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Patrick Mahomes Recognizes how Good CB Trevon Diggs is

The hit the jackpot when they drafted in the of the . He had some struggles early, but he came on strong at the end of the season with three interceptions and eight passes defended in the final five games he played in (missed four with a broken foot). In 2021, however, Diggs has been on another planet.

Diggs recorded an interception in each of the Cowboys' first six games and has eight on the season through nine games to go along with 13 passes defended. It's not just fans of the Cowboys or media members that are noticing how Diggs has elevated his game, it's also his peers. spoke earlier in the week about how effective Diggs is in the for Dallas.

“I mean when you have that many interceptions that means you know what's going on, you have an understanding of what the is trying to do so you definitely have to have an eye on him at all times,” Mahomes said Wednesday. “He's going to wait for his opportunity and usually when he gets his hands on it, he ends up making the catch so definitely a great player, someone you have to pay attention to on every single snap and try to find ways that you can have success in either other places or on him in certain areas.”

Unlike most cornerbacks, Diggs has the advantage of having played during his freshman year of Alabama. Also, his older brother Stefon Diggs of the is one of the best in the NFL who he trains with during the . Chiefs mentioned how Diggs uses his wide receiver background to make big plays.

“You can tell he was a receiver because he plays the route and then he's got great hands,” Reid said. “So, that shows up, and he's long and tall. He's got a great feel.”

The Chiefs have plenty of weapons in the passing in Tyreek Hill, , , and more. Mahomes will certainly be tossing the football all over the field against the Cowboys. If Diggs can find a way to snag another interception or two it could potentially set the Cowboys up with short fields and allow them to build a lead on the road which is always vital.

Diggs has been as opportunistic as any defender in the NFL this season. The Cowboys' will be tested against the Chiefs' explosive offense and they will need Diggs to be at his best to pick up their eighth win of the season.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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