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Rumors and Clues Continue Between K.J. Wright & the Cowboys

One of the top player still available in in veteran Linebacker K.J. Wright.  With his old now working for the Cowboys, it's no surprise that Wright's been linked to Dallas a good bit over the last few weeks.

Wright won a with Quinn coordinating the “Legion of Boom” in Seattle. When Dan left to become the Falcons' , Wright was quoted as calling him a “defensive mastermind.”

The Cowboys certainly need some help at linebacker. is now with Houston, is contemplating , and the duo of and are going into 2021 with serious concerns about their performance and Leighton's health.

K.J. Wright could walk into at age 32 and still perhaps be Dallas' best linebacker. If nothing else, he could provide exceptional depth and veteran while also helping teammates to adapt to Dan Quinn.

So yeah, unsurprisingly, Wright and the Cowboys appear to be flirting a bit this .

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If Wright and the Cowboys do end up together it shouldn't be surprise that it took some time.  Dallas has become very conservative with free agency over time and isn't looking to pay those first-wave salaries and bonuses.

But now it's been a week and K.J. remains unsigned. Depending on what other offers or interest he's received, the lure of reuniting with Quinn and joining the Cowboys could get him here at an acceptable price.

Dallas doesn't want to go into the draft with any glaring needs. If they can add a player like K.J. Wright, it will fill one of their bigger holes and provide additional leverage for the big weekend in April.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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  1. I say pick up Wright.. But the cowboys just spent to much for Dak.. They need to make some moves on the offensive side too. I thank trading Zek and Cooper for a couple picks or a #1 CB and a pick.. And draft some talent like Chase or Pitts hell if they can trade both Cooper and Zek to maybe Miami for Howard and the 6th pick.. That would give the cowboys 6th and 10th and a true #1 CB and the cowboys could have Pitts and Chase and Dak would have the best receiveing core in football.. Just cutting Zek is a waste he is still in his prime and can be dealt the Miami deal could happen in my opinion there looking to make it to the playoffs and a trade like this would help both teams

  2. Agree Gary. Devin White played extremelly well in the playoffs and Super Bowl. I had not seen him play much until last year playoffs. Great pick at #5.

  3. DON HOWARD- I’ll respectfully disagree. The Bucs Devin White was picked #5 overall in 2019 and he was dominant in the SB also picked off the chosen one.

    LBs are becoming much more of a commodity. The modern day ones are more athletic and multipurpose then their predecessors and are able to impact the game in multiple ways.

  4. The reason why we ain’t hearing Earl Thomas Eric , is cuz he’s going through the same thing as TO and Chad Ocho Cinco , THEY AREN’T WORTH THE TROUBLE ANYMORE ,

    Chad got another chance with Pats and Miami , but when he got in trouble again , and got hurt , he was done , his play didn’t cover his troubles off the field

    Same with TO , we dropped him cuz he wasn’t producing and he was still a head ache in locker room , and so he bounces around till no one wants him anymore ,

    So now I think he ET is the same way now , his play has gotten worse with age and now his play doesn’t outweigh the Off the field issues , at this point I don’t want ET , he’s just a cancer

  5. He’s a very good linebacker. Jerry Jones is scared he is better than the two they have now. He loves Smith and Van der Esch. Hard to sit Smith making that much money.

  6. With all the Dan Quinn connections why haven’t we heard anything on Early Thomas since Quinn came on board. He desperately needs a 1 yr deal to repair his reputation and show he can be a team player.

  7. yeah that would take a guy like Parsons out of the question at 1st pick and or any pick on LB till at least 4th round , I’d still draft someone cuz of Wright’s age and health being a concern for LVE and the unknown with J Smith ,

    Monty Rice would be a steal in the 4th round , or JaCoby Stevens would be a interesting LB/S hybrid

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