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Mike McCarthy on Aldon Smith: “I Personally Haven’t Moved On”

made a triumphant return to the NFL in 2020. After five years away from the gridiron due to an indefinite , and getting his life together off-the-field, the former All-Pro showed some flashes of what he used to be, at least early in the season.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Cowboys were still considering bringing Smith back in 2021. However, on Wednesday, it was announced his time in Dallas had come to an end, or maybe it hasn't.

Cowboys held a on Thursday, and when Smith's name came up, he gave a very intriguing answer on his future in Dallas.

“First off, Aldon Smith, that’s still fluid,” McCarthy said. “I personally haven’t moved on. I was in a conversation yesterday about Aldon, so we’ll see how that works out moving forward.”

Smith's start of the couldn't have gone any better. Despite the Cowboys 1-2 record, Smith recorded four in the first three games which included a three-sack performance against the in Week 3. Unfortunately, the flames from his hot start cooled off quickly as he only recorded one sack for the rest of the season.

The former first-round pick finished second to in sacks (5) and pressures (33). He started all 16 games last season and logged 809 snaps (most since his rookie season in 2012).

It wasn't a dominant showing by Smith, but considering what he went through to make it back to the NFL, it was a solid starting point. If by some chance he does get another shot with the Cowboys he'd provide another presence on the to go with Lawrence, , , , , and (who still hasn't been unleashed yet).

There's no telling if the rest of the organization feels the same as McCarthy when it comes to Smith. With that being said, his statement keeps Smith's return as a possibility, even if it's unlikely.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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McCarthy said all the wrong things at that press conference.
The 2020 Cowboys were terrible , especially on defense, as we all know. McCarthy came out and gave a delusional report that he had seen improvement and does not see a need to reboot but only refine the defense. It is clear he did not see Nolan as a failure and while he welcomed Quinn, it was clear McCarthy would have kept Nolan.
Talking of wanting ASmith is just more delusion that 2020 was not a disaster.
McCarthy has taken no responsibility for his bizarre , game losing play calls.
McCarthy not accepting how the team was last year and how he was is truly a red flag.


Aldon deserves another year at least. he was a bright spot and his story to get back to playing alone is worth a shot. with a full off season and training camp who knows the ceiling. look how long you kept crawford around….gimme a break.

James A. Howerton II

Yep, I agree about how long they kept Crawford but there may be some other physical (mentally) problems. I hope not. I am definitely rooting for him and not just in football. If he’s OK then they should keep him as a rotational piece.

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