Trade Scenario: RB Ezekiel Elliott Reunites With Urban Meyer in Jacksonville

    Most of the talk regarding Ezekiel Elliott has died down quite a bit since the end of the , however, that doesn't mean it's been squashed completely. In fact, the Jacksonville Jaguars hiring of their new Urban Meyer adds a little more fuel to the fire about a potential Zeke trade.

    As far as trade destinations go, the Jacksonville Jaguars make quite a bit of sense on multiple levels. First, there's Ezekiel Elliott's obvious connection to his former coach at Ohio State Urban Meyer. Second, Jacksonville has the space and draft capital to easily make this trade possible.

    Urban Meyer pretty much has the flexibility to do just about anything he wants with the Jaguars this . Jacksonville not only leads the league in salary-cap space at a little over $74.5 million, but also have a dozen draft picks in the 2021 , including two in the 1st-round, two in the 2nd, one in the 3rd, and two in the 4th. As you can see, that's quite a bit of flexibility to work with.

    Now, before we go any further there's really no way of knowing if the Jacksonville Jaguars would even be interested in trading for Ezekiel Elliott or if the Dallas Cowboys would even be open to the idea. This is all completely speculation on my part, but at this point in the offseason that's about all we have to go on.

    With that in mind, I did a little research to see just how plausible this fantasy trade is in actuality and the ramifications for the Dallas Cowboys if it indeed comes to fruition. So, let's pretend Jacksonville is willing to send the Cowboys their lone 3rd-round pick (65th overall) in exchange for Zeke and they accept.

    Ezekiel Elliott
    Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott

    That was easy, right!? Well… Let's not get ahead of ourselves because the cost of the Dallas Cowboys making this trade has ramifications which complicates matters just a bit.

    If Dallas trades Zeke before June 1 they would essentially be paying $14 million for him to not be on the roster. That's not happening. That's way too big of a pill to swallow to not have somebody around, however, making this a post-June 1 trade actually makes this very doable.

    A trade after June 1 would actually end up saving the Dallas Cowboys around $10 million. In this scenario Zeke would be a Jaguar, making $10 million annually, with a contract set up with escapability after 2021. This scenario actually has some validity to it.

    To summarize the Cowboys would essentially be dumping Zeke for a 2021 3rd-round draft pick to save around $10 million against the salary cap as a post-June 1 trade. The Jaguars would be adding a perennial caliber RB who is still just 25 years old. This could possibly be a win-win trade for both teams involved.

    Again though, this is all speculation on my part based on nothing more than the mechanisms that formed this idea in my head. On paper it makes a little sense, but of course it all depends on the value both the Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars place on Ezekiel Elliott. To that, we can do nothing but continue to monitor this potential trade scenario throughout the rest the offseason.

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    They have james robinson and for a fraction of the cost…… Sorry dude but this is is a May article when football and the draft is over.

    Gary b

    I would take anything we could get for Zeke at this point. But if we no longer value him why would another team? Unless u think a change of scenario might help.

    But no matter where he goes he’ll still be slow and lack the burst he used to have. Doubtful Jerry would do that though He hates to be wrong and to do that would be admitting he made a horrific decision in signing him to that 2nd contract. NEVER sign a RB to a 2nd contract. Just go find another one. The best years for a RB are almost always the 1st four then it’s downhill from there.

    James Vargas

    I would trade him, not because of slowness or the lack of burst he used to have. Only to get rid of that awful contract JJ gave him. Its either him or Prescott.

    Amber Orick

    Trade his ass…..

    Don Howard

    Please Urban take him it’s time to admit this was a terrible mistake to draft him and a double down mistake to pay him stupid money PLEASE TAKE HIM

    Ghost Protocol

    Since post-June is the only time the Cowboys could conceivably do this (for money reasons as spelled out) this article is little off in suggesting this trade as plausible. Aside from having the rookie RB who excelled this year ( on the cheap!) by June, Meyer could very well have also selected a RB in the draft. Therefore, the only way this happens is if the two teams agree to the trade well before the draft (but after the free-agency period)? All valid and fun thoughts Brian … but not sure it really has any plausibility?


    Jerry isn’t going to trade Zeke. The guy has one down season where he shared plenty of snaps with TP and still managed to almost produce a 1000 yards behind a makeshift O-line. Zeke is a very rare franchise rb. Then you want to trade him for a 3rd round draft pick that you will not even get close to the same value from production wise, just to save 10 million? This isn’t Madden or fantasy football.


    First off he ain’t going to the Jags ,ZERO chance of that happening, they got a better RB than Zeke as of rn and he’s on a cheap contract, why take that contract on if you’re the Jags ? With that said i do think they need to cut bait with Zeke, and it’s not crazy to do , the Rams did it with Gurley , see what you can get for Zeke through trade and if you can’t get anything then cut him and roll with Pollard and some cheap vet

    Joseph R Evans Jr

    Whoever wrote this needs to be slap cause he or she has lost all thoughts of thinking and that’s being nice. First Ezekiel Elliott isn’t going anywhere especially to Jacksonville cause they would have to give up them 2 first rounds picks plus a starter just like when Jerry traded Herschel Walker he got all those picks Jacksonville not going to do that different times and teams lol but the guy putting this scenario out its cute for your lil article but don’t let your lil imagination run away with your brain cells lol. Just cause his old head coach is now in the NFL doesn’t mean anything all u doing is reaching for attention stop it

    John P O'Neil

    Why would ANYONE want Zeke Elliott. HE DONE…..HE SUCKS!!

    John P O'Neil

    Hahaha….TWO FIRSTS for this scrub??….PLEASE…..Stick a fork in him, HE DONE!!! Talk about flaming out!!! What’s his average, 2 yards a carry….PLEASE…..STOP IT!!!


    yeah no chance in HELL would anyone trade 2 1st round picks, I’m not sure if anyone would trade one 3rd round pick for him, idk where you been @joseph but Zeke ain’t been an elite back for the last 3 years, he looks like he’s trying to run through Cabo Sand, ZERO BURST has no breakaway speed , Tony Pollard IMO looked like the better RB of the 2


    Jonathan T Schaefer

    Not without nothing in Return

    Tim Lee

    No way zeke gets you 2 1st round picks..and why would Jacksonville want him? Right now Robinson is a better back and way cheaper

    P Gwynn

    Yeah, Dallas and all the cowboy fans -go ahead and trade him!!- PLEASE!! PLEASE!! Yaw don’t deserve him. Just like all the bad mouthing yaw did to E. Smith. Please trade him.

    Alrechio Mclean

    Listen up first of all Zeke is not going anywhere second when u have a depleted offensive line that cant make an holes for anybody i dont care how much they pay u or how good u are u aint goin to do squat now when this offensive line is healthy the cowboys are a very potent high powered offense when their not they’re less than average but the key starts up front so the problem is not zeke its your offensive line thats why Dak was forced to throw the ball practically every down!!!


    Elliott was good right after he was drafted, but I’m afraid he’s used up finito, kaput. I have no idea how Jerry became a billionaire throwing money around like its nothing. Could it be that he actually hired smart people to run his businesses?? It can’t be, that would be like hiring general manager, wouldn’t it?? And we all know Jerry’s WAY too smart to hire a silly little GM, ……….isn’t he???

    Martha Ellis

    Keep you be stupid if you trade him , you better keep him and Dak need more protection and they need open up line more for Zeke


    Trade Dak and Zeke and pick up probably 2 more first round picks and get your new quarterback and new cornerback and new offensive lineman to team friendly rookie contract and then with saved money add a star free agent additional cornerback and defensive edge rusher. Pick up best available running back in second round in draft and realize Pollard is pretty good.
    In other words, start over. Be brave!
    What Cowboys are doing now is not working.

    Marcus S. Hansen

    I can’t believe you all call yourselves Dallas Cowboys fans. ZEKE is one of the great Cowboys in our historic franchise. He played behind one of the worst run blocking lines in our history. You can only run full speed into a wall so many times. When you love a team you support the players as long as they wear that star, a little love goes a long way. Most of you that are so critical probably have not accomplished a fraction of what this man has done in his short 25 years on this planet.

    Ray Bluiett

    Zeke is not going anywhere. You guys who are saying this, really don’t understand how he ran at the end of the season, behind a offensive line that changed every week. JJ makes some weird choices sometimes, but its just hate you guys have for Zeke. Matter of fact many of you are not Cowboy fans, and hope JJ sends him somewhere. Emmitt said with the right offensive line, Zeke could be better than him. That’s why Zeke was drafted so high. Lets talk about the OL staying healhy, because Zeke still can bring it. You fake Cowboy fans should be ashamed trying to talk JJ into doing something. He won’t do it, so don’t say it.

    Raymond Bluiett Jr.

    Just stop it. Zeke isn’t going anywhere. Why make everyone happy in the NFC East?

    Dalton Bradley

    I’m not sure why people waste their time write stuff like this. IF (and it’s a big if) Zeke is traded, it will be for a lot more than a 3rd round pick. Come on guy.


    Man y’all tripping, Zeke good. Its the wack ass play calling and that line is not good like that. Contract negotiations yes maybe but trade hell no


    Some of you guys don’t know football and buy the way trade him for what because his Oline was hurt and no QB. he had to play against 8 and 9 man fronts because the Oline was our weakness that’s crazy. Now but him behind a healthy Oline and see what happen.


    Say what you want about Zeke but Pollard is NOT a better RB than Zeke. He cant run between the tackles and though he may break one on occasion the other 8 carries he gets net little yards. Pollard is a good change of pace RB, nothing more.


    One of the greatest ? Bruh you talking about DISRESPECTFUL , that’s DISRESPECTFUL ! He’s had 3 good years and you wanna anoint him as one of the greatest cowboys ?

    And Pollard maybe just a change of pace back , well him and Zeke fit well together cuz he nothing but a short yardage or goal line back and yet we paying him top RB money even though he barely even top ten and probably won’t be top 10 here pretty soon as younger backs are passing him by and see him in the rearview mirror with his slow ass , might as well pay C.J. Anderson top RB money while we at it


    Rusty Bonnet

    After Jones gave him that new contract, he quit running like he used to because he knew he was going to get paid anyway. Pollard ran better and he’s not getting paid that much. Dump his ass and give Dak a raise!

    Abdul knight

    What do yall expect from zeke his offensive line was in shambles all year I still think he’s a top five rb don’t put him down yet let our quarterback return and see what zeke do. We was basically one dimension all season without dak playing


    It doesn’t matter if his O-Line was top 5 or one of the worst in the NFL his lack of speed shows up on my TV screen EVERY TIME i think this one gonna go all the way , and he gets brought down , he has zero burst through the hole so even if he gets open lanes he ain’t going very far or he ain’t gonna exploit it , he looks more like a old McFadden than he does a D Henry or even just a Jacobs , remember McFadden had a 1000 yard season with us in the season before Dak when Romo was hurt again ? It didn’t lead to much W’s as we had like the 4th overall pick which shows that yes Zeke is not elite anymore and yet we paying him like he’s the best RB in the league


    Zeke was never a speed demon, so I don’t know where you people getting he lost a step, he never had that step but what he does have is the ability to get low and when he lowers his shoulders he rarely gets tackled by the first defender, I believe he still has 3 or 4 more good years with the cowboys and if we win a super bowl zeke will be one of the main reasons. You people need to quit playing madden and coming up with these crazy trade scenarios. Zeke is still one of the top 5 backs in the league and he will show it in 2021