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Report: Cowboys DE Aldon Smith Conditionally Reinstated by NFL

The Dallas have been patiently waiting for good news about the possible returns of and Aldon Smith. The latter just got the break he’s been waiting for.

According to ’s Adam Schefter, Smith has been conditionally reinstated by the NFL.

Smith hasn’t played in a game since 2015 after he was issued a one-year by the league for a hit-and-run incident. The Cowboys signed Smith to a one-year deal on April 1st. Now, he will be allowed to participate in the Cowboys virtual program beginning next week. More details to come.

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Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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  1. I believe the Aldon Smith acquisition is gonna be huge for the Cowboys, if he can be half of what he used to be it was a wise signing!! Him coming off of one edge and D- Law from the other, with the interior of Poe, and MCCOY, we will be a quarterbacks nightmare, especially with the schemes Mike Nolan use’s.

  2. Im more worried about d Lawrence bouncing back . Am i the only one that saw his production take a big dip last yr he is the proven commodity here and if he doesn’t rebound we’re in trouble. I attribute alot our problems on defense to hus low sack total and lack of impact. But for sure either a. Smith or r. Gregory need to be impactful if not where is the pressure coming from. No pressure and u get torched each game

  3. I think a lot of people are under estimating what Aldon Smith can do!! Yes he has been out of the league for 5 years, but before that he was one of the best, if not the best edge rusher in the NFL!! And he has been doing it all his life!! I doubt very much that 5 years off is gonna make somebody forget how to play the game!! It mite take him a little while to get back into game shape, but I still think he’ll be terrorizing QBs for as long as he can play!! I can’t wait to see it happen!!

  4. the way this all looks, makes me wonder if this is really true,
    Matthew Lenix, if he wrote this and he says he writes dope stuff about the cowboys
    I am a true cowboy fan, and i do not want to pass on information that’s not true!

    • I’m confused about what your are questioning. Are you questioning whether his suspension has been lifted? Are you questioning the content (facts) in the last paragraph of this story?

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