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Report: Cowboys to Play Super Bowl Champion Buccaneers Week 1

The 2021 will take place on Wednesday at 8 pm ET. Of course, per the usual, leaks of the schedule are already floating around, and one of the biggest involves the league's most popular team, the .

will get their opportunity to make a statement early in a redemption season so to speak as they will hit the road to take on the defending champions the on September 9.

This matchup has everything you want in it as a football fan. The Buccaneers are coming off of an improbable run to their second world title. They hadn't been to the since 2007 and hadn't won a postseason game since their first title in 2002, and they did so in 's first season with the team.

The motivation for the Buccaneers will be the chance to become the NFL's first repeat champion since the 2004 , ironically led by the aforementioned Brady. With all of their priority back on board, the Buccaneers will be the team to beat in the until proven otherwise.

For the Cowboys, it starts with the return of . After his near franchise-record performance of 4,902 yards and a career-high 30 passing touchdowns in 2019, he was on pace to shatter those numbers last season before his season-ending ankle . Prescott got his lucrative long-term deal and will be looking to validate it off the bat against Brady, who most consider being the best of all time.

had a career-low in rushing yards, yard per carry, and rushing touchdowns in 2020. He had a career-high in fumbles (6) as well. The former two-time rushing champion will be looking to get his reputation back as one of the league's top runners.

The Cowboys will have a huge spotlight on them as well. The 473 points they allowed were the worst in team and they finished 31st against the run in 2020. After a big infusion of defensive talent in the (selected eight players) and a new in , the Cowboys can only get better on that side of the ball.

If the NFL wanted to make a splash, which they also do, there's no better way to start the than with the Buccaneers and the Cowboys.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Well that’s a L, first game Dak will have played since his injury and with the changes on D, highly doubt we’ll win this game week 1

Mr. Bambosaul

Dak Attack begins with an upset in Tampa Bay. Super Bowl bound!

Ruben Trevino

We will see how good the draft picks on Defense are!!!! And how good the Defense Coordinator truly is!!!

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