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Single Season Cowboys Records that Could be Broken Next Season

A record is always hard to break, no matter who holds it. Could we see any single-season Cowboys records overthrown next season?

I had to catch myself a handful of times when I was trying to compile a list of records that a current player could break next season.

We saw break 's single-season touchdown record when he threw 37 a season ago.

The first record that comes to mind is the sack record which belongs to as he registered 20 in 2008.

Dallas has two different guys that have a chance to break that record, and .

Parsons put up an incredible 13 in his rookie campaign, and he did not even line up as a primary rusher for the entire season. I am excited to see what he will do in year two under .

Lawrence sits 4th in the record books currently. He was able to register 14.5 sacks during the . If healthy, Lawrence has the chance to top his record, but with the extra game might be able to come close to 20 sacks.

People may call me crazy for thinking this. currently holds the record for most receiving touchdowns as a Cowboy with 16.

has a chance to be great. I am not saying he will break the record, but with no , Lamb has to be the guy, and I think he will thrive.

I could have probably found a different record to replace this one. Like sack record, it just comes down to who I trust the most on this team. Do I expect Lamb to break the record? No, but I think he may come close.

I trust Parsons, Lawrence and I trust Lamb. That is why I gave them a chance to break one of the Cowboys' single-season records next season.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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For me, Parsons has a better chance than Lawrence who, IMO, doesn’t get anywhere near 20 sacks. He had 3 sacks last year and has been regressing since 2017. Frankly, as far as sacks, he has been a MAJOR disappointment. But even for Parsons, would a tough task, as he has other responsibilities.

I think CeeDee may have a decent chance to beat that record.

That extra game makes these “records” somewhat tainted, IMO. BTW, the “absent” Eagles did DP a big favor with his “record” in that 17th “game”.

Dave SC58

The “Extra” game syndrome has been happening for years. Remember, NFL teams played 12 games per season until 1961. At that time the schedule was increased to 14 games. Then in 1978 the schedule was increased to 16 games. Now we have 17 games. So season records based on total yards or TDs or sacks or anything else get impacted each time the league adds more games to the schedule. That’s just the way it has always been. Look at Jim Brown. he played 12 games per season his first 4 years in the league. 14 games per season in his last 5 years in the league. He finished with 12,312 yards rushing. Based on Yards per game, if he played all 16 games seasons he probably would have been over 15,000 career rushing yards. But that’s just speculation.


I agree Vam. No way Lawrence even sniffs a chance at that record. Parsons has decent shot at it especially if he gets more time on the line. I do not know what to think about Lamb. I just don’t see Dak feeding him the ball the way Dez used to get it. Dak is more inclined to find the open man or easy completion. I feel like Schultz, Ferguson and Tolbert and Washington will siphon off a lot of the pass attempts…not to mention dump offs to Pollard and Zeke. As has been mentioned before the Cowboys are not a team that feeds the beast when it comes to wide outs.


I like attempts to offer different subject matter during the slow periods. Having said that, crazy left the station with typing Lawrence and 20 sacks in a connected thought. I’m not a pessimist and douse optimistic rhetoric, but c’mon man.

Dave SC58

Those three records will not be broken, however, there is a chance that Tony Romo’s 4903 passing yards could be eclipsed. Dak Prescott had 4902 passing yards in 2019, falling one yard shy of the record. Prescott’s 37 TD passes last year were enough for the new season record and perhaps he can improve upon that record this year. I guess time will tell.

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