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Rumors: Cowboys Fielding Trades for WR Amari Cooper

With what feels like an ole' fashioned Wild West standoff between the and to determine his future, another twist was created today when NFL Reporter Jane Slater reported:

Her would come as a surprise since last week NFL Senior Insider Adam Schefter tweeted the franchise was likely to release Cooper before March 20, since his contract would become fully guaranteed if they didn't move him.

Additionally, Slater said to not expect any news regarding the Cowboys and Cooper until we get closer to the 5th day of the new league year, which begins March 16.

In a piece written by Jason Willis on ITS, he talked about the Jacksonville Jaguars making a sense as a trade partner for the Cowboys. Willis brought up that it would be somewhat of a homecoming for Cooper, who is a native of Miami, Florida, and would serve as a huge weapon for .

This season, the Jaguars' leading wide receiver was Marvin Jones who had 832 yards but doesn't garner the respect as a true WR1.

(It also didn't help the Jaguars just flat-out stunk with , but that dialogue is for another day.)

With Cooper, who finished with 865 yards while playing in an that had multiple mouths to feed, you're getting a proven, elite wideout that makes life easier for his team and can take your offense to another level.

Additionally, the Jaguars can afford to take on Cooper's $20-million salary and the Boys would be able to get something at least, and that's way better than nothing.

Now to those who are questioning what a hypothetical return could look like if the Boys decided to work with the Jaguars, I got an answer for you, and it comes from PFF (Pro ).

In a Cooper-Jacksonville scenario, PFF had the Cowboys receiving a 2022 2nd Round Pick (No. 33) and a 2022 5th Round Pick (No.156).

This trade is likely alarming to some fans since they saw the Cowboys trade a 2019 first-round pick to the then- for him, and it's expected you would want to see a similar return. However, the of teams overpaying for Cooper are slim since they know they can likely sign him in if the team ends up releasing him.

With the Jags trade, the franchise would have three picks in the Top-50, and it allows them to fill key positions with two, high-quality players, or even package their picks to move up a few spots in the .

In other hypothetical trade ideas circulating the internet, the , , , , and were seen as possible trade partners for Cooper's services.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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gary b

This is a deep draft for WRs so that will drive his trade value down. That and his 20 million dollar salary, which he isn’t worth.


#33 is as close as you can get to a 1st without getting the 5th year option.

#33 and a 5th rounder? For a $20M per season WR who plays as much decoy as he does #1 receiver, who disappears on the road, has a history of lower leg problems and questionable chemistry with the QB we’re stuck with?

I’d take it and the cap savings. Re-sign Wilson and extend Schultz to spread out his cap hit. Use the extra picks to help rebuild the OL and add a younger, cheaper receiver.

Yeah, the offense may take a step back this season, but not as big of one as it would have cutting by Cooper with no compensation, losing Wilson and only having one pick in the top 50.


I just don’t see any team offering much for him knowing the Boys are going to cut him. Why would they give up picks and take on his ridiculous salary? Yes there will certainly be competition for him once he hits the open market, but that certainly won’t drive his price close to 20 mil. Better to keep the picks and cash and build through the draft.

Vic G

Well that’s something if JAX parts with 2 picks this year!! I’d like a little more compensation though!


Go Jacksonville!
To get rid of the huge cap hit, it would make sense to give a third to trade Cooper…who is astoundingly overrated.
To get a second would be robbery.

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