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NFL Countdown: Getcha Your Popcorn, It’s T.O Time

WR Terrell Owens is the Greatest #81 in Dallas Cowboys History.

We’re officially 81 Days until the Week 1 kickoff, and in today’s post–expect a player who had ALOT on-the-field antics, but when it came down to game time, he was your guy.

Although he played for the at the tail-end of his career, his impact was massive as he helped QB grow into his own, and he was arguably one of the most-talented wideouts that ever donned the silver and blue. 

Before we reveal the Best #81, here are all the players who have worn the number for the Cowboys: 

  • Scott Ankrom
  • Tyji Armstrong
  • Marv Bateman
  • Kelvin Edwards
  • Scott Galbraith
  • Percy Howard
  • Billy Howton
  • Rocket Ismail
  • Patrick Jeffers
  • Jon’Vea Johnson
  • Quincy Morgan
  • Terrell Owens
  • Kirk Phillips
  • Karl Powe
  • Peerless Price
  • Jackie Smith
  • Robert Steele
  • James Whalen
  • Steve Wilson
  • Alexander Wright

Just looking at the whole list, some solid names pop up. 

From WR Billy Howton, the Cowboys’ first-ever WRs who once held the NFL all-time receiving record in 1963, to WR Rocket Ismail (first off, freaking, awesome name), who played three seasons with the Boys (1999-2001) and gave the team 158 receptions for 2,281 yards and 9 TDs.

Those two were for sure ballers.

However, the biggest name that stands out (even if you hated him for his antics) is Mr. Terrell Owens. 

Owens NFL/Cowboys Career:

Owens entered the league in 1996 after getting drafted by the in the (89th overall). His exposure was limited to NFL scouts, as he played at UT-Chattanooga, but that didn’t stop the Niners from selecting him. 

In his first year, Owens saw most of his work in and limited-WR sets, as he finished with just 35 receptions for 520 yards and 4 TDs. 

It wasn’t until the next season that Owens got his opportunity after starting WR Jerry Rice tore his ACL, and he would break out for 60 receptions for 936 yards and 8 TDs.

His 49ers tenure would last for seven more seasons and he would have several 1000-yard career years during his time in the Bay, but he then got traded to the in 2004–which was a crazy debacle.

After only two seasons with them, he would get released because of violations of team conduct towards Eagles QB and then signed by the Cowboys a couple of days later.

His first year with the team was one of the best of his career, but he would turn it up a notch and have two 1000-yard plus yard seasons while also dropping double-digits touchdowns on defender’s heads.

Despite the constant antics that Cowboy had to live through, Owens was a key player in their and elevated Romo’s game to another level. 

In three seasons, Owens nearly cracked the Top-10 of Dallas Cowboys receiving leaders, and it makes you think what the team could have looked like if they didn’t him in 2009. 

Nonetheless, Owens was the Best #81 to play for the Cowboys, and he may get his title stolen in the future by an under-the-radar WR whose name rhymes with “Mimi Tehoko,” and he could be a sneaky playmaker for the Boy’s offense this year. 

All jokes aside, Owens was that guy for me, and we may never see a flamboyant, uber-talented wideout like him walk through Jerry World again.

What do you think?

Rocky Garza Jr

Written by Rocky Garza Jr

Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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  1. My guess for the following numbers:

    80- Alvin Harper
    79- Erik Williams
    78- Leon Lett
    77- Jim Jeffcoat
    76- Flozel Adams
    75- don’t know!
    74- Bob Lilly
    73- Larry Allen
    72- Travis Frederick
    71- Mark Tuinei
    70- The Gov
    69- can’t think of anyone now
    68- neither
    67- nope
    66- Kevin Gogan
    65- nope
    64- damn! 60s are hard!
    63- no
    62- no
    61- Nate Newton
    60- nope

    • Hi siempre, while I did “Owens is the guy for me”—I chose Owens because he was the Best 81 to ever play for the Cowboys. In these countdown posts, I’m choosing the best player who had the corresponding number. Personally, I didn’t know, nor did you (maybe) know Owens as a person, but his obvious antics showed his problems. It’s okay to agree to disagree, but Owens was chosen based on his play. I’m sorry you may feel if I’m a jerk and narcissistic, but I don’t believe I am—and never have been to know to have any of those characteristics.

      • You can’t listen to some of these people…. Not liking a PLAYER because of his ANTICS is just a person that likes to find reasons not to like someone!! If he’s a good player and he helps your team win games, then who cares about what kind of person he is!? I personally agree with you…. He is my favorite number 81 to play for the Cowboys…. As a matter of fact, he was the reason I became a Cowboys fan!! Before the Cowboys, I didn’t have a favorite team, I just had a favorite player…. Which was actually Jerry Rice…. So I rooted for the 49ers cause of Jerry Rice, but when he left the 49ers, I switched to Owens, and I followed him wherever he went, and eventually got tired of switching teams and ended up staying with Dallas, even after he left!! So yeah, he is the reason I became a Cowboys fan!!

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