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REPORT: Ezekiel Elliott Not Expected to Play Against Steelers

If being down to Garrett Gilbert at quarterback wasn’t bad enough, the Dallas Cowboys are now expecting to be without Running Back Ezekiel Elliott for tomorrow’s matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Elliott has been battling a hamstring issue and is reportedly not likely to play in Week 9.

The Cowboys will use 2nd-year RB Tony Pollard as their starter tomorrow and rookie Rico Dowdle will be the backup. Dallas has called up RB/FB Sewo Olonilua from the practice squad to complete the depth chart.

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Cowboys are preparing to be without RB Ezekiel Elliott (hamstring) on Sunday vs. Steelers. Team has elevated FB Sewo Olonilua from practice squad. More backfield depth behind Tony Pollard, Rico Dowdle if Elliott inactive. Mike McCarthy has said Elliott to have pregame workout.

Remarkably, this would be the first time that Zeke has missed a game due to an injury. He sat out of one game in each of the 2016 and 2018 seasons, both the Week 17 finales as the Cowboys rested up for the playoffs. He missed six games in 2017 for his infamous suspension.

Despite his stardom, Elliott’s absence tomorrow may not hurt the Cowboys offense nearly much as some others. Pollard has shown he can be an effective player in the offense, though has never had a consistent diet of touches to establish himself as an offensive weapon.

And frankly, the Steelers defense is going to make life hard for whoever plays. They are currently 3rd-overall in yards allowed and 5th against the run.

The Cowboys do get their bye week following this game so Elliott should be back for Week 11. But for those who wanted to see Tony Pollard get a chance at the spotlight, you finally get an opportunity.

Unfortunately, given the competition and the situation at QB, any Cowboy finding success tomorrow may be too much to ask.

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Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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  1. Been a diehard cowboys fan since the 70’s. They have been a complete disappointment for a very longtime now. They a have been equivalent to the browns. Jerry needs to step away. They need a coach that will not only be a great leader but also demand leadership from his players. Also need to quit picking up scraps for play callers. I will never be a fan of anyone other then the cowboys but c’mon man!

  2. We need to cut ezikio whatever and pick up someone with some heart and want to win drive! He obviously doesnt care anymore , so get rid of that bum , he doesnt deserve to b a cowboys anymore! That goes for any player besides him! That doesnt hav a want to win drive running through him ! Cut him trade him who cares just get rid of him! Ever since he got his big pay day , he hasnt even given it 50% . Its obvious he doesnt care anymore , so come on cowboys get rid of these guys who just take ur money and then quit playing r putting in the effort! Im sure im not the only cowboy fan who doesnt feel this way! Im burning my ezicko jersey!

  3. Zeke is not the player he once was. The sooner they see that, the faster something can be done to improve that position. Pollard is a pretty good RB, but, IMO, not a front line, bell cow type guy. Dowdle is an unknown. In college, he looked quick with good cutting ability, could make people miss, and finished hard. But there must be reason(s) why he was an UDFA. I know his YPC were not great. Still would like to see what he can do at this level. Would be great if he were a sleeper type.

  4. To say Zeke is the problem with the Cowboys is ridiculous. Has anyone paid attention to how bad the offensive line is? Has anyone paid attention to how horrible the defense has been? And If not scoring more than 10 points in the last two games is Zeke’s fault, I must be watching a different team.

  5. Its common knowledge that RBs age at a much faster rate than any other position, especially ones that have been ridden hard like Zeke. Since this season is hopeless why not rest him for the rest of the season?

    We are contractually obligated to him thru 2022 so why not preserve what little juice he has left to offer, for the seasons moving forward.

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