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PHI 34, DAL 40: Cowboys Win the Game of the Year in Intense Matchup

In the “Game of the Year” the hosted the . This game went back and forth throughout the entire 60 minutes and was one of the most intense games I have seen this season.

First Quarter:

The Eagles started with the ball and marched down the field. The came up with a big stop to force them to kick a field goal. After the kick was good, Dallas fans were happy to receive the ball, however, the unthinkable happens. threw a pass intended for Dalton Shultz that resulted in a pick-6 for the Eagles.

This was not a great way to start the game being down 10-0 before the 7-minute mark. Luckily, Dak accepted his mistake and marched down the field heroically to set up a Touchdown run by . The Cowboys' defense had a great stop to end the 1st quarter and got the ball back quickly.

Second Quarter:

The Cowboys started to drive down the field but when faced with a 4th and 8, they couldn't convert. That was until a flag was thrown for pass interference by the Eagles. After that, Dak threw a dime to for a 36-yard TD. Amazing performance to take the lead, 10-14.

As the Eagles got the ball, fans were feeling good, yet the worst was yet to come. The Eagles' marched down the field and got down to the Cowboys' three-yard line. After stopping them for fourth down, the Eagles QB sneaked it for a touchdown. The new score is 17-14. At this rate, this game has already proven that it will be a back-and-forth game.

Dak Prescott continues to rebound from that first pass (the pick 6) and is throwing straight bullets. As the two-minute warning hit, the Cowboys were already in the . Sadly, the Cowboys couldn't finish the drive with a touchdown and instead settled for a field goal.

The Eagles would take advantage of the two minutes given to them and would go down to score a last-second field goal to make the final score at halftime, 20-17, Eagles lead.

Third Quarter: 

As the second half started, Cowboy fans were pleased to see return the kickoff for 56 yards. However, would strike at the worst time, as a holding call was made on the Cowboys. As the offense didn't come up with anything special, the ball was punted to the Eagles.

After some great plays to get down to the Cowboys' 15-yard line, the Eagles were stopped for a 4th and 3. However, the Cowboys' defense was tricked and threw a pass to DeVonta Smith for a 14-yard touchdown making the score 17-27, Eagles lead.

The Cowboys were lucky to grab a field goal on their next drive as some close calls were made to get there. stuck with the run a bit more on this drive and it resulted in Brent Maher making a close 44-yard field goal.

The Eagles got the ball back but made the fatal mistake of fumbling the ball on a handoff to the Eagles' . picked it up and ran a few yards before being tackled by Minshew.

The Cowboys would start really close to their goal line for this drive. On third and goal, Dak Prescott found Michal Gallup at the of the endzone for a touchdown. The score was tied, 27-27.

As the fourth quarter approached fans, the Eagles would be looking to take revenge on their next drive and would start out with some good 15+ yard passes.

Fourth Quarter: 

As the game of the year starts to come to a close, the Cowboys and Eagles were tied at 27-27. An amazing game has played out so far, let's see how it ends together.

After seven plays, the Eagles drove down to the Cowboys' 30-yard line. They would then inch their way into the red zone and DeVonta Smith would score another TD. The new score would be 34-27.

After an amazing drive by Dak Prescott with Bullet after Bullet of passes, CeeDee Lamb caught a great pass for a touchdown. Once again, the score is tied. The Eagles would be looking to score, but would have other ideas. Bland would get his 6th pick on the year and set the Cowboys up in scoring range.

After a great hurdle by Dalton Shultz, the Cowboys would get closer and closer to the endzone. They would be stopped short however and have to settle for a field goal. The score would be 34-37, Cowboys retake the lead.

With no time to even breathe, the Eagles have the ball back… and they turn it over again. A fumble is recovered by and the Cowboys are already in the red zone at the two-minute warning. The Cowboys are faced with a 4th and goal and choose to settle for a field goal. A score of 34-40 is now present.

The Eagles have under two minutes to score a TD. With every fan on the edge of their seats, the game is close to the end. With 20 seconds left, the Eagles were faced with a fourth and 10. This play would be the game. The Cowboys' defense would hold onto this game with the help of their . The Cowboys defeated the Eagles, 34-40 in one of the coolest games played this season. What a game this was.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing, and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 19 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.

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