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Predicting the Dallas Cowboys home record in 2023

The is now behind us. Many fans are split on how to assess the Dallas . Some liked the picks, others didn't. If there's one thing can count on, it's trusting .

While some positions still require attention, such as , it's not yet certain what the final will look like come kickoff weekend.

With training camp on the horizon, players will either make the team or will get cut.

On paper the players the Cowboys currently roster make for a good team. After retaining most key and trading for key pieces the Cowboys look to compete again for the Lombardi Trophy.

With the schedule and dates slotted to drop within the coming weeks, this gives fans a sense of excitement as they can start to plan trips to see the Cowboys play in person.

This year the Cowboys are set to face teams from the AFC East and the West.

As the 's second-place finisher in 2022, the Cowboys will play three games against the teams that earned that same standing in the NFC South, NFC North, and AFC West this past season.

These teams include the , , and the .

This is my first prediction for the Cowboy's record for the coming 2023-2024 season.

As always the Cowboys will face their three division rivals two times a year. Once at home, and once away.

Predicting the Dallas Cowboys home record 3


I'll give the Cowboys sweeping the and .

The Commanders' quarterback position may come down to the wire of , however, it seems they'll start the second-year Quarterback .

In the one game Howell played against the Cowboys he led the Commanders to a 26-6 victory.

Despite a game many Cowboys fans would like to forget, I still see the Cowboys owning their little brother, the Commanders.

The Giants made a couple of moves to bolster their roster. However, Dak Prescott owns them. He's currently holding a 10-2 record against them since entering the league. Expect the Cowboys to win the season series.

As far as the Eagles go, they're the favorite to win the division.

Although Prescott boasts an 8-3 record against them, I give the Eagles taking one game, their home game, as it's a very tough crowd.

With the addition of rookie , I'd like to see how the Eagles' run game fares against the Cowboys' .

Predicting the Dallas Cowboys home record 4


The Rams are coming off a season they'd like to forget. depleted the Rams as they saw numerous star players miss multiple weeks.

They still don't have a good , so I expect the Cowboys to dominate them.

The Seahawks will be an undercover good team. They clinched a spot and finished second in the NFC West during the .

The Seahawks had a good draft selecting Devon Witherspoon with their first-round pick. They followed this pick by drafting Jaxon Smith-Njigba, who was arguably the best receiver in this year's class.

I'd love to see how the Cowboys' matches up against the talented Seahawks receiver corps.

The Seahawks also have a good secondary and I'd love to see what Prescott could do. I have the Cowboys winning in a shootout.

Predicting the Dallas Cowboys home record 5


The Patriots should be an easy game, especially at home. With no Tom Brady to haunt Dallas, the Cowboys will either face QB or .

Depending on how deep into the season they face the Patriots and how their record stands we would then know who's Head Coach 's franchise quarterback.

Expect a Cowboys blowout.

The New York Jets loaded up. They traded for four-time Most Valuable Player (MVP) .

The Jets have the offensive weapons to annoy a team on defense. They also have a young scary defensive team, led by second-year Corner Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner.

Rodgers has owned the Cowboys in previous years. I see the Jets winning in a game that's decided by a field goal.

Predicting the Dallas Cowboys home record 6


The Detroit Lions are another sleeper team to look out for.

Barely missing the last season, they're my pick to win the NFC North. Jared Goff has proven he can lead a team.

Although the Lions added talent in the off-season and the draft, I still think they're one to two years away from reaching their potential.

I have the Cowboys beating them by double digits.

Overall I see the Cowboys going 6-1 at home. The only team that I see that can take a win at Jerry World is the Jets.

Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez
Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys Fan from birth. Based in Los Angeles.

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