Terrell Owens Announces Plans for Hall of Fame Speech

Terrell Owens finally got into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year, but has gone the very T.O. route of not following tradition and attending the ceremony in Canton, OH. The mercurial NFL legend has instead chosen a private location for his induction ceremony and speech.

Owens announced his plans on social media earlier today:

On the scale of what some thought T.O. might do for his ceremony, this is actually a fairly benign and even inspired choice. Honoring a small school like UTC in this way is a great thank you.

Of course, the decision to forego the usual process and not attend the enshrinement ceremony is Canton has been met with plenty of derision. Owens’ choice, which is understandably perceived as selfish, could be taken as validation of why his induction was delayed and even still questioned by some.

But there’s no denying Terrell’s place in the NFL record books.

Only Jerry Rice has more career receiving yards than Owens. As for touchdowns, it’s just Rice and Randy Moss who stand about T.O. on the all-time list.

Given Moss’ similar issues at times with teammates and coaches, and his mutual lack of Super Bowl wins, it’s surprising that Randy got in the first ballot while Terrell had to wait a few years. Moss’ role in media may have had something to do with it.

Just like when he was a player, T.O. remains a fascinating and polarizing figure. Why should his Hall of Fame ceremony be any different?

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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