Rashawn Slater Could be Another Zack Martin for the Dallas Cowboys

    With the 10th overall pick in the 2021 the should be able to come away with a blue-chip prospect from this year's draft class. One such player could be the former Northwestern Offensive Rashawn Slater, who's been receiving Zack Martin comparisons here lately.

    Depending how things go with the first nine draft picks and whether or not the Dallas Cowboys want to invest more into their OL, Rashawn Slater should definitely be a consideration for them with the 10th overall pick. That's especially true if they believe he's another perennial All-Pro like Zach Martin, but is he?

    Pre-draft Measurable's


    Rashawn Slater

    Zack Martin

    Height 6’4” 6’ 4 ¼”
    Weight 304 lbs. 308 lbs.
    Arm length 33” 32 7/8”
    Hand size 10 ½” 9 ½”
    40 yrd dash 4.88 5.22
    Vertical 33” 28”
    Bench 33 29
    3-cone 7.48 7.65

    From a measurable standpoint both Rashawn Slater and Zack Martin are very similar. The similarities don't end there though. Not only did they both wear No. 70 in college, but also played as well. And, both were considered blue-chip players entering the NFL.

    I don't know about you, but it's starting to seem as if Rashawn Slater could very well be the next Zack Martin. The similarities are certainly there, however, Slater has a long ways to go before he can achieve the same kind of accolades Martin has since entering the league.

    After being selected by the Dallas Cowboys with the 16th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft Zack Martin was kicked inside from left tackle to right , where he's made six consecutive appearances until last year when injuries caught up to him. It's the same kind of position switch many are predicting would be best for Rashawn Slater, hence the comparison.

    If true, could be repeating itself for the Dallas Cowboys. Like Zack Martin coming out of Notre Dame, Rashawn Slater is viewed as a versatile offensive line prospect capable of starting at nearly every position. While Zack found his home at RG early on with the Cowboys it's still unclear where Slater fits best long-term.

    What makes this interesting is Slater's position flex. On paper the Dallas Cowboys already have their starting five in , , , Zack Martin, and which doesn't necessarily warrant the need for another first-round lineman. However, that shouldn't necessarily prevent them from trying to upgrade the position either.

    When you factor in Tyron Smith's long-term health concerns and the lack of depth behind him, and the fact Connor Williams is entering a contract year Rashawn Slater certainly makes much more sense. He could step in Day 1 and be an upgrade at LG and potentially be the eventual replacement or emergency fill-in for Tyron Smith. Sounds like a win-win.

    Blue-chip player with position flex, Tyron Smith's eventual replacement, and the next Zack Martin? You can bet your bottom dollar he's somebody the Dallas Cowboys could be interested in. He may not be their Plan A in the , but then again neither was Zack Martin. Are there no end to the similarities?

    I think it's a bit of a reach to Rashawn Slater to Zack Martin right now, but in time maybe that will become true. Despite the comparison though, Slater is somebody the Cowboys could definitely use and as such remains in play for them in the first-round. They'd be fools not to consider him, especially if he's anywhere close to the Cowboys' All Pro .

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    Don Howard

    I think what this team needs is a Troy Aikmen or Michael Irving or Jimmy JOHNSON and I don’t mean on the feild I mean in the locker room someone to hold everyone accountable there doesn’t seem to be anyone that will get in peoples face and Jerry is not going to do it he wants to be their buddy and throw his money away and no one believes the coach has any power to do it just an observation from a far by a disappointed fan

    Donald G Napper

    We need defensive lineman first, offensive lineman later round

    Dave SC58

    The entire focus of the Dallas Cowboys should be Defense, Defense, Defense.

    Dave SC58

    Just to add a little more information about what a top defense means: In 55 Super Bowls, the winning team has had a top 10 defense 48 times! 16 of those were ranked number 1 for the year! 8 others owned the second ranked defense. Defense makes a BIG difference!!


    Let’s pump the brakes a little on comparing any college player to the best player on our team. I get the measurables angle, but I think it’s premature right now.

    Agree with Don, on the no accountability argument. Let’s take for example the recent history of our QB, and one can look at other Cowboy players as well but right now we’ll look at the MOST EGREGIOUS example. We go 8-8 in 2019 in, by far, the worst division in NFL, and then he goes 2-3 in 2020, which very easily could have been 0-5. That’s RIGHT 0-5, and we all know why, so let’s be real. And what is the result of this very mediocre, at best, play, DING DING DING – the STUPID DECISION to give him the second largest monetary contract in NFL HISTORY. So what you, the front office et al, are saying to the team, it really does NOT matter what the results are, you will be paid EXTREMELY well. THAT MESSAGE IS DETRIMENTAL TO SUCCESS, plain and simple. 25 years and counting!!!

    Jack Moves

    No other pick would change this team more positively than this ol pick. Other than maybe Sewell or pits. Think 2014, 2016 line dominance. If pass rush is right, a cb with 2nd pick should do just fine. If rush is not right the cb wont matter much anyway. Make this pick! Then dont extend zeke anymore and draft fresh run back talent every few years and we’re set. On defense add solid sun stop- this team with dominant line play on both sides of ball should be dangerous for next 5 + years

    Christopher McNally

    You will not find a starting type OL later in the draft, I would take one if one of the top ones fell, besides this years D players STINK!!


    I agree with Jack Moves. Most recent example of this is KC in the Super Bowl! It was also the reason that offense struggled last year, even without Dak. I would LOVE the pick of Slater with the #10 pick. He would be best player available, if he is there and it’s a position of need. And Let’s face it… none of the CBs that might be available at 10 are Deion Sanders or even Jalen Ramsey. It would be a “reach pick” to take a CB. There is depth and good value at CB or D-Line that can get in 2nd round. But for O-Line they need to take the opportunity to protect their investment with Dak. Go defense after that… simplify the scheme closer to what they had in 2019 season… and they should be in good position to win the weak NFC East.


    Kendrick Green will be a STUD mark my words , he’s a Guard/ Center who played for Illinois , I’d love to have him and he’d be a steal in the mid rounds ,

    idk about going O-Line at 10 but I’m not totally against , first of all , I’m with Novawitt as far as not at all convinced these CBs are gonna be surefire studs , maybe they’re getting hyped up more cuz of need than it is actual talent.

    Our 3 best O-Lineman couldn’t stay healthy last year and one of them hasn’t been able to stay healthy the last couple years at one of the most important positions at LT , adding someone like Slater will give us incredible versatility , he can immediately play at LG and if Smith gets hurt again , he can take his place

    That said if you go that route then that means you almost have to select a CB in 2nd which pushes back DT , LB and Safety , and as everyone has said , our D sucks , whether you only consider Surtain as a dice roll or not , I personally want as many dice rolls as I can get so that some of them will hit

    Which is why I think a trade down would be best , we could trade down to at most 20 with someone who would want Slater , pick up a 3rd we can play with , and still get someone like a Moehrig or maybe Horn

    The Bears need O-Line help and their HC and GM are DESPERATE , maybe we could squeeze a 2nd out of them along with the 20th pick

    Cowboys Win

    I think Horn should be the pick. But this is a good backup. The problem is the defense is so bad, we ahve to get multiple picks in the top 3 rounds. A trade back for double dip at DT might be the better use of resources – USC and Iowa DT would upgrade the entire D the most but with the overpay on Prescott, they prob need to insure Steele isn’t the LT anytime soon again

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