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Randy Gregory Is Looking Like We Always Thought He Could

Much of had the proverbial pitchforks out when was penalized for roughing the after a key third down stop last Thursday night. Those same fans were understandably upset when Gregory was then penalized again, this time for lining up in the neutral zone and negating a sack fumble.

It was frustrating to see, and as said after the game, those plays were essentially turnovers committed by Randy Gregory. Because of these frustrating , combined with his bone-headed personal foul all the way back in Carolina and his of , people around the league have called Gregory a “dumb” player, or have suggested the Cowboys are wrong for giving him so many chances.

People have been wondering when the Cowboys' patience for Randy Gregory will pay dividends on the field.

I'm here to tell you that they already are.

Since returning against the Eagles four games ago, Gregory has compiled 3 and 4 hits. Only has been consistently better than Gregory as a pass rusher since he got healthy, and the production difference between the two isn't as large as you'd expect.

Of course, Lawrence receives much more attention from pass protection schemes than Gregory does, but if Gregory can continue to pressure quarterbacks and win his 1-on-1 matchups, things may begin to open up a bit more for Lawrence.

Gregory's calling card heading into the 2015 draft was his pure pass rushing ability. He's the athletic weakside rusher fans have been clamoring for for years. And while it took a while for him to get here, he's finally showing signs of playing like the athletic freak and football player he can be.

Gregory's hands, burst, and bend are special, and it was unfair to expect him to put everything together so quickly after not being around actual football for basically two whole seasons. But now that he's healthy and appears to be comfortable in his role, we are seeing more and more productive rushes from Gregory each week.

While has been solid overall, Gregory has become the unquestioned pass rushing RDE, getting healthy and productive while was injured and inactive. As a pure pass rusher he's clearly the 2nd best on the roster, behind the All-Pro caliber Lawrence, and looks primed for a season in 2019.

This Sunday Gregory will take on and the Eagles . While he hasn't played enough to really have trends against any opponent, if he does have one it is against Peters. In 2016 Gregory tallied 7 tackles and a sack against the Eagles, and he also sacked just a few weeks ago.

So in those two matchups, we have seen Randy Gregory at his best. As the Cowboys hope to take another step towards wrapping up an title, they certainly hope Gregory can continue this trend on Sunday afternoon.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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While I was upset, I was more upset FOR Randy than AT him. I am proud of him and hope he knows that we Cowboy’s fans are rooting for him to become a monster DE. It’s called supporting your team and it’s players.

Zac H



Man that neutral zone call was a Fu*King joke the refs like usual were being petty with that call. But I got a feeling that Randy Gregory is just now hitting his stride and between him, Taco, D-Law. Dino (if he ever gets healthy), Collins, and Crawford our D-Line is finally starting to look dominant. #HotBoyz!!


The offsides was a joke. The left tackle was a full yard off the line. RG also caused the fumble on Brees. He hit the back of the arm before Dlaw got there but didn’t get credit. Bad roughing penalty but the facemask wouldve been 5 TDs in the past. He was in the air being blocked.

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