I’ll try and keep my post to less than 1000 words XD XD XD

    I’m tired of you ppl who talk about Dak being top 5 or MVP and put all the blame on the D and O-Line, tell me what the hell did you see in just this last SB with Mahomes ? He had no D and his O-Line was injured , sound familiar ? And the QB who won that game and even the team who won that SB takes less than what they could get , they’d rather win games than they would to get paid max of what they can get

    What about Russ and Seahawks ? D Watson and Texans ? A-Rod and Packers ? My point is that IF YOU ARE A TOP 5 QB (or paid like one even though you aren’t one) THEN THE BAD D AND BAD O-LINE IS PAR FOR THE COURSE , A-Rod is the only one you can debate as he does have a really good O-Line and a OK D , but other than him , you probably won’t have a good O-Line or you’ll have a bad D , if you’re a top 5 or Franchise QB you can overcome those adversities, or you take less like Brady so you can have a team built around you

    So with all that in mind , is Dak a top 5 QB , or franchise QB ? I’m sure you already know how I feel about it

  5. I had the feeling I shouldn’t have read this article because I knew there would be idiots on here talking about how Dak isn’t worth top 5 money or even top 10 money because HE should’ve went 0-5 last season and he’s only won so many games…. Whatever…. You people are about as dumb as a box of rocks!! I swear I’ve never seen so many stupid people in one place…. It’s ridiculous!! It takes a TEAM to win games!! Not just one player!! Dak don’t play every position on the field, he plays QB and that’s it!! So how do you idiots keeps putting a TEAM stat on just Dak!? You people do realize there’s also an offense line on the field and you people do realize there’s a defense and a special teams on the field too right!? For people who think they know so much sure sound like you don’t know anything!! I agree with John Berry…. Dak was putting up historic QB STATS, and if he didn’t get injured there’s a good chance he could have been in the running for MVP!! And he is worth whatever he is asking for!! You people wanna talk about going back to mediocrity if we sign Dak top 5 money, but apparently you people don’t remember what it was like before we got lucky and got Romo!! I’d much rather pay Dak and be broke than to go back to the way it was after Troy and before Romo!! And another thing…. How is Dak an injury risk?? He’s missed time over injury ONCE in 5 years!! And just because it was a major injury it doesn’t mean he’s an injury risk!! He could come back and never get injured again…. You don’t know that…. Every player on every TEAM is an injury risk!! This is football in case you didn’t know…. Any player can get injured and have his career ended at any time, on any play!! And so I make my point clear…. Dak did not have a bad win /loss record the last couple of years, the TEAM had a bad win /loss record the last couple of years!! And so you know, these so called experts have Dak as the 2nd most winningest QB in the NFL only behind Tom Brady!! So even if wins and losses were just on the QB, you people using wins and losses as an excuse to not sign Dak are made to look even dumber cause in Daks first 5 years, him and his TEAM have the 2nd most wins than any other QB in NFL history!! So how’s that for stats!! Smh…. Stupid people!!
    And on a side note…. You can’t listen to what that fake Skip Bayless says…. That dude is retarded, and he’ll say one thing one day and say something totally different the next day!! He just says whatever he needs to say to get attention…. To get ratings!! So saying he even said not to sign Dak is pointless!!

  6. Yeah, l guess we’re idiots for seeing the big picture. And to all these “pay the man” folks, they have been trying to do just that for years. It takes two to tango. Agree w/CF Ed, pay him fairly. But it appears that what Cowboys and DP think is fair are not in sync, obviously. So the other option would be to do the non exclusive tag, and let other teams make offers. Then Cowboys could match an offer or not. Really that would settle this neverending drama. If they don’t want to match, they would get draft picks.

    BTW, did anyone see great WR Mike Evans of the SB winning Tampa Bucs, who said he is willing to take LESS MONEY in order to keep the FAs intact and keep the team together. He sees the big picture! And there have been others that have done that before. They are called TEAM PLAYERS!!!

    Look, these top guys are making tens of millions per year. So no one is being short changed. And in DP’s case, he has multiple endorsement money on top, for being a COWBOY, instead of, say, a Bengal.

  7. Yeah I ain’t supposed to say anything on Dak till he something happens , but I can’t stand the blasphemy of him being a MVP , he was on track for 4-12 , what a joke

  8. Vam I believe your on point ! As I have said time and time again I like Dak and I certainly hope he will get a deal done soon but to sell the farm to keep him is just not a good football decision . These guys keep harping on getting paid and when they get paid their productivity seems to start falling off (EE, DL, JS, . My question is how much money does a person really need? NOW give Dak a fair contact and use any money saved to beef up the OL and Defense! I guess I’m just one of the clueless idiots that just wants to spread the money around to all the players and make out team a contender for years to come and not just a flash in the pan!

  9. MVP, on what planet???. He could have easily been 0-5 this year. AD has to bail him out in the Giant game and if Falcons just fall on that onside kick rolling around for five minutes. “Top five”???, he may not be even top ten. But pay him as “top five” OK, that makes sense. One playoff win in five years. 6 wins in his last 17 games.

    That said, Cowboys may cave, and overpay AGAIN on another stupid long term contract. Wreck the cap, doom us to mediocrity with a now injury risk QB whose track record does not predict us even sniffing a SB.

    It has been 25 years, what’s another 5 or 10.

  10. For all of you clueless idiots do you want to go back to tge days before Romo where it was a guess who would be QB each week? Dak deserves to get paid like a top 5 QB , more than Goff or Wentz but not as much as Mahomey. 39 million would be a good number to start. Jerrah screwed this up and hes going to lose Dak unless he fixes it. If Dak hadnt gotten injured he couldve ended up as MVP with historic numbers this year and some of you dopes want to let him walk? It shows how clueless some of you are. And yeah I suppose everyone if you would walk into your bosses office and ask to be paid less than what you’re worth. Get a clue and pay the man!

  11. Just Sign him or let he go ! We need to know who our guy is going to be within the next month so we can be prepared for the up coming season! Come on Dak be a team guy and work with ole Jerry and let’s get this thing done! I’m sure Dak reads all these post! If Dak don’t sign try to get D B from The Saints!

  12. I love Michael Irvin. Great Cowboy, great team player, and he still loves his Cowboys, NO DOUBT. But he hedges several times, “not great, but perfect”? “Not necessarily in win and losses, of course”.

    LOOK, he was PAID, in FACT, HE WAS OVERPAID, IMO, this past year, $31+ million for 2-3. More like a “DISMAL” 1-4, really, when he was bailed out by AD in Giant game, OR, if Falcons just fall on that onside kick. Take your pick, but pathetic either way.

    Skip Bayless, Bigtime Cowboy fan, who has followed them almost since their inception, pointed out in DP’s last 17 games, he is 6-11. He has doubts and thinks it may be a mistake to sign him long term with stupid money. CAP WRECKER.

    And he wants between Mahomes and Watson money. Or in other words, between $15 and $20 MILLION per year more then GREATEST OF ALL TIME money.

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