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QB Tony Romo Stands Alone at #9

If you asked me to name one of the most-scrutinized players in Dallas , there is no doubt that I'm putting QB in the Top Two. Shoot, I would even consider putting him as number one.

While Romo-stans may disagree, growing up with the highs and lows that Romo brought to fans weekly, it feels like fans didn't appreciate him until he was gone. One of the most memorable moments was when Romo botched the snap against the Seattle Seahawks in 2007, and it felt everyone wanted to run him out of town.

Through his years, Romo was a guy who left it all on the field, showed grit in every play, and was severely underrated. Fans can point to his miscues and convince others that he was one of the most “overrated” or subpar QBS in franchise , but you can't deny the blood, sweat, and tears he had for his team.

While he couldn't take the team to the (although the 2014 squad should have been in the big game, as we all know what happened with the Dez no-catch call), with Romo, there was a type of magic he had, and you always had a chance.

Although he did give me headaches with some hiccups, Romo was a guy that I loved rallying behind, and to me, he was overlooked behind many talented QBs that he competed against during his playing days.

But for now, we're not overlooking him and crowning him as the Greatest #9 in franchise history because he rightfully deserves his flowers.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, and look at his career below.

But, also don't forget to check out the five players who have worn number nine and the one current player who will be wearing the number this season.

He's already a fan favorite.

Tony Romo's Football Career

If there was one thing that are known for, it's turning undrafted into franchise legends. And with Romo, he was one of many that fitted the bill.

After a highly-efficient career at Eastern Illinois, which earned him the Walter Payton Award, Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year (3x), OVC Player of the Year (3x), and All-American Honors (3x), Romo had his sights on the NFL.

But after going undrafted in 2003, his NFL career wouldn't begin until the 2006 season. And from there, he would be the face of the franchise for over a decade.

As mentioned, Romo was a guy who you would idolize for his miraculous throws and his “Houdini-like” plays that he would perform weekly, but then make that crucial turnover that made you want to pull your hair out.

If you had to ask me what my favorite play was, it's easily this one below because everything is going wrong for Romo, and what does he do?

Makes. A. Play.

While I could flood you with many memories of Romo, from his vintage spin from DE J.J. Watt to his pass in OT versus the 49ers, I rather let you all reminisce over the times when he was the helm.

(Shoot, most fans already do, as they complain about QB constantly. You know who you all are.)

All jokes aside, Romo was a guy that gave you hope. No matter the , he poured his effort onto the field, and it was an adventure living with him at QB. Also, to see him thriving as a color commentator for Sports and hearing his unique insight makes my heart happy.

For the stat-junkies who are curious what records Romo potentially holds, I got you with some of them below:

  • Career-passing yards leader (34,183)
  • Passing TDs leader (248)
  • Games with at least 3 TDs (40)
  • Most 4th-Quarter Comebacks/ GW Drives (28)
  • 97.1 (9th All-Time)

Congratulations to Mr. Romo, as he's the Greatest #9 in franchise history. Be on the lookout for Sunday's piece that crowns another iconic Cowboys QB as the Greatest #8.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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