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NFC East 2021: Cowboys Take 3-Game Lead as Only Week 6 Winner

It's starting to get lonely at the top in the East, but I'm sure the Cowboys don't mind. With the rest of the division losing in Week 6, Dallas' overtime victory over the gave them a three-game lead going into their .

While the Cowboys gutted it out against the Patriots and the officials in Foxborough, their rivals all lost home games against some of the NFL's other top teams.

The Eagles took their loss last Thursday night against Tampa Bay, falling short in a second-half rally. Washington and New York were less competitive, both getting handled yesterday by the Chiefs and Rams.

With about a third of the 17-game season now behind us, Dallas' lead in the division is becoming downright comfortable. Their bye week comes early but at an opportune time for some ailing players to heal and for the coaches to look at tweaking the roster.

And while the Cowboys rest, the Eagles, Giants, and Football Team may slip even farther.

NFC East Standings

(Division Record in parentheses)
  1. Dallas Cowboys 5-1 (2-0)
  2. Washington Football Team 2-4 (1-0)
  3. 2-4 (0-1)
  4. 1-5 (0-2)

Philadelphia travels to Las Vegas to face the 4-2 Raiders. Despite the huge shakeup on their last week, Vegas had an impressive road win against the Broncos yesterday. They should have several advantages next Sunday against the Eagles.

Washington's also on the road against the 4-1 . After getting lit up by in their own house, having to face at Lambeau is a daunting prospect.

New York has the best chance at winning with a home game against the 3-3 Panthers. We saw Carolina give Dallas a tough matchup in Week 4, but they've lost their last three and two of their early wins came against the Jets and Texans. But the Giants are arguably on the same bottom tier with those teams, so this could be the Panthers' opportunity to end their skid.

Even if New York gets a win, Dallas' grip on the division would still be fortified with likely losses by Philly and Washington.

A lot can still happen in 2021. But with the midseason turning point not far off, the Cowboys have one of the more commanding early leads that this division has seen.

Let's hope the bye week allows them to rest, retool, and continue dominating over the rest of the year.

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Cowboy Fan Ed

I just read where the Patriots fans were mad that the face mask that AB grabbed near the end of the game wasn’t called but I guess they forgot about the TD that we got robbed out of !!

Ethan L Chazin

Next up: Vikings! I am really excited to see what the coaching staff does when La’el returns with Steele playing well. Also eager to see if perhaps we get Gallimore and Armstrong back. Good time to rest up Dak’s calf. I wonder if Biadiaz played poorly, didn’t seem to make any bad snaps. Also curious if Brown keeps his starting CB role.

Cowboys fan

Ethan….. I was wondering the same thing about Anthony Brown, and another one you didn’t mention is Connor Williams!! He almost cost us the game against the patriots with his holding and the other penalty towards the end of the 4th quarter when we ended up with a 3rd and 25 instead of a first down!! I think it was holding and an unsportsmanlike conduct…. But either way, he has been getting way too many holding penalties called on himself lately and I think it’s about time to give Connor McGovern a shot, and sit Connor Williams!! And I agree about Anthony Brown, although he’s had his moments, he’s made a lot more mistakes than not!! But when it comes to Collins, I think he’s gonna keep his job at RT and Steele will be the swing tackle!! But I guess only time will tell!! I can’t wait to find out what happens during the bye week!!

C Heston Neufeld

Don’t you think we are getting excited about nothing. We lost to TB, beat the chargers only because the refs handed us the game and won three more games that were closer than they should have been against significantly weaker opponents. We will win the division but I don’t see how this coaching staff and this group of players goes far. It’s okay to dream but you need to check reality. As a lifetime season ticket holder going back to the days of Dandy Don g and Bob Lilly im going to hold my powder.


C Heston, respectfully disagree with your comments. Also being a longtime Cowboy fan, I see some real potential with this team this year. Now I understand it’s early and we have have been through many letdowns through the years and also it’s been 26 years since last SB, but I like what I see SO FAR from our team. Obviously not everything, but a lot to like overall.

We were leading in the Bucs game when our offense left the field late in the game. Unfortunately we left the GOAT enough time to do what he usually does. That Chargers call could also easily been called intentional grounding on Herbert. We beat the Giants by 24, the Eagles by 20, the Panthers by 8 when they were undefeated at the that time. Not really close scores. I agree the Pats game was a close one, didn’t think we needed to go to OT, against a rookie QB, although that rookie looks good IMO.

I think we can make some noise if they keep playing at this level, although the defense has to tighten things up. They will get some players back there that should help. I am more optimistic this year than I have been in a good while. Let hope for the best, follow fan.

CeeDee Lamb

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