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Michael Irvin Case: Surveillance video of Marriott incident displayed during press conference

and his attorney, Levi McCathern, held a press conference on Tuesday — less than a week after going public for the first time regarding the lawsuit filed against Marriott and an unnamed accuser. 

On Wednesday of last week, Irvin and McCathern held a during which McCathern described the surveillance . Marriott did not allow him to take any copies or recordings. 

Later that week, Marriott was ordered to provide unredacted copies of the video to Irvin and his counsel.

During yesterday's presentation, McCathern narrated the video for media members present, played the video multiple times, and allowed copies to be made. 


McCathern had expressed previously that he wanted the video of the incident to be made public in hopes of proving that Michael Irvin had committed no wrongdoing.

The video shown during the press conference did not deviate much from the description provided previously. 

The attorney highlighted a few additional details during his narration of the recording.

He mentioned the presence of someone he described as a manager or co-worker that appeared to him as being “angry” with the accuser. He described Michael Irvin's demeanor as he socialized in the hotel lobby.

McCathern also explained his interpretation of the accuser's behavior.

He described her as “happy as a lark” after her conversation with the Hall of Famer. 

So far, there is no indication that an recording of the interaction exists. This may prove to be crucial since Irvin's alleged statements were at the crux of Marriott's complaint against the former .

The footage below is from WFAA, the Dallas-Fort Worth ABC affiliate. It shows the entire presentation from McCathern as well as Irvin's statements during yesterday's press conference. 

Michael Irvin attorneys Marriott video


During his presentation today, McCathern revealed a new detail about the legal standoff between Michael Irvin and Marriott International.

The case was moved to Arizona. 

According to McCathern, this was done so that the lawsuit would name the right people and be handled by the correct court.

The lawsuit now names four individuals and an entity McCathern described as “the company that operates this hotel out in Arizona.” Marriott International was added to the new filing as well. 

The company that operates the hotel is presumably PHXHotels, LLC. It is the Phoenix-based company that owns the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel. 

The surveillance video shown during today's press conference can be viewed below. 

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