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Scratch off OT in Round 1 for Cowboys After Recent Contract Restructures

In order to create a little relief the have decided to restructure the contracts of , , and after officially to a massive long-term extension.

Whether it's foolishness or faith, the Dallas Cowboys are taking a bit of a risk restructuring the contracts of two players who are coming off season-ending and another who has been fighting the bug as well the past couple of seasons. One things for sure though, the Cowboys are banking on all three for the long haul now.

Other than creating an additional $17 million in cap room, this business decision likely impacts the upcoming as well. By restructuring both Tyron Smith and La'el Collins it likely means we can scratch off in the first-round for the Dallas Cowboys.

There have been more than a few draft analysts, myself included, who have mocked to the Dallas Cowboys with the 10th overall pick. Other than one of the top cornerbacks, and , Slater has been one of the more popular targets for the Cowboys in the first-round. That may no longer be the case.

To me, the restructuring of Tyron Smith and La'el Collins signals the Dallas Cowboys feel good about their starting tackles for 2021 and beyond. If that is indeed the case there is no need to draft an OT very high in the upcoming draft. Upgrading the swing position behind them though isn't out of the question, but that can be accomplished later in the draft.

I don't know about you, but I'm really hoping Dallas' bookends are able to rebound from their season-ending injuries last year and remain healthy for an entire season. That's something Tyron Smith has found nearly impossible to do for several years now, but hopefully opting for surgery to fix his ongoing neck issues fixes the problem for good.

If Smith and Collins return to form and play up to their talent the Dallas Cowboys should once again have two of the best bookends in the entire league. The faith they've shown by restructuring of their contracts indicates they are both well on their way to being the players they once were pre-injury. Fingers crossed that is indeed the case.

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Jeffrey D Williams

“To me, the restructuring of Tyron Smith and La’el Collins signals the Dallas Cowboys feel good about their starting tackles for 2021 and beyond. “…you cannot be this naïve. Dallas had to get under the cap by March 17th (as they were $38,000,000 over with Dak (Dak’s contract put them at $210,000,000 for a $182M cap)) and had nobody on the roster they could cut to make that room available. Dallas still does not have room for their draft picks so some major names will be cut which will add a ton of money to their dead money for the next couple of years, thus further reducing their cap space for 2022 and beyond. This was the DUMBEST signing ever, even dumber than Romo’s.

Pepper Harvell

It’s unfortunate you do not know what you are talking about. The NFL today is a Quarterback League! Drafting Quarterbacks is a lotto. Brining in a veteran can sometimes works out. Dak is a good Quarterback. You should be thankful we have an above average Quarterback. Look at his stats the last three to four years. He is leading in most if not right at the top. You really want to take a chance on another Quarterback? It’s unfortunate you do not know what you are talking about. Good-bye…..

Michael Gallagher

Jerry Jones is one of the smartest business men in all of sports. He will make it work and have money left over. If your not a Cowboys fan either keep your mouth shut or look at your teams page.

lawrence stacy

Your cap numbers are way off base to start with. That alone makes anything else you say questionable at best and probably wrong. Try doing a little research instead of just making nonsensical emotional comments.


As much as I believe Tyron’s body is done, I think they are all in over the next two years and can’t wait or hope a LT prospects develops quickly. I pray he can stay healthy. The back up guys last year at least showed that they can be reliable back ups–they got lots of snaps.


I think you forgot about the carryover from last season–of $25.4
million in space!


Then draft all defense starting with cornerback Surtain and then safety Grant and then linebacker and defensive linemen.
Get Sam Ehlinger quarterback from Texas in later round to backup Dak.

Long time cowboys fan

Pepper harvell….. stats don’t mean jack it you can’t beat any team above 500!!! Most of his stats came in garbage time an teams that were just slightly worse then the cowboys. I’m cowboys fan since 1980 Troy Aikman stats probably are not even going to be close to what Prescott stats are but yet he won 3 Super Bowls. If he wins a SB or 2 then that’s stats are good for him to make it into to HOF.

Brian Parrott

Dak is overrated. He beats up on bad defenses and prevent defenses in garbage time. One writer said that Dak’s importance to the team was shown because the Cowboys were 6-10 last year wihout him. Ummm….they were 1-3 with him (should have been 0-4 if not for Atlanta’s breakdown in knowing the basic rules of onside kicks), and so they were 5-7 without him. In 2019, his big breakout season, they went 8-8. So maybe he would have went 8-8 last year. Is two wins worth $40 million??? I don’t think so.


Yeah I’m not drafting OT in 1st round now , i didn’t like drafting one in 1st even before , but now yeah , I’m definitely ain’t drafting one in 1st , it may have been foolish for boys to restructure their contracts but the damage is done , so now we got to bank on them staying healthy in future and being our starters for the future, which as you said Brian , still doesn’t put out of question finding their backups in the latter part of draft ,

But as far as 1st round pick , i do think it has to go with D , maybe even trade down and get a 3rd out of it and take a guy like Barmore or Horn , or we could stay put at 10 and get Parsons or if you are gonna draft something for Offense , I’d go with Pitts at TE , between him , Ceedee , Gallup , and Cooper with Dak , we’d score 50 a game pretty easy , maybe that’d be enough to offset our bad D

Jeffrey D Williams

They have already re-structured Lawrence’s contract and cannot convert anymore salary to bonus. You forget, Dallas still is not under the cap and, they still have not made room for the draft class.

Don Howard

A good QB payed like a great QB will have the team in the Bahamas in January


I agree with the above about trading down; trade down to the Chargers or the Patriots and get extra picks; I did the PFF draft simulator: Sam Elinger QB Texas would be a great later in the draft pick; the extra picks may land 2 CB’s, a Safety and a EDGE player.

Brian Keenan

I think we should have gotten Russell Wilson ,Dak has not proven that kind of money we will watch another team get Wilson and have great success and we will be 8 and 8 or 9 and 7 and get beat in the wildcard. The boys are too predictable score first drive again score with under too minutes get a quick score third quarter no score other team takes lead then trying to battle back with under 2 minutes left we only need a touchdown and a onside kick to go out way no time outs left pretty much sums it up

Larry wright

I am soooo sick of u fly by night fans that claim ALL OF DAK’S STATS R GARBAGE TIME NUMBERS!! U guys make me sick! Learn about football if ur gonna comment, sure we were 1-3 with Dak but we won the game he got hurt in so thats 2-3, then there were several games with Dak we win going away. 2 of the 3 loses at the beginning were a call or 2 away from being wins, hell we could have easily been 4-1 at the end of game he got hurt in, but that’s the way football goes. Dak was averaging 371 ypg & Dalton was averaging 198 ypg, Dak passer rating was 99 & Dalton was 87. C’mon man get realistic. Rams 266 yrds no trash time we lose 20-17, Atl 450 yrds we win 40-39 NO TRASH YRDS, Seahawks 472 yrds we lose 38-31 no trash yrds, Cleveland 502 yrds we lose 49-38 maybe a few trash yrds but just trying to catch up as defense couldn’t stop run & Giants 166 yrds we win 37-34 ABSOLUTELY NO TRASH YRDS!! So get ur facts straight b4 u rattle ur mouth it really makes u sound like u don’t know what ur talking about!
Did they overpay for Dak? Yes, but it’s not ur call til u write the checks, I wouldn’t have waited this long cyz if u remember correctly we had opportunities to sign him much less & I would’ve paid him the $31 million when they offered him like $24 million & everyone said he wasn’t worth it, same people now claim he’s only worth $33-$37.
Long story short-JJ just put us on a short list for a Super Bowl next yr. IF THEY HELP DEFENCE A LITTLE, trade Jaylin, LVE, Dlaw & Zeke & a 1st rd pick to Rams got Aaron Donald & Cam Ackers & a 2nd rd pick & fix this defense.

Cowboys fan

Jeffrey D Williams…. How were we 38 million over the cap?? After signing Dak we were still under the cap!! We still had enough cap space from last season to sign Dak!! Dak only gets 22.2 million this season, not 40 million, which is apparently what you think he’s getting paid!! Restructuring the contracts of Martin, Smith and Collins just gives us an extra 17 million in cap space, so we’re closer to 20 million under the cap now!! Which is enough to sign a couple free agents and sign our draft class!! I think you need to learn a lot more about the game of football before you come on here running your mouth!! You sound really stupid when you make ignorant comments like that!! This contract Jerry signed Dak to was a good move rather you your stupid mind thinks so or not!!

Cowboys fan

And now I have to make a comment about you idiots that keep saying Dak isn’t worth the money cause the TEAM went 8-8 or 1-3 before he got hurt!! Are you people really that stupid!? Seriously…. It takes a TEAM to win games, not just the QB!! Dak AND the OFFENSE were putting up nearly 40 points a game until he got hurt…. 40 points should win any game you play in the NFL, but it didn’t with us because our DEFENSE was giving up more than 40 points a game!! And Dak don’t play defense or special teams at that!! So quit putting TEAM STATS on Dak…. Try looking up QB stats, that’s where you’ll see how good Dak is….. Idiots!!!!


Hey Larry Wright , you do know the game Dak got hurt in , we were trailing to the Giants right ? And if you want to nit pick the Losses Dak had this year then let me nit pick his only win this year , Falcons , all you had to do is fall on the onside kick and you win the game , to use your words , “hell , we could’ve easily been 0-5”


GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT if you wanna come at me , I’ll clap back KID WHO NEVER COMMENTS TILL RN


Cowboys fan , tell me this , if the greatness of a QB is only determined by stats , then why is Jameis WInston a backup ? YOU PPL ARE THE ONE’S WHO SOUND LIKE in your words “IDIOTS” cuz you clap back but you HAVE NO SUBSTANCE TO YOUR ARGUMENT , ALL I EVER HEAR FROM YOU COWBOYS FAN IS WHEN YOU WANT TO CRITICIZE PPL ON HEAR WHO BRING OUT REASONABLE ARGUMENTS ,




Chris Ki g

I wonder why civil discussions are so rare on these forums. Is it totally impossible to disagree with someone and NOT call them a name? Stats can usually be used one way or another to support an OPINION, so why don’t we act like GROWN UPS and treat each other with a modicum of respect.


If you Draft Leatherwood LT and put him at LG He will be reminding you of Larry Allen, which is what we need , since Smith has missed games last few years. I’m not buying Fools Gold. Understand Dead Money making Leatherwood the perfect draft choice at 6-6 318 while at Alabama he played extremely well. By 2023 He could easily move back to LT. Dak needs the Big LT, Fix the run game with some really powerful OLINE giving the Cowboys much needed domination of Time of Possession making the Cowboys Defense vastly improved over the worst statistical year in 60 year history

Mediocre Ogre

It doesn’t matter who the Cowboys draft or how much they pay their quarterback…..

They’re going to be a mediocre, middling team this year, just like they’ve been for the preponderance of the past 25 years.

Nobody knows mediocrity like Jerry Jones.

Amos Longstreet

Wow, this message board looks like a bunch of special Ed kids arguing over who is the toughest. Dak is a great qb anyone who says other wise has zero football IQ. Do you see how teams are trading multiple first round picks and more for a chance to draft a qb who might not even be a starting caliber qb, who has not even played a down in the nfl. Yes all the rookie qb’s about to be drafted is who I am referring to. Trey Lance has 17 starts in college and he will go in the the first round. With teams mortgaging their future for an unsure bet. The real problem with this team is McCarthy won’t stop trying to make our 4-3 defense a 3-4. Give up the 3-4 and McCarthy in my book. The last Dallas coach besides the fired Mike Nolan who tried to run a 3-4 in Dallas was Wade Phillips a defensive coordinator at best and look how marvelous that turned out. If McCarthy doesn’t stop with the 3-4 b.s. our D will be a non factor with no identity again and dak will be criticized for not winning games that take a 40 burger to make up for the weak defense. Take Surtain trade up for Trevor Moerig, after that I don’t care as this is a weak draft class after pick 10.

Amos Longstreet

To answer the king of Tards, why J. Winston is not a starting QB is because he throws 30 interceptions a year. Smh seriously? He is battling Taysom Hill a 30 something year old gadget player who wishes he could be a starting QB and he might get the chance as the Saints are way over the cap and have no capital to pursue a true Franchise QB like Dak Prescott. Next you will say Taysom Hill is a great QB lmao.

Amos Longstreet

Are you a cowboys fan? Hard to tell with your logic, your name shows your a dez fan, your comments show who you are, clap back really? Does that mean every time you try and cut someone down to try and make yourself feel better you clap your hands applauding your down grading of other people? I read every comment and Cowboys fan is the only person on this board with any football sense, Larry Wright your nonsense about giving a ton of our best players for Aaron Donald and cam Akers who is in a rb committee and did nothing his rookie year I had him on my fantasy team. Larry Wright and WannabeBaby Dez stick to things you know like clapping leave the football discussions to someone who doesn’t live in madden fantasy land.

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