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Tone-Deaf Stephen Jones Comments on Cowboys Disappointing Offseason

Judging by the comments on our articles and tweets the last few months, most of you are clearly frustrated with how Dallas' 2022 has gone so far. Given the current mood of , tone-deaf comments yesterday by serve more as gasoline on the fire than providing whatever comfort or confidence he'd intended.

In a radio , Jones stated that the Cowboys aren't done yet in . This is certainly possible given their recent history, but also a somewhat hollow statement given the lack of difference-makers still available on the dwindling market and Dallas' miserly approach thus far.

But the big misstep in Stephen's interview was when he said the following:

“I don't think you ever win the in the offseason.”

Oh Stephen. Stevie Boy… no, no, no, no, no, no, no…

This doesn't get to use the “S.B. word” anymore. Not after 26 years. Not after failing to even make it to the Championship Game in that same timespan.

I get the sentiment; seemingly winning and losing the offseason is an annual topic that many times doesn't translate to results. How many times through the years have we mocked Washington for crowning themselves after big offseason moves?

But sadly, the are now in the same camp as their storied rivals when it comes to futility. And with an increasingly bitter fanbase, casually dismissing the importance of talent acquisition was a poor strategic move for one of the team's top executives.

The balance of arrivals and departures so far this offseason is rightfully concerning. The of Dallas adding someone in the upcoming draft who can provide the same immediate impact as , or even close to it, are low. That leaves us looking at the exits of , , and and wondering how the Cowboys can really claim to be better or even equally competitive in 2022.

Yes, the team went 12-5 last year and won the . That's cute.

Getting outclassed by the NFC West in your last two playoff appearances is the more telling fact. Winning this decayed division every now and then is an easy ticket to the postseason but it hasn't translated to being a true contender in the conference.

Unfortunately, it feels like the Jones family is again banking on winning a weak NFC East and hoping for better results in the . But hope and prayers are meaningless if you don't take action on your own behalf; the Cowboys can't keep leaving themselves on the razor's of contender status.

The is real but it's something to be skillfully navigated. Dallas' approach to roster management is becoming almost cowardly at this point, making us shockingly long for the days when ' influence was stronger.

It's also disheartening when you look at the man that the front office thinks is going to squeeze a winner out of these assets. is an away from being someone's or maybe commentating USFL games; there's nothing that indicates he will make a team greater than the sum of its parts.

That's why the parts are so important, Stephen. That's why the offseason, while not the deciding factor in championship success, is critical in a league that has designed itself around parity. Superior talent can make the difference, and it has to when you lack superior .

I know that. We all know that.

Why don't you?

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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I agree with the author , Jess. Jerry has handed over the keys to Stephen, and he has made some mistakes , and attempted to compensate by using his ignorance as brashness. Better for everyone to think you’re an idiot ,then instead , opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

William Bristol

A lot whining from Dallas fans as usual. Dalles has had some very good teams but couldn’t get to championship game. I still much enjoyed the last season. Depending on how we draft, we will still field a respectable team this year. I think we need oline help, a strong guard. On defense, if we draft good people, we could be good.

Dusty Paschall

This is the same guy who choose his fingernails on national television . We never get better w/o accountability and this front office has none.


The Rams kind of put a dent in the “Superbowl isn’t won in the off season” idea last year. Sure, they also made some key moves within the season to fill some gaps that came up, but they mainly put the pieces in place during the off season.

As usual, the Cowboy front office is slow or incapable of adapting.


Extremely well written and my sentiments exactly. Super Bowl isn’t won in the off-season? We clearly see why they don’t come close. They have become inept and the anchor holding back this organization. They haven’t come close since Jimmy and still believe their way works. Under normal conditions a GM and management this bad would have been fired years ago. The cheap route is only costing them when it counts with losing and disappointment. Tough being a fan. A fan since the early 80s and this stinks.


Well said. Dumb and Dumber are the the worst (well maybe better than Detroit and Washington) but their pathetic performance is weak. Jimmy Johnson is responsible for all 3 Super Bowl wins. Jerry and Jethro (Stephen) are narcissistic and delusional. A bad combination

Cowboy Fan Ed

You know the old saying that it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let everybody think your an idiot than to speak and remove all doubt! Jerry and his little boy might know how to make money but it’s Evident that they know nothing about running a NFL Organization!! State Championship ‘s , National Championship’s and Super Bowls are won in the off season by staying in the weight room keeping your body healthy for the up coming season, coaches in college staying on the recruiting trail, and yes in the pros getting the people in place on your team that can accomplish your objectives! Combine all these in the off season and you will be successful when the season starts! Do nothing in the off season and see what kind of team you have!

Lawrence C. Baker

Stephen Jones is a big head stupid idiot. Knows nothing about managing an organization the caliber of the Dallas Cowboys. He and Jerry ought to be locked away for the upcoming season and allow some smart people to run this team. Their biggest mistake was firing Jimmy Johnson! That move continues to and in my opinion will always impact this team until it’s corrected by hiring an intelligent FOOTBALL GENERAL MANAGER!!!


Lawrence C. Baker
I agree with you 100%, until you get to the part of hiring an intelligent Football GM, we have one however he is NOT CALLED a GM.

Will Mclay is the vice president of player personnel.

James Vargas

Very well said Jess. Nice article.

Stephen Gregory Abel

Loved the article and those that have posted are all spot on. Tone deafness is a terrible trait to have when reporters are putting microphones near your mouth. The Cowboys would do good to hide SJ away like President Biden’s handlers, most recently an Easter bunny, try to keep him away from an open mic. The less that is heard from SJ the better because he about as tone deaf as Hellenic Keller. The optics are horrific.

Vito Monaco

Double edged sword. I remember some number of years ago when the Eagles LOADED up on BIG NAME FAs, and most of the sport MSM were crowning them BEFORE the season even started, and then they flopped. And Jess brought up the Washington team, also in the respect. Yes, the Rams did sign a number of FAs and went on to win SB. But IMO, signing a bunch of FAs doesn’t always correlate to going long in the postseason.

Of course, the FO has a certain portion of responsibility in the success of the franchise. But so do the PLAYERS ON THE FIELD. And I would put more accountability on the players actually playing the games.

No team can have or NEED so called “Superstars” at every position on the field. Just look at some the players Brady played with and/or won SBs with: Danny Amendola (a Cowboy castoff), Chris Hogan, Kevin Faulk, Dion Lewis, Ben Watson, David Givens, Shane Vereen, Danny Woodhead, ETC. Hardly household names.

My problem with the FO is not so much the lack of signing big name FAs, as much as in the “TOP DOLLAR” CONTRACTS they gave to KEY PLAYERS on the team right now, that are not PLAYING up to those ill-conceived deals. Bottom line, certain players are not executing up to their “TOP DOLLAR” paychecks.

William Bristol

I think you are spot on Vito. Jerry would fall in love w/players and give them incredible contracts. There are only so many twenty million dollar players a team can afford.


Jess I hope you don’t write for the Dallas Cowboys or are affiliated in any way with them because this article is spot on and we all know how much Jerry Jones hates hearing the truth.


When this happens for 26 years and we keep buying in as fans and are hoping for a different result. That is the definition of insanity. They will continue to waste great careers and trade or let talented players walk away until they become irrelevant as an organization. Then and only then will you see them make changes. We saw it happen with three straight 6-10 seasons when they brought in Parcells to fix that hot mess.,
This is the most valuable sports franchise in the world. Does anyone think they are going to change anything and mess up what they have going?


Stephen and Jerry apparently have never understood a fact of life…You can not repeat the same action over and over and expect a different result. Until the Jones family decides to take their hands off the “throttle” and let some one else drive that COWBOY MACHINE, we as fans will have to continue to look to the next year…
The ‘Pokes last Super Bowl appearance occurred with a core of players that came about by the efforts of a “football” person, not the entrepreneur…who thinks he is a “football” person.

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