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Reinforcements on the way will help Cowboys overcome the injury bug

There is never a good time for a team to get hit with the bug, and the Cowboys took a few blows in last week's victory over the Texans.

As the week began Monday, we learned was lost for the season with a torn ACL. The Cowboys also lost , with a significant shoulder sprain. He has been ruled out for at least the remainder of the regular season.

Although the loss of both players causes concern, the Cowboys have firepower on the way that could help ease the pain.

Offensive Line

said would likely play Sunday, and boy will they need him. Steele carried the highest PFF grade of any Cowboys lineman this season, 73.9. It will be hard to replace the production the team has gotten from him this season, but with Smith returning, it will open up a few options when trying to put the best OL on the field.

and will be the two vying for time at right . The noise early is that the Cowboys will likely rotate both Ball and Peters this week against Jacksonville. Let's be honest, though; Ball did not look good in his time Sunday. After he got beat and allowed to be sacked, Peters replaced him.

Peters has not played RT since 2005 but was fantastic on the 98-yard game-winning drive.

Will Peters hold up for four quarters of action for the rest of the season? That is the big question mark.

The return of Smith will put three future Hall of Famers in line to protect Prescott. Losing Steele for the season will hurt, and let's hope they can make this group work.

Wide Receiver

The Cowboys added to a problem people are still worried about, even with the team being 10-3.

The Cowboys signed T.Y Hilton Monday. He practiced for the first time on Wednesday and has a chance to play on Sunday. (Won't be much).

Hilton was a third-round pick in 2012, and yes, his best days are behind him, but this move is a GREAT one. He signed a one-year deal with a maximum value of $1.5 million.

He is healthy, and if his hamstring holds up, Hilton brings route-running and veteran savvy to the WR room. has shown this season he is a true No. 1 target. Lamb and will get some favorable matchups by easing back and adding Hilton.

Hilton has proven he can make big catches and still break away from defenders, and now he can do it if matched up on the team's third corner.

The took a hit with the loss of Steele, but they added some reinforcements in Smith and Hilton.

The was still a problem even with Hankins, but a player like him does help clog some running lanes at times.

The Cowboys are still in an excellent spot to overcome these losses. Hankins will be back for the , which is promising. If the team can find a solid rotation with the , they have the pieces to overcome all this.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Adding Hilton does nothing to mitigate the loss of Steele. I do not understand why you wait to sign Hilton after you get to the point where Washington has returned? I guess this is a good move but timing sure is curious after the ridiculous courtship of OBJ. Not having a plan in place for an injury to Steele seems short-sighted. The team has made moves to bring in DT and CB help, so maybe those new roster additions will be able to contribute if called on?


Hello Shane. Man, the T.Y. Hilton acquisition was first rate. Hopefully Kellen Moore will remember he’s on the team and find a way to get him on the field. Tyron Smith’s injury history suggests he could play at Jacksonville and then limp off the field for the rest of the year. Don’t trust Tyron Smith! Also I question his true desire to play football. He seems disinterested most of the time. A bigger version of Amari Cooper.

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