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NFL Countdown: Getcha Your Popcorn, It’s T.O Time

We're officially 81 Days until the Week 1 kickoff, and in today's post–expect a player who had ALOT on-the-field antics, but when it came down to game time, he was your guy.

Although he played for the at the tail-end of his career, his impact was massive as he helped Cowboys QB grow into his own, and he was arguably one of the most-talented wideouts that ever donned the silver and blue. 

Before we reveal the Best #81, here are all the players who have worn the number for the Cowboys: 

  • Scott Ankrom
  • Tyji Armstrong
  • Marv Bateman
  • Kelvin Edwards
  • Scott Galbraith
  • Percy Howard
  • Billy Howton
  • Rocket Ismail
  • Patrick Jeffers
  • Jon'Vea Johnson
  • Quincy Morgan
  • Kirk Phillips
  • Karl Powe
  • Peerless Price
  • Jackie Smith
  • Robert Steele
  • James Whalen
  • Steve Wilson
  • Alexander Wright

Just looking at the whole list, some solid names pop up. 

From WR Billy Howton, the Cowboys' first-ever WRs who once held the all-time receiving record in 1963, to WR Rocket Ismail (first off, freaking, awesome name), who played three seasons with the Boys (1999-2001) and gave the team 158 receptions for 2,281 yards and 9 TDs.

Those two were for sure ballers.

However, the biggest name that stands out (even if you hated him for his antics) is Mr. Terrell Owens. 

Owens NFL/Cowboys Career:

Owens entered the league in 1996 after getting drafted by the in the (89th overall). His exposure was limited to NFL scouts, as he played at UT-Chattanooga, but that didn't stop the Niners from selecting him. 

In his first year, Owens saw most of his work in and limited-WR sets, as he finished with just 35 receptions for 520 yards and 4 TDs. 

It wasn't until the next season that Owens got his opportunity after starting WR Jerry Rice tore his ACL, and he would break out for 60 receptions for 936 yards and 8 TDs.

His 49ers tenure would last for seven more seasons and he would have several 1000-yard career years during his time in the Bay, but he then got traded to the in 2004–which was a crazy debacle.

After only two seasons with them, he would get released because of violations of team conduct towards Eagles QB and then signed by the Cowboys a couple of days later.

His first year with the team was one of the best of his career, but he would turn it up a notch and have two 1000-yard plus yard seasons while also dropping double-digits touchdowns on defender's heads.

Despite the constant antics that Cowboy fans had to live through, Owens was a key player in their and elevated Romo's game to another level. 

In three seasons, Owens nearly cracked the Top-10 of Dallas Cowboys receiving leaders, and it makes you think what the team could have looked like if they didn't him in 2009. 

Nonetheless, Owens was the Best #81 to play for the Cowboys, and he may get his title stolen in the future by an under-the-radar WR whose name rhymes with “Mimi Tehoko,” and he could be a sneaky playmaker for the Boy's offense this year. 

All jokes aside, Owens was that guy for me, and we may never see a flamboyant, uber-talented wideout like him walk through Jerry World again.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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