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Signing DE Everson Griffen Would Solidify Cowboys Defensive Front

The have done a fabulous job revamping their in the . During , they added veterans , , and to upgrade the and positions. In last week's , the Cowboys loaded up even more bullets in the chamber by stealing corners in the and Reggie Robinson in the fourth. Also, they selected to further bolster the and snagged for rush help.

That should be enough defensive improvements for the right? Perhaps so, however, the Cowboys can put a ribbon on the transformation of their defense by adding veteran .

Griffen has been one of the better defensive ends in the NFL since he entered the league in 2010. Over his first 10 seasons, he's amassed 74.5 . The best stretch of his career came from 2014-2017 when he earned three selections and was selected as a second-team All-Pro. In 2019, he added a fourth Pro Bowl to his resume after producing eight sacks, 11 tackles for loss, 24 hits, and 66 pressures (15th in the NFL).

Watch “Everson Griffen Highlights | ” on YouTube

Everson Griffen 2019 Season Highlights | Minnesota Vikings

The Cowboys are still waiting for the of and , and while both seem very likely, they can't bank on just that going into the new season. Coming off of the right edge, Griffen would more than likely give the Cowboys their starting opposite in 2020 after losing last season's sack leader to the in free agency.

Currently, the Cowboys have about 10.5 million in cap space according to the Over the Cap. Griffen won't demand a salary that's too high after a decade of service in the league so from a financial standpoint the Cowboys could make it work.

Even at 32, Griffen is still productive and would instantly add even more firepower to an already overhauled defensive front in Dallas. The Cowboys have aced this offseason so far, but adding Griffen would take it into another orbit.


Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Erick English

I totally agree with article, they should release Crawford and use some of that money to sign Griffen to a 1 yr/9 mil deal. Incentives of course to push it too 11 mil. This guy is worth it, and he dnt bring any baggage.


Even better point. Crawford was signed to big bucks to be a defensive tackle. As an end he is even worse. We no longer need DTs thanks to the draft and the 2 free agent signings. Cut him a d sign this fuy


This is a great point. He could be this year’s Robert Quinn. I would do it.


I am not sure who wrote this. Yes, Cowboys are at 10 million. The rookies are going to eat up about 7 million.
This was an article written without knowledge.


You sound like the one without knowledge. Whether or not the rookies eat up as much of that 10million, there is always way to come up with salary cap. The boys could cut Crawford as someone already said, Crawford said he is willing to take a pay cut, the boys could reconstruct a players contract and so on. Basically not saying it’s going to happen but this article has realistic possibilities if the boys wanted to pick Griffin up

David Cabrera

I have been saying Da Boys need to sign EG for two months now. After the great job the Jones’, coaches scouts etc… did in free agency then the unbelievably great draft they just steamrolled through why not knock it out of the park ice the cake take the eagles flicker of hope their last breath and knock them the f@#k out by signing Griffin!!! This would be the Cherry on top of the Yacht

David Cabrera

This would be the Cherry on the Yacht!!!

Ben Miller

Jelks, Armstrong, Jackson, Anae, Kamara not to mention Gregory and Smith. Griffen would be nothing more than an expensive progress stopper. Plus I don’t see Crawford going anywhere. If Dallas is itching to spend that $10M in cap space spend it on a quality backup QB that they could actually believe is capable of winning a game or two.

Robert F Noone Jr

This is the best off season ive seen long time. This is a move I’ve been pinning for.Griffin or stick it to Giants & take like to get OJ Howard. From potential stand point. I love the Dalton pickup. Too bad only 1 year deal. Compare to Kyle Orton.

Mckinley Johnson

The only way this deal could have been better is if instead of dalton it would’ve been cam newton! and yes get everson griffen also,, would help to provide constant pressure on all QB’s, once gregory and aldon smith are re-instated. I do believe that we can have a D-Line worthy of the past.

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