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Rainmakers: Which All-Time Cowboys Great Would End Super Bowl Drought?

Have you ever been a diehard fan of a sports team that you're so confident they're going to reach the championship every year? You see them make moves every year that look great on paper, catch glimpses of stellar play that makes you believe they're pushing towards a deep run, and come playoff time they just self-implode.

Well, if that all sounds familiar then you're most likely a fan, and I'm here to tell you it's going to be okay. Someday. Well, hopefully, it will.

Now let's stray away from the sad reality as a current Cowboys fan and jump to the idea that I felt could lighten the mood for some fans and create a fun debate.

To start off, the idea begins with you as the new , so adios !

Next, you're given this year's current roster and obviously, your job is to put together a team that can win you a Lombardi Trophy, but a new twist has been created.

The NFL just announced all teams can add one former franchise player to their roster, and you're getting them at their peak. Trust me, I would have chosen , former , too, if the NFL announced it could be any player if I'm getting them in their prime.

Also, the player you're choosing is someone you feel will hypothetically propel the Cowboys to the and it can be on any side of the ball. So, yes go ahead and choose a if you please.

In this scenario, the player I chose was former Cowboys Quarterback , who I felt is a more-proven winner and can do just enough to get the Boys over the hump. Now before fans come for my neck, I know current Cowboys Quarterback 's career is long from over, but Aikman's resume speaks for itself.

To clarify, my choice doesn't mean that I'm labeling Prescott as a failure, but it has yet to be seen if he's the answer. In three playoff games, he sits at 1-2 and an argument could be made that other factors such as position groups, , and incompetent ownership led to those losses.

However, I chose Aikman to replace Prescott because if the world was on the line and the only way to save the planet was for the Boys to win it all, I'm trusting Aikman at the helm. Aikman brings a and swagger that I believe the team lacks.

In comparison, I understand people may bring up the difference in personnel or supporting casts, but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself is Prescott good enough to solely lead the Cowboys to their sixth title, or will he only thrive in a perfect set-up situation?

Based off Super Bowl , there have been outliers that have had “game-managers” – which Prescott has been labeled – lead their teams to championships, but they were positioned to succeed because of their supporting cast. I believe talent-wise Aikman holds the and because of his gamer mentality, he could win a game by himself even if the team has weaknesses.

Furthermore, I'm not trying to say that Prescott needs to be replaced by any other current quarterback because the likelihood of obtaining a higher-level quarterback is slim. The of Prescott leading the franchise back to glory are in his favor if he has the right pieces in place and the elephant in the room is that he and this team definitely need help.

To continue the dialogue, some of the Inside writers gave their opinions below and let us know if you agree, and who you would choose.

From John Williams, Former ITS Staff Writer, Managing Editor Sooners Wire:

at LG. The Dallas Cowboys' biggest issue in 2021 was the inconsistency upfront. After Dak Prescott hurt his calf, he didn’t trust his protection and the struggled to find any consistency in the . The run game couldn’t get anything going down the stretch and Larry Allen makes both better immediately.

From Angel Torres, ITS Contributor:

I was typing Larry Allen but was beaten to the punch. would be another for obvious reasons. Sanders across from (Trevon) Diggs would allow the team to add to their disruption upfront with confidence the guys on the outside will hold.

Jess Haynie, Senior ITS Senior Writer:

I don't think any one player puts this team over the top. Not with all the that have to be re-signed or replaced. However, I would love to see a healthy, peak-level in this . His coverage skills and playmaking would be so deadly in tandem with what does.

So, what do you think: What former Cowboys great would transform this team into a Super Bowl winner in 2022?

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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John Bates

Jimmy Johnson

Mike r Croft

Charles Haley


Larry Allen is a good choice. Also Randy White, Emmitt Smith. But the most important player on the field is the QB, so I’d go with Roger Staubach. Couple of breaks would have him winning FOUR SUPER BOWLS, instead of the two, which is still great.

BTW, DP is NOT 1-2 in playoffs, and enough with the “position groups?, coaching, ownership”, ETC excuses. Every year it’s something else used to excuse this guy. It’s getting so old.

They blew out Dez, who supposedly suddenly couldn’t run routes?, Garrett, MarinellI couldn’t coach, NOW current OC doesn’t call the right plays, blah blah. They ought to call DP the Teflon QB, nothing sticks to him. It’s always something else, and that’s not getting into the horrible ROI.


Tony Dorsett would be the player that I would choose. Zeke hasn’t been doing much to keep the defenses honest from several years now..our offensive line is better than many teams yet I see better running back production.

Jim Ford

Simple Solution: Jimmy Johnson. Only because you cannot get rid of Jerry Jones. Had their differences not matastazied Cowboys would have won FOUR(4) SBs in a row if not more.

Cowboy Fan Ed

Hey Vam your right we should have another Super Bowl win if the tight end I think his name was Jackie Smith hadn’t dropped a touchdown pass that was right in his hands in the end zone against Pittsburg back in 1979 if I’m not mistaken! Last time I checked it was said that he (the tight end) has never watched that play!!


Hey Cowboy Fan Ed, yeah it was Jackie Smith who dropped the TD pass. Also, something else that is sometimes overlooked in that game was Randy White, who was playing with a cast on one hand, fumbled a kickoff by Pitt. I believe Pitt scored a TD with that short field. That was big TO.

Bottom line, Staubach was GREAT. IMO, Roger is TOP FIVE OF ALL TIME. Outside of Brady and maybe Montana, give me Staubach in a clutch situation anytime. And remember he was a 27-year-old rookie due to his military service, so he missed five prime years.


Your negativity and your history of negativity towards this player, seems your opinion was made a long time ago. I’ve been a Cowboy fan since Don Meredith was quarterback, this quarterback has been an outstanding player for this team, don’t blame the lack of a on him, Troy Aikman had the” Wall of Dallas,” in front Emmitt behind him. “C’mon Man”

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