Report: QB Dak Prescott to Sign Exclusive Franchise Tender

The biggest concern for the Dallas Cowboys this offseason has been their contractual song and dance with Dak Prescott. They still have until the July 15th deadline to work out something long-term, however, the Cowboys fan base just received a bit of relief heading into the new season.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Prescott intends to sign the exclusive franchise tender by Monday which will pay him 31.4 million in 2020.

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Once Prescott signs he will be contractually obligated to report to training camp on time whether a long-term deal is reached or not.

The Cowboys have their franchise signal-caller locked in for 2020. More details to come.

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  1. Jerry, trade overrated Dak to the Jets for Adams and start Dalton. You’ll free up a lot of cap space, have a better quarterback and a better defense. it’s win-win. If you keep Dak you’ll just have an overpaid, above average quarterback.

    • Just forget about Jamal Adams…. He’s not worth giving up all that draft capital to get and he’s not worth giving up our players for!! And we’re definitely not gonna trade Dak for him!! I’m tired of hearing all you idiots talk about giving up all of these players or draft picks to get Jamal Adams!! All you people complain about how Dak is greedy and everything else, but you wanna give up all kinds of stuff to get a player that won’t even play out the rest of his rookie contract and is asking for more money than his position is worth paying!! This guy will be making over 9 million for the rest of his contract, that’s more money than Dak has made in in all 4 years of his contract and he can’t even play out the rest his contract…. At least Dak didn’t hold out to get a new contract before his rookie contract was up!! And idk what you’ve been smoking on but Dalton is NOT better than Dak!!

  2. Prescott is hoping that the numbers for Mahomes, et al, go through the roof, and he can take advantage of those signings. Cowboys built an awesome offense around him, so it may work out for him. On the other hand, if he doesn’t deliver bigtime, his money may go south. Still think he is as greedy as they come, turning down $35 million/yr. PLUS ALL THE ENDORSEMENT money for being a Dallas Cowboy. I am a long time fan and want to see us win, but if we don’t go deep into the playoffs, at least, there will be a silver lining of sorts. Seeing greedy, self centered Prescott taken down a notch, because his second franchise tag will cost over $37 million, blowing up the cap, gutting my team.

  3. Arguments for both sides have merit. However, the market is what it is. I work in IT, if I get fired, or opt to seek work elsewhere, I expect to get market value. I suspect the same is true of all of you … why shouldn’t ballplayers? Just because their markets are insanely higher than our doesn’t mean they should submit to lower market values. 24 months after Dak signs his contract, he will see 3-6 other QBs’ sign even bigger contracts … and some of those guys may not have his stats.

    Just chill and enjoy the games, we all had the opportunity to play this game too but for whatever (and various) reasons, we are in smaller markets and now we think these guys should just “give in” because the money variance is so insignificant?

    Dak is being prudent, as is Jerry. Neither has had any reason to move on this any faster than they have. That gave all us wannabees too much time to think and comment.

  4. Oh how i long for the days when it was just about the players and the game. Seemed like a simpler times then but i’m not naive enuf to not understand that the owners held a monopoly over the players for many many yrs and the players finally wised up. When the owners could manipulate the players at their whim and for their gain it was “just business” but when players started to push back they were labeled selfish. Always comes down to the almighty dollar.

  5. Why do most people assume that the cap is going to continue spiraling upward indefinitely? At some point it will plateau, or even decline; it is just a matter of when, not if. And it could be just around the corner. There are storm clouds forming now… I am not sure that it is to Dak’s benefit to insist on a four deal rather than five. The corona virus will likely reduce game attendance as early as this year. Corporate earnings could well be down, and if that is the case, luxury suite sales are almost certain to suffer. Advertising revenue could also be impacted, if not immediately, then certainly in the not too distant future. TV ratings have already begun to show a decline.

    I don’t know how many others are experiencing the same thing that I am, which is a somewhat lowered interest in football in general due simply to over saturation. There is Thursday night football, Saturday football near season’s end, Sunday football all day long, and Monday night football. Now, they are adding an additional game onto the season and expanding the playoffs. Eventually the pigeons will come home to roost—and player salaries along with them.

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