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Time to see What Darius Jackson can do as Zeke’s Backup?

I hate to say it because I really like , but I think it may be time for the to reevaluate the position as it pertains to 's primary backup. Smith just hasn't been good this year, which is why I think it may be time to see what can do if given the opportunity.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting the Dallas Cowboys move on from Rod Smith or demote him right now, but I would promote Darius Jackson from the to the active roster as insurance in case something were to happen to Zeke. It just seems the right time to make that move after #21's scare Sunday afternoon against the .

You may have forgotten, but Ezekiel Elliott had to spend some time in the medical tent Sunday against the Eagles. He was luckily able to return to the game not long after, but it did shine a spotlight on Rod Smith and the lack of depth behind him.

Despite how much I like Rod Smith, and I do, he just hasn't been the same player this season as he was last year as Zeke's fill-in. He is just not running with any kind of authority and has been too apt to run east and west instead of north and south. I think it's one of the reasons why the Cowboys have continued to give Zeke such a heavy workload, despite him being banged up.

Rod Smith
Dallas Cowboys RB Rod Smith

Now, Rod Smith did look a little better against the Eagles, but I still believe it would be wise for the Cowboys to promote Darius Jackson to the active roster. Having more depth at such a physically demanding position is just smart football.

With the Dallas Cowboys playoff spot all but secured, it might be time to start thinking about lightening Ezekiel Elliott's workload just a little bit. Whether it's Rod Smith or Darius Jackson, the Cowboys have to find someone who can step in and be productive.

Rod Smith has had his opportunities this year, but hasn't really been able to capitalize like we believed he could. It might be time to turn to Darius Jackson, a fan favorite, who unfortunately just hasn't been able to prove what he can do as of yet in a meaningful game. I think it's time we change that.

As much as I like Rod Smith, I might like Darius Jackson just a little bit more. I think he is kind of like a poor man's Ezekiel Elliott. He is just as athletically gifted and can be a threat as both a runner and a receiver out of the backfield. He just needs the opportunity to prove it.

There's really no way of knowing if I'm right or wrong about this, but I believe he is worthy of a roster spot on game day if nothing else. I'd rather have him and not need him then need him and not have him.

Do you think it's time to see what Darius Jackson can do?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Until Zeke got hurt Sunday, I didn’t realize that Smith was the only other active RB on the roster. Plain old common sense tells me that we should have 3 RBs active for every game, so I whole heartedly agree with you.

Chuck Wright

The issue becomes, who do you drop from the game roster but I’m on board with what you suggest. Frankly if I were king Jerry for a day, I rest Zack and Tron as well. Oh how nice it is to have quality backups on the team. The ability to go into the playoffs with key players at 100% should bode well for Da Boys.

Tamzombren Lauderdale

Yes I agree, I was a fan of Smith, I was upset that Morris was getting the carries over Smith last yr, but I must agree, he’s not playing wit the same aggression.


Agree 100% , we just need to drop Hurns or Noah Brown to healthy scratch and bring Jackson up! Seems like we need everybody else as far as backups but not Wr’s

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