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Not so Fast on a Reggie Robinson Position Change for Dallas Cowboys?

One of the bigger question marks following the week to week was how they came to their game-day rosters. With throughout the and at times some poor play, it was shocking that fourth-round pick Reggie Robinson couldn't find his way onto the field.

But that was one of many weird occurrences that went down during 's lone season as the Dallas Cowboys .

Heading into the 2021 and under a new defensive regime and scheme, Reggie Robinson has a chance at a fresh start, but the Cowboys need to decide where he plays moving forward.

Last week, Mike Fisher reported that the Cowboys were planning on moving Robinson back to , where he starred at the University of Tulsa. I hypothesized the position change as well, noting that he has the requisite length to play in 's cover-3 scheme.

However, now is pumping the brakes on that and predicting that the Cowboys may continue to develop Reggie Robinson at safety.

Robinson is a really good athlete that has 4.4 speed. He plays with range and has good playmaking ability. Though he didn't play at safety in college, he was a safety in high school and was recruited by Tulsa to play safety in their program.

With the Cowboys picking at 10 and several cornerbacks available to them in that range, it makes sense for the Cowboys to continue giving Robinson an opportunity at safety. And without a on the roster, Robinson might find himself with a huge opportunity this spring and summer.

Having an ability to play both corner and safety will play huge dividends for the Dallas Cowboys. As they work through the and draft process, they’ll have a much better indication of where he fits in Dan Quinn’s by the time the team report said for offseason training activities.

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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Stephen Gregory

I’m the first to admit, I don’t know hardly anything about the kid. That being said, I just cringe when I hear “though he didn’t play safety in college, he was one in high school.” Big difference between high school and the pros. If he “starred” as a corner in college, why on earth would you want to put him in a position he basically has no experience? Kind of like the square peg in a round hole thing. Play him where he has proven he can play and go get a TRUE safety. To me, it’s like drafting a quarterback and trying to convert him to be a corner. What? Go draft a corner in that scenario. I guess it could work but I’m not a fan of it. Tebow threw pretty well for a running back so what do I know.

Jasper J

Yes, move Robinson back to CB. Draft at least one safety and sign a free agent safety.


Seems to me you stay the course and put him where you drafted him. It was the combination of his film, his length, his speed, and his playmaking abilities that attracted the scouts to him. Now you move him and all those variables become hopes … it may work, but why play around with it. Move him to safety if he can’t win a CB job, not before. The same MO cost them 2 quality years of CB play from Byron Jones. If you’re gonna move a CB to Safety … Awuzie much?

Roger Doddy

Play him at both to see if he shines at either one! He obviously is decent at both to get a scholarship at S and drafted at CB and the Cowboys need help at both spots. It’s called position-flex. If he can’t win a starting job then maybe he can be the first sub for both positions which would be a huge win for a pick after the 2nd Round. He would play a bunch and improve quicker.

We need to draft a FS in the first 3 rounds. I propose CB, FS, then LB. Jevon Holland of Oregon is a FS/CB with speed/range/ball-skills that many are sleeping on. He will likely be their at our 2nd pick……or Kelvin Joseph FS/CB from Kentucky would be another great option if he is gone.

They need to pick CB Farley or Horn at #10!

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