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REPORT: Dallas Cowboys Contemplating Starting Cooper Rush in Week 9

QB Cooper Rush could start against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 9.

And the bad news keeps coming for the Dallas . According to reports will miss yet another game after being added to the list, which is less than ideal considering they host the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 9.

This marks the second week in a row the Dallas Cowboys have been without their top two quarterbacks. Against the last week they turned to QB and could certainly go that direction once again in Week 9, but word on the street is they are also seriously considering turning to the recently signed veteran Cooper Rush.

Cooper Rush is already ahead of the game when it comes to knowing the Dallas Cowboys offensive system. He served as ’s primary backup the past few seasons before being released this when Andy Dalton was signed. That familiarity is one of the reasons they signed him to the practice squad last week and are now contemplating him as a starter in Week 9.

on Cooper Rush last week…

“Cooper is someone that is fond of. So it’s a natural move to enhance the quarterback room. He will be part of it next week if he makes it through COVID protocol.”

Cooper Rush’s knowledge of Kellen Moore’s system and familiarity with the Cowboys’ personnel probably makes him the best option to start this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The playbook should be wide open for him, whereas it would likely have to be dialed back a bit for Ben DiNucci or .

It’s unknown what the Dallas Cowboys will do right now, however, it certainly seems as if Cooper Rush is most qualified QB on the to start this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Whoever they decide to go with though won’t have it easy against a very tough Steelers . After all, they pride themselves on making things as difficult as possible on opposing QBs.

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. I think it’s pretty shortsighted and premature to deem BD a bust He started one game for this horrible cowboys team That’s hardly a fair/proper evaluation. I bet Dalton looks bad too when he comes back. The only QB that could make any difference with this team is out for the season.

    Unless they see Rush as having a future with us…why even play him? Let BN take his knocks and see if he is at least back up QB material. We know Rush and Gilbert are both journeymen career backup types (if that).

    The only reason I could see for Rush playing is to determine whether he might be our backup QB next yr but then again dont we already know what he is?

  2. The word is that the Cowboys are giving Gilbert and Rush starter reps in practice, so they’re not just contemplating starting Rush this weekend, they’re contemplating starting Gilbert too!! And if you ask me I’d say either one of them would do a better job of playing the QB position than DiNucci!! DiNucci was terrible last weekend!! I don’t see how this guy even got a draft pick wasted on him!! There were other QBs left on the board in round 7 that should’ve been chosen over DiNucci, and I can guarantee that they would’ve been better than DiNucci too!! We could’ve taken Anthony Gordon, Josh Love, Bryce Perkins, Steven Montez or even Shea Patterson, and that’s just to name a few!! And I guarantee every one of them would’ve been better than DiNucci!! That’s how bad he played last weekend!! Just terrible…. Smh!!

  3. There is no way this team is beating the Steelers this weekend, but I would certainly be in favor of putting Rush in over Dinucci. He is far more familiar with the offense and it’s players than Dinucci and has more experience and far better mechanics. I was appalled at how bad Dinucci looked this past Sunday. He looked like a bearded teenager right off the sandlot the way he was slinging the ball around. He has some mobility but does not appear to be able to throw on the run. He also was entirely too locked in on Gallup when he has so many options to throw to. He looks years away from being really ready to lead a team. I hope we get to see what rush can do…I have seen enough of Dinucci.

  4. DiNucci has terrible fundamentals. This not about the playbook . DiNucci is so fundamentally flawed it really calls to question who evaluated him and wanted him around.
    Cooper Rush is bad but at least he can do fundamental QB acts . DiNucci looked like a person who had never played at any level.
    Rush has now been cut twice in 6 months so that is the level of talent the Boys bring Sunday.

  5. As much as I hate to say it but after watching D man Sunday night it is obvious that he is not ready for the NFL and if we have any kind of chance betting the Steelers CR would be the best choice! Who knows maybe CR would play like he has something to prove and do well!

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