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Neville Gallimore named a surprise cut for the Cowboys after NFL draft

is a name that has been floating around and other news outlets lately.

With the Cowboys drafting with the No. 26th overall pick, A recent article from Bleacher Report named Gallimore a “cut candidate” for the Cowboys.

If we are being honest, after looking into it a bit more after reading it, I could see it.

Gallimore had a 40-percent decrease in snaps last season.

That decrease was before the selection of Smith in this year's draft. Gallimore now finds himself battling , Smith, and .

If Gallimore struggled to see the field before Smith, it only adds another body he will have to beat out for snaps.

Although I can see him being released, I wouldn't do it simply for depth.
You can never have enough.

If the Cowboys decide to cut Gallimore, they would save $2,74 million in space. Let's ask ourselves is that is enough to justify cutting him?

This season will be Gallimore's 4th with the team. When you look at his first three, you will find that they weren't that productive.

He obviously has seen limited action, only starting 14 games over the three seasons. His most came during his rookie year in 2020, and he has under 100 tackles and three .

The problem is, after a solid rookie season, Gallimore production has just slipped. He hasn't progressed the way the team had hoped. That is why he is a topic of conversation.

If the team does decide to cut him, that will leave , who was drafted by the Cowboys in 2021.

Either way, you will probably get the same type of production if an happens and one or the other if forced into a bigger role.

This isn't to say he will or won't be cut; it is just looking into the possible chance he could be.

At the end of the day, this team has one defensive spot up for grabs. Bohanna is better against the run, while Gallimore struggles a bit.

I never want to see a player get cut; nothing has even been said inside the organization. It is all a guessing game.

The Cowboys have a chance to have the best in football, and depth plays a role in that.

If they let Gallimore go at some point, and someone gets injured, you have a problem.

We are expecting Smith to be able to step in and play right away. That isn't to say he won't struggle at times.

It would be nice to have a body behind him that has seen game action and understands the defense.

Who knows, maybe they keep him, and something happens, and he breaks out, and we look back at this and laugh.

You have just as good of a guess as I do about whether he will be on the team after the summer months are up.

Not the most interesting thing you will read today, but just some food for thought.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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