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Should Cowboys Make QB Bailey Zappe one of Their Late-Round Picks?

Entering the 2022 you're likely to hear that some of the ' biggest needs are at , , , , , and Defensive . However, could the one position we are ignoring that the franchise needs is a ?

Now I'm not advocating that the franchise spends one of their high picks on a QB in this year's class. But with the Cowboys slated to only have two QBs signed on the team next summer, I feel like they could address the position this year and save some money.

I get that , who is getting paid handsomely by the Cowboys, shouldn't necessarily need competition if the franchise believes he's the guy. But if Dak were to get injured, are we riding with again?

When Prescott went down two seasons ago, we all saw the crazy QB carousel that the franchise had. Based on that experience, I feel like it would be smart for them to draft a viable backup late in this year's draft.

While a rookie may not necessarily have success right away, I'm not drafting and banking that he's going to play right away. But with the right development it could pay dividends.

Enter Western Kentucky QB Bailey Zappe

After throwing for 6,000-yards and 62 touchdowns, you would think Zappe would be skyrocketing up draft boards. But because of the system he played in, some analysts don't believe his numbers could translate to the NFL.

Despite breaking records, Zappe is being viewed as a QB that you can grab in later rounds if you need a backup or developmental project. But there is a belief that he can be an eventual starter down the road.

If Zappe were to be drafted by the Cowboys, he would be someone who can be counted on to make plays with his arm or his feet. After seeing the play from the backup QBs two seasons ago, please sign me up.

Despite being known as a gunslinger, Zappe has also been labeled as someone who has an “above-average arm.” But if you don't remember was given the same label heading into the NFL Draft, and he turned out fine.

Now I'm not saying that Bailey Zappe's going to be the next Burrow. But I feel like if there's any reasonable comparison between them, that could be a successful use of a late-round pick.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Cowboys fan

Sounds good to me!! I just wrote in the last article that we should consider signing a better veteran backup for Dak…. Somebody better than Rush!! Guys like Geno Smith or Josh Rosen or Mike Glennon or even Ryan Fitzpatrick, I believe any of those guys can be better than Cooper Rush!! But I wouldn’t mind using a late round pick on Zappe!! I’m not sure how far he’ll fall, But I think if he makes it to the 5th round we should use one of our 5th round picks to get him!! It wouldn’t hurt to use a 5th round pick on him!! I’m sure he’ll at least turn out to be better than Cooper Rush!! And that alone is worth throwing a 5th round pick at him!!

Cowboy Fan Ed

CF fan I’m a little late responding to this article but I’m in agreement with you! There are several good battle tested veterans out there that could come in and lead this team in case Dak goes down! CR has shown A flash here and there but I just don’t think that he can come in and preform at an high Level week in and week out!


6000 yards and 62 TDs, sounds like he has some juice. Agree, if you can get him late, I’d jump.

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