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“PROBLEMS:” DE DeMarcus Lawrence Posts Photo With Aldon Smith

Cowboys defensive end Aldon Smith hasn’t played football in nearly five years, but if you were just going off training camp talk, you’d have no idea.

Smith has received rave reviews throughout the early part of Cowboys camp from some of the most important members of the franchise: from head coach Mike McCarthy saying he jumps out as soon as he walks on the field to quarterback Dak Prescott calling him a “monster.”

In a perfect world Smith would be able to rush opposite Cowboys stud defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, providing him with assistance by taking away some of the responsibility to create pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Lawrence seems to be just as excited by this idea as McCarthy and Prescott, posting a picture of himself and Aldon Smith at practice on Friday with the caption “PROBLEMS.”

A healthy, locked-in Aldon Smith will be a problem for any offense in 2020. And when you combine Smith with Lawrence and newly added defensive end Everson Griffen, this defensive line is looking like one of the best the Cowboys have put together in recent years.

Of course you have to take all training camp hype with a grain of salt, but the Cowboys are head over heels for Aldon Smith so far.

What do you think?

Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. I told everybody Aldon Smith was gonna prove everybody wrong, now he’s doing just that!! It is of course just training camp, but everybody kept saying he wasn’t gonna be any good cause he’s been out of the league for so many years and he’s not gonna be in football shape, but if any of that was gonna be a problem then he wouldn’t be any good in training camp either!! But I’ll be back in a few weeks after our first game to say how everybody was wrong about him when he puts on a show in that game…. “If he’s given the opportunity to play enough!!“

    • More than just a tad overstated CF, but if it makes you feel like football savant, go for it!

      Not everybody doubted him. In fact, most didn’t. The people you are referring to were just being prudent in saying it’s not time to get his suit coat size yet.

  2. LMAO but yea i think folks were wise to be skeptical regarding a player that was out of the game for 5 yrs. And I’m sure those same people would be happy to be proven wrong.
    I love when I’m wrong if it benefits the team.

    • But those same people overlook the fact he hasnt been wore down and banged around for 5 years and clearly hes kept in great shape .

  3. I was also ecstatic to get him to our team and, just like Randy Gregory, said he is a roll off the couch type of player who can come in immediately and make plays. I think I said that on BTB or some other site but jeez, did I get attacked for it. Glad to see after the 1st game I wasn’t wrong. Gregory will do exactly the same thing IF he’s kept in good shape (and I’m talking about NO training camp).

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