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The Cowboys Defense Is Close, And We Should Be Excited

The second half of the has left much of questioning just how good this roster actually is. Fans are now wondering very loudly if really is the of the future, if deserves to still be employed, and if there is enough talent in the receiving corps to threaten opposing defenses.

And, for the most part, rightfully so.

The Cowboys faltered weekly offensively during 's , and things didn't get better when he did return against Seattle. While I still sit firmly on the Dak Prescott bandwagon, 2018 remains a “prove-it” year for much of the offensive personnel and staff.

But for the first time in a long time, we enter a new season with hope on the other side of the ball. For years, it has been the defense which has “failed” great Cowboys offenses. During the 8-8 years we often saw heroics from and the , only for the opposing team to have one last possession to win the game.

For far too long the Cowboys has been average at best, their linebackers have been inconsistent (besides Sean Lee), and their has been nearly nonexistent. But while the offense faltered at the end of 2017, the defense shined.

And this defense, with the right development and decisions, is very close to being at the top of the league.

Of course there is the pass rush. Led by the Cowboys was able to cause disruption all throughout the 2017 season, and with returning healthy and available things should be the same this season. has another year of work under his belt as well, and if can get reinstated this defensive line is suddenly a scary unit for opposing offenses.

In the back end the Cowboys have completely revamped their roster, and now look to begin to take their final form. By hiring former Seattle Seahawks , the Cowboys are beginning to fit their players to their coaches to create a long and athletic secondary group.

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Chidobe Awuzie and could play the roles of 2013 Seattle cornerbacks in a movie about their run, and hopefully they can emulate their play style on the actual field as well. possesses the versatility to play in the slot and on the outside, has a chance to be this team's future , and both and made strides in 2017.

While the Cowboys were shoring up the two most important position groups on a defense over the past few years, they've also made an attempt to turnover their linebacker group as well. Sean Lee remains the glue that holds the unit together, but the Cowboys have made an effort to improve their linebackers this offseason.

Of course, they drafted Boise State linebacker Leighton Vander Esch 19th overall in the 2018 draft, but 's development will be vital to their success as well. Both of these players are fast, athletic, and rangy when at their best, giving the Cowboys some flexibility in their front seven.

The Cowboys made smart, cost-efficient moves to improve their offense this offseason, and I am certainly hopeful in the development of quarterback Dak Prescott.

But for the first time in a long time, when Cowboys fans look for a reason to be excited about the upcoming season, they may want to look at their defense first. Because the is in the middle of building a monster unit.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Travis Diggs

While i am excited to see this defense Im still concerned about Jeff Heath being a starting safety for this team. While he is serviceable at times i do believe he only starts for the cowboys, he wouldn’t start on any other team in this league. I believe once Richard sees Tyree Robinson or one of these other UDFA’s in action, Jeff Heath will become a back up where he should be

Tommy Davis

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Diggs on Jeff Heath, he has been a sore spot on the Cowboys defense for way too long, it’s like I’ve been saying, Dallas has a problem with playing the most talented. There is no way Heath should have been playing ahead of Xavier Woods who has better cover and tackling skills than Heath. The cornerbacks are left on an island alone because Heath can’t get over to help, heck he can’t even cover the middle of the field.

Chuck Wright

I see the biggest needs in the 2019 draft as LB, FS, 1 Tech and WR.

Yes WR, Cole and T Will at the end of their run, Hurns will be on the last year of his deal.

But this D on the verge of being special. Need to find Lee’s replacement, a top flight FS to round out the secondary and a legit 1 Tech which remains the most glaring hole on the D.

Tommy Davis

Byron Jones could not cover the tight ends well, he certainly won’t be able to cover wide receivers, that experiment failed in his rookie year. Awuzie is the Cowboys most physical corner but his coverage skills are suspect. He tries to make of for his lack of coverage skills by attempting to dislodge the ball after the catch, a tactic that does not often work in the NFL. The best cover corner on the team is Jourdan Lewis by far, coach Richard says Lewis is a fantastic corner. Good QB’s will take advantage of the lack of cover skills of Brown, Jones, and Awuzie. You can get by with Awuzie if you employ a safety with excellent coverage ability. As far as the offense, read the latest bleacher report article on Dak Prescott. He ranks better by far than Brees, Favre ,Manning, and all of Dallas’s quarterbacks during their first 2 years in the league. His stats only suffered during the final 8 game span when several key components were missing, left guard, left tackle, resulting in 14 sacks and countless hurries from pressure coming from the left side of the line. Add playing without Zeke and the inability of the wide receivers to create space results in the offense struggling. No QB, Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady included would look good under those circumstances.

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