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Tavon Austin, the Cowboys Best Playmaker Not Named Ezekiel Elliott?

If I were to ask you right now who will end up being the playmakers in 2018, what would be your answer? I don't know what my answer would be other than , but one player does kind of stick out above the rest, / .

The Dallas Cowboys acquired Tavon Austin from the during the . It was a move that was met with some skepticism from many fans, but I for one like the .

A lot of NFL teams are overvaluing draft picks, especially later in the draft. The Dallas Cowboys only gave up a sixth-round draft pick to acquire Austin. It's unlikely anybody else drafted there would contribute this season, but Austin surely will.

It really looks as if the Dallas Cowboys have a clear plan for Tavon Austin this season. That's really a good thing considering all of the unknown with the rest of the offensive playmakers.

It's still a little strange to think about how much turnover the Dallas Cowboys have on the offensive side of the ball. will pretty much be throwing to an entirely different group of wide receivers this season and will have a new as well. Right now, it's a little scary to think about all of that change and whether or not it will be successful.

Ezekiel Elliott and Tavon Austin
Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott and WR/RB Tavon Austin

Luckily, the Cowboys still have Ezekiel Elliott, who will once again be the engine that propels the entire . He is really the Cowboys only playmaker who we know will without a doubt find success this year. Despite having a down year in 2017, for good reason, he is still considered one of the best running backs in the league.

We should find that comforting considering all of the unknown about the rest of the offense. No one really knows what they are getting from , , or any of the other WRs. of course may be the most reliable receiving target, but I wouldn't exactly call him a playmaker.

When I think of a playmaker, I'm envisioning someone who can take over a game by themselves. Ezekiel Elliott is more than capable of doing that, but I don't know if there is anybody else on the Cowboys roster who would fall into that category.

Tavon Austin may not be someone who can solely take over a game, but I think he could be the next best thing. He is a dangerous player any time he touches the ball due to his speed and elusiveness. He can hurt a in so many different ways and that should get you a little bit excited.

Unfortunately, we don't really know how the Dallas Cowboys or plan to utilize Austin's unique skill set just yet. Linehan doesn't have the best track record of being able to get the ball in the hands of his best playmakers, but hopefully things will change this year.

I may end up being in the minority here, but I'm going to predict that Tavon Austin ends up being the Dallas Cowboys best playmaker, not named Ezekiel Elliott, this season. I think he can make a difference as a receiver, running back, and on as well.

What do you think about WR/RB Tavon Austin as a playmaker?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Bret Lewis

I think if Sean McVay let him go for a 6th round draft choice because he was of no value to the Rams, it’s a big stretch to think that Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan can do better. I would love for it to be true. But probably not with this coaching staff

Ethan Chazin

Why do you say it is strange to think how much turnover the offense has had? They lost Dez & Witten, who were shells of their former selves who collectively DEMANDED 65% of all passing attempts. Their greatly reduced skill sets pigeon-holed the offense. The league has shifted to a no #1 receiver model so bringing in new players via the draft and free agency who are precise rute runners, have greater route tree awareness and Dak can check thru his progressions means a passing game that will thrive esp. if the run offense can re-assert itself. the additions to the O line give us much greater flexibility. I am extremely excited to see what this new offense can do. Don’t sleep on a Dak return to ’16, MVP for Zeke, top 5 offensive unit ranking in points and a trip to the NFC Championship game.

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