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Potential Cowboys Cap Casualties for 2022 Offseason

If the Cowboys are going to handle their 2022 business then some significant cap-related moves will be necessary. While these aren't the only ways that Dallas might deal with the situation, who could end up as casualties over the next few months?

According to Over The Cap the Cowboys are currently set to be $13.5 million over the 2022 salary cap. This is even after you account for the large number of impending free agents who aren't currently factored into that number.

With so much talent potentially departing in 2022, Dallas has to be concerned about shedding other key players in the name of the cap. That's why their first moves will no doubt be restructuring the contracts of mainstays like and for a projected $23.5 million in relief.

Remember, restructuring is not the same as a player taking a pay cut. It converts base salary into a bonus, leaving the player equally compensated and actually giving them greater job security as it creates additionally dead money in the later years of the contract.

While those moves with Dak and Zack will at let get the Cowboys back in the black, it won't leave much for re-signing key free agents like , , Jayron Kearse, and others. That brings another group of players into the discussion.

Today we're going to look at guys who could wind up on the street as true cap casualties; released for financial reasons more than performance. Some of them could also be restructured, but these are all players who Dallas will have to think twice about before potentially extending their job security.

WR Amari Cooper

$16M cap space if released

While he only played in one less game this year than the last two, Cooper only had 865 receiving yards after topping the 1,000 mark in each of the last two seasons. Playing injured contributed, but so did a surprising lack of utilization in 's .

Cooper is a perfect example of the dilemma in front of the Cowboys when it comes to these restructuring decisions. He has $20 million in base salary to work with but is coming off a down year. Amari is still only 27, though, and Dallas also has to be worried about losing both Michael Gallup and in .

Amari's future in Dallas comes down to the team's belief that his talent will be better utilized with offseason adjustments. A big one may be coming if OC Kellen Moore takes one of the several head jobs he's been interviewing for.

Another option, given Cooper's still-attractive age and production, is to him to an interested party. But like the Cowboys themselves, that next team would have to be willing and able to deal with that high base salary by either eating it in 2022 or working out a restructuring.

But as we mentioned earlier, restructuring now makes it more cap-unfriendly to move on from Amari down the road. It's a trigger that Dallas can only pull if they're confident that changes on offense will allow Cooper to get back to his full potential as a primary weapon for Dak Prescott.

DE DeMarcus Lawrence

$8M cap space if released

“Tank” is scheduled to have the second-highest cap hit on the roster after Prescott in 2022. Dallas can shave $8 million of that $27 million hit by releasing Lawrence outright, or $19 million in 2022 (pushing another $8 million onto the 2020 cap) by making him a June-1st cut.

While the $19 million option obviously sounds much nicer, remember that the Cowboys won't get that cap space until June 1st. They won't have it for the main free agency period in March and April or even for the small post-draft flurry that usually comes in May.

While he only played in seven regular-season games last year due to a broken foot, DeMarcus hit the ground running upon his return. He had three sacks and a forced fumble in the six games after the , not to mention an interception that he returned for a touchdown. Even with and Randy Gregory making the most noise, Tank still made himself heard.

But being a playmaker and the most expensive guy on the aren't a good combination. Dallas can put that cap space towards keeping Gregory or making some other improvements, hoping that promising rookie could step into DeMarcus' role next season.

Lawrence is another one that the Cowboys could restructure. But they have to be sure that he will remain an impact player now and probably 2023 if they decide to kick the can down the road on his dead money.

OT Tyron Smith

$5.49M cap space if released

After playing in just 11 games and showing signs of regression in his play, Tyron's days as the Cowboys' may be numbered. But without a clear way to replace him in 2021, Dallas may ride it out one more year before finally making that big change at one of their most critical positions.

It's become an unfortunately consistent trend now with Smith. Every offseason we hear how he's feeling great and healthier than ever, and then he misses a huge chunk of games. After missing three every season from 2016-2019, Tyron missed 14 in 2020 and six this year.

In addition, Smith was one of the worst performers on the Cowboys' offensive line in the playoff loss to the 49ers. So even when he's on the field now, Tyron isn't the consistent All-Pro we've enjoyed since 2011.

That being said, $5.49 million is meager compared to the big hole that Smith's exit would create. Dallas isn't going to hand the job of protecting Dak Prescott's blindside to Terence Steele, Ty Nsekhe, or Josh Ball. Adding an upgrade through free agency would be expensive and the draft is too risky to rely on.

I expect Smith to get one more season with the Cowboys. They can start working on the replacement plan for 2023 now and then him for increased cap savings next year. But given recent history, a strong backup plan for Tyron's 2022 absences will be needed.

CB Anthony Brown

$5M cap space if released

Despite one of his best seasons yet, Brown may not be able to survive the Cowboys' financial concerns and influx of younger CB talent. They can clear $5 million in cap space by cutting Anthony outright and have enough options behind him to make it potentially painless.

With obviously locked into one starting role, Dallas could go into 2022 with and rounding out their top three. They also have young talent like and Reggie Robinson under contract for developmental depth. Veteran is primarily here for but can also play CB in a pinch.

While Dallas would hate to lose Brown after his three INTs and 17 deflections in 2021, he also struggled at times with and overall coverage. And now with Joseph waiting in the wings as a former 2nd-round pick, Anthony's expendability will probably be realized in the coming months.

TE Blake Jarwin

$4.25M cap space if released

Jarwin being a cap casualty would be a slam dunk if Dalton Schultz wasn't about to become a . But depending on the market for Schultz and Dallas' desire to bring him back, Blake could wind up keeping his job and even moving back up to a starting role this offseason.

Schultz should be able to demand about $13-$15 million annually based on his high production and recent TE contracts. If Dallas re-signs him then they could bring down the cap hit in the first year with some creative structuring.

But whatever maneuvering they do, the Cowboys would likely need to free up some of those funds by releasing Jarwin. They could turn to Sean McKeon as a receiving TE2 next year or draft a mid-round prospect.

It's entirely possible though that Dallas will be content to go back to Jarwin as their starter, having just handed him the job two years ago. He only lost it because of a season-ending injury in 2020 and Schultz's emergence during that time, but is still just 27 and perhaps an even more dynamic receiving option.

K Greg Zuerlein

$2.5M cap space if released

This one seems like a no-brainer after the veteran's rocky two years with the Cowboys, but is fiercely loyal to his guys. And at this point after annual NFL inflation, Zuerlein's contract isn't that expensive compared to the upper half of the league's kickers.

While he's only the 17th-most expensive in the NFL currently, Greg's performance isn't even commensurate to that. He was one of the least-accurate on both field goals and extra point attempts.

Given his struggles, Zuerlein could easily be released for other reasons than just the salary cap. And if the Cowboys do seek to improve the kicker position through free agency, they'll likely have to pay the next guy even more than Greg's getting now.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Edward Raiten

We loose and you want to get rid of the players that got you to the playoffs. Makes no sense at all. We need a general manager not the owner.

James Vargas

Edward, it is not about getting rid of players. This is all about the chess game called “salary cap”.

Cowboys fan

What about Jourdan Lewis?? Can’t we save anything by releasing him!! He was terrible this year!! It would be better to release him and move Anthony Brown to the slot and give Kelvin Joseph the starting outside job, or we can draft one of the top corners in the 1st round of this year’s draft and give whoever it is the outside job!!

Amber Nicole Orick

I agree J.Lewis blew monkey nuts this year,Brown had a rough it rough at times this year but his numbers were very solid…3 int-17 pbu….his year woulda been talked about much more if not for a certain teammate got 11 int’s…I say release lewis,keep brown unless we find an upgrade over brown and in that case release them both and our kelvin in the slot….but changes are a coming,BIG ONES…..

Cowboys fan

Edward Raiten…. He’s not saying to get rid of the players, he’s showing options for us to get out of “cap hell”!! And he also mentioned that those players can have their contacts restructured!! And as far as the general manager goes…. We have a general manager…. His name is Will McClay!! They may not say he’s the general manager, but behind the scenes, he’s the general manager!! And after Jerry signed him to a new contract recently, there’s not a doubt in my mind that he’s making the general manager decisions!! He just let’s Jerry keep the title so Jerry is happy!!


With all due respect, McClay IS NOT a GM by any stretch. He is exactly what his title says he is … he is over player personnel, which is completely independent of the GM (yet subservient to the GM). He has no say in player contracts, he has no say in staffing, he has no say in front office aspects. He could probably be a really good GM, but don’t get it twisted … he’s being paid over-and-above what one would think most “personnel” men get paid, and all of that is because he isn’t getting the title from Gerry. He is over-payed because Gerry values him as a personnel guy … that’s it.


The Jerry Jones as GM narrative is so overblown he’s a figure head to soothe his ego bottom line is the y have wasted the talents of their players because they refuse to recognize their lack of discipline and toughness is what they are missing talent alone isn’t enough if you looked at their players over last 20 years they would likely be in the top tier but ingredients alone don’t make a good meal you need a great cook who can put it all together


Bring in a disciplinarian coach and we don’t make these bonehead mistakes


You’re kidding, right?
Throw these guys away and it’ll be another 4 – 13 season. Don’t like these guys anymore? Stop signing mega-deals. This article is ridiculous.


How n da hell we get 14.5 m over the cap and have 26 pending free agents ?????

Peter Panagiotopoulos

When you pay your often injured offensive line and starting RB 60 million+ between them that’s where the cap problem started. You just can’t do that and regardless of how good some people think this offensive line is it’s really not! Dak has had so many different lineman and TE’S start in his 85 games at QB. Here’s the list Jason Witten/ Dalton Schultz/ Geoff Swaim/ Blake Jarwin/ Gavin Escobar/ James Hanna/ Rico Gathers/ Jeremy Sprinkle/ Tyron Smith/ Terrence Steele/ Connor Williams/ Connor McGovern/ Zack Martin/ Travis Frederick/ Joe Looney/ Tyler Biadasz/ Ron Leary/ Emmett Cleary/ Chaz Green/ Jonathan Cooper/ Cam Fleming/ Xavier Su’a-filo/ Brandon Knight/ Cam Erving. I laugh when people say Dak has had all the talent in the world. Talent when healthy which isn’t and hasn’t been very often.

Randy Elam

I been a Dallas Cowboys fan since 1968
My point is this team is like of discipline and toughest
And Quarter back play to consecutive
And wide receiver cooper play like number four receiver
And d law all talk paid to much don’t show up in big games
Move on from zeke replace kicker
Move on from brown get beat a lot
Thank you

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