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RB Antonio Gibson Carves up Dallas Cowboys Defense on Thanksgiving

Call it clairvoyance or wishful thinking, but according to his twitter account apparently knew he had a chance of doing something big on against the in Week 12. Boy was he right…

I can't ever personally recall the Dallas Cowboys being on any Thanksgiving day menu I've ever seen, but they certainly were for Antonio Gibson yesterday afternoon. The Cowboys weren't just the main course for No. 24, they were all the fixings and desserts as well and he feasted on it all.

Antonio Gibson carved up the Dallas Cowboys to the tune of 115 yards and three touchdowns on the ground on just 20 carries and an additional 21 yards through the air. This was his second 100-yard rushing game in 2020 and surprisingly enough the other was against the Cowboys as well back in Week 7.

It's probably a little too early to say Antonio Gibson is a superstar in the making, but the Dallas Cowboys certainly made him look like one this season. In two games this year against the Cowboys he's rushed for a total of 243 yards and four touchdowns. If that's not dominating opponent I don't know what is.

I knew Gibson was going to be a problem for the Dallas Cowboys and actually wrote about it earlier this week. I really thought they'd have a better in place to contain Washington's rookie RB, but sadly that wasn't the case at all. Instead, he made them look silly.

Antonio Gibson pretty much enforced his will on the Cowboys defense from start to finish yesterday afternoon. His domination is either a testament to his talent or the lack of preparedness on Dallas' part, possibly both. Whatever was, there's no denying Gibson has the Cowboys number this year.

After pretty much having the ball forced down their throat it will be interesting to see how the Cowboys defense responds from here on out. Now dead last in the East they really have little to play for here on out. It wouldn't be completely surprising if Antonio Gibson's dominant performance ends up being the reason things start falling apart.


Brian Martin
Brian Martin
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