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The Cowboys Should Add A Rookie At Quarterback

When it comes to the position, fans have been quite lucky. Since the days of and , “” often seems to have quality quarterback play. After years of holding the position down, has taken over as Dallas's clear franchise quarterback.

In six seasons as the Cowboys' starting quarterback, he has progressed immensely and is now one of the league's best quarterbacks. With 22,083 passing yards, 143 touchdowns, and 50 interceptions in his career, he has been productive and efficient. These are not empty stats either as the Cowboys are 53-32 under his watch. In 2021, he had one of his best seasons with 4,449 passing yards, 37 touchdowns, and ten interceptions

Despite all of these numbers and wins, Prescott may be most remembered for his in 2020. After a scorching start to the season, he fractured and dislocated his right ankle. Of course, this was a season-ending injury that left the Cowboys scrambling. With , , and all seeing playing time over the course of the season, Dallas finished 6-10.

Dallas Should Add A Young Quarterback

When the Cowboys drafted Prescott in the fourth round back in 2016, many considered it a strange pick as they already had Romo entrenched as their starter. However, the was quickly proven right when Romo was injured in the pre-season. Prescott would go on to win Rookie Of The Year and the rest is .

Currently behind Prescott on the is long-time backup . With one start in four seasons, Rush has 422 passing yards, three touchdowns, and one interception. Respectable numbers that will probably earn him the backup job for another season. However, if Prescott were to go down again it is a mystery whether he would be able to keep the team afloat for a lengthy period of time.

In the 2021 , the Cowboys will have the option to add another young passer in later rounds like they did back in 2016 with Prescott. Some options in the fourth round could include Nevada's Carson Strong or Western Kentucky's .

Strong represents a high upside option due to his high-end arm talent. While he has also dealt with in the past, he could be a valuable commodity as a developmental backup. Zappe lit up the stat sheet in college but does not possess the same upside as Strong. Still, he has all the makings of a long-term backup which has value in its own right.

In the NFL, quarterbacks are the most valuable currency. While Dak Prescott is the clear starter and franchise quarterback, the Cowboys should continue to attempt to add to the position. Simply, the value of hitting on a late-round quarterback is far greater than doing so at any other position. Should the Cowboys select a quarterback in April's draft, they will be adding depth at the most valuable position in the league while also securing a potential premium chip.



Jason Willis
Jason Willis
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Another DP hype article. They should have drafted a QB like two years ago, BEFORE they gave him that ill-conceived contract. Now that window is closed, and they’re not going to draft a real promising QB with starter upside to REALLY COMPETE with DP, and Rush/Grier are probably at least as good as these “developmental backups”.

Jasper J

Cowboys should probably draft or sign an UDFA QB every year to compete for the backup spot.
However, they should also consider trading for a young QB who may have qualities similar to Dak such as Kellen Mond of Minnesota.

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